WWPT Chinese Unit Reflection








This is our central idea: economic activities are constantly evolving to meet people’s needs.

I learned about economic activities in Wong Chuk Hang and about different ways to communicate. There are WeChat, Skype, and Gmail. The place I am doing well on is our project. What I do better is that I can do my assessment better.

Camp 😕

Hello people of the world!

Sorry I haven’t been posting, we’ve just been really busy here in 6E. Anyways, we just came back from camp last week.  This camp was a bit longer than G5, G4 and G3 because this one was 4 days, 3 nights. We slept in tents 2 nights,  and dorms 1 night. My tent and dorm mates were Anne-Marie and Zada.

Camp had some fun things, but a lot of the time it was not fun. This was because, while we were hiking to our second campsite, 4 of our group members got stung by bees😣. So, we had to wait for the ones that got more stings to get special cream on. The 1 pro of that was that when we finished the hike, we took the bus to our campsite. The nights in tents were very uncomfortable😑. You would expect that the dorms would be more comfy, but that still wasn’t really comfy.

The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that enjoyable. When we were camping, we had to make the food by ourselves, and only the girls helped. (Though I am not complaining!) I think all of our breakfasts were good. Our lunches were also good.

Something that is really funny, is that on our first morning, Anne-Marie and I wore the same shirt and same brand of pants! Even though we were in the same tent as each other, we totally did not plan that.My favourite activity was the Getty Jump. It’s were you have to jump off a really high pier. It was scary at first, but it was really fun once I was in the water.

Chinese WWA Appearance

Hi guys this is my Chinese worksheet.



  1.  我有 (measure word 量词) +(adj)+(身体部分)


  1.  我的body part 身体)adj


  1.  我的body part 身体)+()(adj


  1.  我的 (body part 身体) (repeat 大大)


  1. 不 __不 __  or  又 __又 __
  2. 长得
  3. 看起来


小時候 现在
外貌 我的头发又短又黑。我没有戴眼镜。我看起来很可爱。我的脸圆圆的。以前我有浏海。 我换牙了。我长得很高。我带眼镜。我带耳环。我的脸不圆。我的头发又长又直。
性格 我很外向。我有很多朋友。 我不内向不外向。我有很多朋友。
爱好 我喜欢玩游戏。 我喜欢读书。

Chinese HWEO Reflection

This is my Chinese HWEO unit reflection

G5 HWEO Unit Self Reflection


Unit Reflection Questions  单元反思问题


1 在这个单元里你学了什么?





2 你经常用什么方法和别人交流?


3 你怎么负责任地和别人交流?







Chinese STP Reflection

This is my Chinese unit reflection

G5 STP Unit Reflection

Central Idea:

huán jìng         xíng dòng          gǎi biàn dé dào      quán lì jī huì


Circumstances and actions can support or deny access to rights and opportunities.


Lines of Inquiry:

Circumstances determine access to opportunities.

环境 决定 得到的机会。

Actions make a difference.

行动 改变。


1 在这个单元里你学了什么?


  1. 你学中文的行动有哪些?这些行动带来什么改变和机会?





Q1: 我学了不同的爱好和不同的工作。

Q2: 我学中文的行动是看中文书,在家里练习中文和做plicker。

Q3: 长大以后,我想做一个医生。

Chinese Summative Writing

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been such a long time. This is my Chinese summative writing

Lily-Anne 的比赛

Lily-Anne 是一个大学生。她是加拿大人,可是她住在美国。她很喜欢代表学校参加比赛。

Lily-Anne 的家离机场很近。他的社区有电影院,医院,运动场,机场,警察局,饭店和超市。

一天,Lily-Anne 在家里的电脑上看到一个广告。广告里面说在加拿大有一个比赛。Lily-Anne 买了一张飞机票去加拿大。

他到达加拿大以后,她觉得加拿大不但很漂亮,而且很安全。Lily-Anne 先去他的酒店,然后去参加比赛。

做完比赛以后,她去一家餐厅吃饭。餐厅很漂亮。她觉得服务员看起来很高兴。她说菜味道不差。吃饭以后,Lily-Anne 先去酒店,然后读她的书,最后看电脑。他不知道谁赢了比赛,可是他知道他没有赢。

That’s all for now!

Reflection on Math Summative

Hi guys!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve last written but that was because before the CNY holidays, all lower schools in HK were canceled because of a massive flu outbreak. After that it was the holidays and I was in Japan, Niseko! Okay, back to school stuff. When Mr Minor first said we were going to have a math summative I kind of freaked out.(inside myself😫) Because there were going to be ratios and I had never even heard of ratios before. But it was a good thing that most of us had never heard of ratios before because he said he was going to teach us what they were. The teaching included some really corny videos (cringe!!!!!😳) and some other stuff on google classroom. How I feel about this is like happy 😄 and relieved 😌 at the same time 😅. What I don’t like about the summative is that some of the questions were really hard but I am glad that I tried. One thing I would like to improve on is to have more evidence of thinking because I usually do my thinking in my head so it’s kind of hard to put them down on paper. I think I did OK 👌🏻 on the test so I am really happy. The grade I would give this test is a M+  because I got a lot of questions right but a few only half right. I didn’t get many questions wrong so I am very excited about that.

Anyways, bye guys!


Hi guys!

Today my class and 5E went on a field trip to Asbury. (an NGO (non-governmental -organization) It was fun because we got to learn about cubicle homes AKA sub-divided units. Everybody had to give $20 and then we divided up into groups of 5 so each group had $100. We had to buy a kind of fruit, a kind of vegetable and two packages of toilet paper roles. My group got apples and longan (kind of like a lychee) we also got tomatoes (I know tomatoes are fruits but they said it was okay). We gave them to this lady who lived in a cubicle home who lived with another couple and her husband and 3 (I think) children. I think if I had to live in a cubicle home, I would chose to live in that lady’s home.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Decimals and Fractions

Hi guys!

Todays post is about my decimals and fractions test. We took the test last week. It wasn’t that hard but there was a few tricky bits that I didn’t quite get but I tried my best. I didn’t know much about decimals before we started learning about them but after we started learning I felt if I had known about it my whole life.I felt that I met my standards when I saw the marked test even though I made a few mistakes because after all, practice makes perfect and you can’t practice without making mistakes. If I was the teacher I would give my test an M+ because it wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t horrible either and M is in the middle and E is perfect so M+ and E- are in the middle. One thing I would like to improve on is using pictures, numbers or words to describe a decimal or fraction.

Anyway, thats all for now!