Last G4 Post

Hi guys!

This is my last post for grade 4! I am so excited for the summer but I’m going to miss blogging on here. I mean, I’m not going to miss school but I am going to miss the teachers. I’ve had a lot triumphs and challenges this year and I’m going to tell you some of them cause I will never write all of them in time for the summer. At the start of the year I had a lot of challenges. This class has been really fun and it also has been kind of sad. It has been sad because we haven’t had much golden time and fun time. This year has had it’s up’s and down’s and I am happy to say it was mostly up’s. I know that we will all meet each other in the future and hopefully during happy times. This class has been a roller coaster for me and I hope that in G5 we will be better with even more up’s. (not saying that this year hasn’t been good) During the summer I will miss you all and I hope we all meet again.
Anyway, that’s all for now!   


Hi guys!

This post is about my coding classes we’ve had in class lately. This is one of my codes. I have also done my first initial, E. This code is for a C. If we had a first initial that we coded and it only had corners and angles, you had to do a letter with a curve. To start the code you have to press the green flag and to stop it you have to press the red button.

This code is my letter E. You can change the sprite to whatever you want it to be, whether it is a picture from scratch or a picture from google. These codes are only two of the many that I’ve done so far and I will show you more as time goes on.

This code is a frog trying to catch a bat. I used 2 sprites for this code. They both have 2 costumes. The 2 bat costumes are from scratch and the frog costumes both have tongues that are stretched out and I did that but the second one has legs that I stretched out. I also added a back round for this which is an endless hallway in space with neon lights and you can float. I couldn’t curve the tongue for some reason so the second tongue is like a robot. If you want to code something I suggest you go to scratch because that’s were I did my codes and when you go on it just search up 4D studio and you will find our studio. You can play on other games too. That’s the great thing about scratch. You can go on and code and you can go on other peoples games too. You can also copy theirs to adjust them and then you can do it to others.

Anyway, that’s all for now!


Hi guys!

This post is about my SLLR. SLLR stands for Student Led Learning Reviews. My mom and dad came and I showed them some of the stuff we’ve been learning in class, Chinese, PE, and PA. I think I did very well. I showed them my design project, my angles sketch note, my STP inquiry and for art my Henri Matisse and PE the invasion games and chinese my story writing. That’s just a few of them.Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 11.54.42 AM My dad doesn’t know Chinese so he didn’t really understand me when I was talking about my story writing. My brother came and interrupted us a few times. I showed him a few tricks on Minecraft at the end and he loved them. He said that he wants a computer so he can play Minecraft but I told him that he couldn’t get a computer until grade 4 unless our mom and dad get him one before that. After my SLLR we had to straight away go to his SLLR. I had to wait outside and read for most of the time but then I went inside and read. I think my SLLR was successful because I explained it very well.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Dance Unit

Hi guys!

This post is about our dance unit. We have a lot of things and I will tell you about some of it. We learned about the 5 elements of dance. They are Body, Action, Energy, Space and Time. We also learned about light paintings. Light paintings are actually just pictures with light in them. To make a light painting you first have to draw the light painting you want to do and then make the moves for it. You can choose what kind of glow stick you want to have and stick it on the body parts where you want the light to be seen. After that, you have to practice. Then you have to make the light painting and if it doesn’t work out write go back to planning the moves and try again. Another thing we learned about is that you can make dance moves with everyday moves. For example you make the move when you stretch in the morning a dance move and you can also make brushing your teeth a dance move. We also learned about patterns. You can make patterns with every day moves too. You can use when you are eating your food a dance move with putting on your bag for school. After that you just repeat those moves over and over.

Anyway that’s all for now!


Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.55.11 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.55.29 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.55.41 PMHi guys!

This post is about my tessellation. Anyone can see it on Scratch. Just type up Tessellation and Heart and you will find mine. Mine is the one which is purple and has a heart with a face. The first few times I tried to tessellate I failed but on the 4th or 5th try, I finally did it. I tessellated a square and most other people tessellated squares to because it was the easiest. I can only tessellate with hexagons and squares. The most challenging part was when we had to figure out what codes we had to put in the actual code. Through building this code I have learned that building a code is always going to be hard even if you are a master at it. There are a lot of different shapes that you can make a tessellation with but there are some shapes that you can’t make a tessellation with, like a circle.

Pattern Block Fractions

Hi guys!

This post is about my pattern block fractions. We have recently been studying fractions. I am good at adding fractions with the same numerator or denominator but I am bad at adding fractions that don’t have the the same denominator and numerator. The value of this design is 12 wholes. The hexagon is 1 whole, trapezoids are 1 half and the triangles are 1 sixth.Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 10.25.34 AM

Anyway, that’s all for now!

我 All about me

All About Me



Unit Reflection

中心思想 Central Idea:



People learn different things in various ways。

探究问题 Lines of Inquiry: I can understand and talk about 。。。

  1. 我怎么学习中文?

我用图画, 字, Quizlet, 电脑和书。

  1. 怎么学得更好?

我可以做功课用 Commitment。

态度 Attitude: I show these attitudes, because。。。

反思 Reflective

I can reflect on my work and make it better and edit my work.

投入 Commitment

I turn in my homework on time and participate in class.

行动 Action: After learning this unit, I will take the action of。。。

学了这个单元以后, 我的行动是。。。。。。

I will learn more on quizlet and try to get higher marks on my assessments.



My Chinese SMART goal: Reading without pinyin is hard for me so I am going to try and read without pinyin.

S: Specific I will use books and cover the pinyin so I have to read without pinyin.

M: Measurable I will practice whenever I can and that is almost everyday.

A: Attainable I will get books and practice and I will practice at least 5 times a week.

R: Realistic I will keep on rereading books without pinyin so will be able to read without pinyin.

T: Timely I will try and achieve this before the end of grade 4.


I can usually read without pinyin so I will still work on it. I am going to ask my mom to buy me books without pinyin so I can practice reading Chinese without pinyin.


My star for G4 MSL is that I got a lot of certificates and homework passes which means that I worked hard and was really devoted to my studies. My wish for this year is that I wish I can get more points in dojo so I can do more.

About April Hols

Hi guys! This is a post about my April hols. First we went to the rugby sevens on Sunday and it was AWSOME! Then the next day we started tennis camp. The next day our grandparents from Finland came. They brought dominoes (a finnish cookie like Oreos), gingerbread cookie dough (my grandmother makes the best), a puzzle for me, lego for my brother, Sandor and a game. We went to camp until Thursday. On Friday, Sandor went to a Real Madrid Clinic camp. After each camp day we usually went swimming. I got terrifically tanned. Two days before school started my mom left for England to run a marathon. The day after that my grandparents left.

Comparing Fractions

Hi guys!

This post is about comparing fractions. We have been learning of different ways to compare fractions. There are a lot of ways and we have been only learning some of them. I will be sharing my learning with you. One of the ways is equal denominator. It means that the number on the bottom of each fraction is the same so you only need to look at the top number to see which is biggest and smallest. Another way is bench mark of half. It means that if you have fraction’s that don’t have the same denominators and numerators you can figure out which one is smallest or largest by your knowledge of half. 

That’s all for know!

P.S. Here is the link to the doc so you can see all the strategies. Comparing Fractions