Sports Day + Glasses Cases + Young Americans!

Hello readers!

On Tuesday, we had our annual Sports Day! It was really tiring but we learned a lot about cooperation and commitment. Before Sports Day, our PE teacher sent us a Google Form where we could choose between 400 meters or 800 meters. The other option was 100 meters or 200 meters. I chose 100 meters and 400 meters (because they were the easiest). Even though they were the easiest, it was still super tiring.

The first activity when we got there was to jog around the sports ground, just to warm up our muscles so we don’t get hurt. The teachers chose the fastest runner in each house for the relay race. Sadly, I wasn’t chosen. After some light jogging and a lot of cheering for our houses (mine is Orca (Orca is the best)), we got to the next activity…

The racing! The first race was 800 meters for boys. It slowly got down to my race, the one I was anticipating for. I was pretty nervous, so I came up with a plan with my friends. If we ended up in the same race, we would tie up the race together. That didn’t end up happening and our plan fell apart, but the race was still really intense and I came at a pretty good 5th place. Woohoo! Next race, it was time for the 100-meter race, also known as the sprint. I got at the ready marks, waiting for the teacher to blow the whistle. “Ready, set, GO!” I ran as fast as I could even though after the 400 meters run, my legs were already getting sore. I came in at a good 4th!

We had multiple fun games afterwards such as capture the flag and ultimate handball. This was a great experience and really tired me out. Playing with my friends outside was really fun.

Next up, the glasses case. Our homeroom teacher told us about her glasses problem, how she doesn’t know where to put them during hikes or camps. Our task was to make a case for her glasses and make an advertisement after to present to the class.

We paired up in groups and started brainstorming ideas on the case. At first, we wanted something like this:

We wanted it to be a combination of an eye mask and a glasses case. But, we couldn’t find that beautiful, smooth cloth we were looking for, so we scrapped the idea. It was hard to cooperate as we had many arguments but worked it out at the end. Our presentation was pretty good (in my opinion) and I think if we were on live TV, we’d be rich by now selling all these glasses cases. They’re even waterproof!

Another thing that happened this month was Young Americans! I admit, I was doubtful at first and didn’t want it to happen. But, in the end, I didn’t want it to end! They taught us so many interesting things about songwriting, dance composition, etc… I’m not as shy to perform in front of people now after the performance. The YAs were really enthusiastic and would always help us out if we didn’t know how to do something.

The ones that taught us: 😀

Thanks for reading everyone!

Young 👏 Americans 👏

Hello readers,

Today is the start of the Young Americans. It’s a show produced by the students and the team of “Young Americans” of a collage of different songs from different times. Here’s the one from last years:

I’m feeling kind of nervous because I’ve never performed in front of so many people before and I easily get stage fright. Hopefully, after 3 days of insane practice, I’ll overcome my fear and make the greatest show ever.

Month Review

Hello readers,

Last Friday was my proposal for the PYP Exhibition (PYPX), and guess what… I got approved!

I chose to do my PYPX about screen addiction because I think it’s a huge problem in school. I’m aiming to help Lower School because if I do the entire school, my target would be too big.

I have three main questions I want to ask to help drive my inquiry. First, what is screen addiction? Second, what causes screen addiction? Last, how do we prevent screen addiction? During my research sessions, I’ll be trying to find information about these topics. I also need key concepts to drive the inquiry and they are responsibility, change, causation, and form. I chose responsibility because you have to be responsible to be able to prevent screen addiction. You can’t always have someone looking over your back to stop you from overusing screens, you’ve got to be self-aware and stop it yourself. I chose change because, without change, you literally can’t get out of your habits. Finally, I chose causation and form because they’ll help me with my research.

My final product might be making a game that has a pop up appear after 30 minutes to tell them to take a break. Another idea is to have a monitor at the back of your computer to alert them after a long time on the computer. My last idea is to spread the word and make a whiteboard animation or infographic to post around the school.

So far, I only have 3 sources. First, I found a guy called Dr. Nicholas Kardaras who’s an expert on screen addiction. I have his email to contact him and I can contact him to ask him a few questions. I’m also thinking about contacting SCMP to, again, try to spread the word and publish an article about screen addiction. I also might contact a OneDoor teacher to help me code the monitor program.

At last, after a month of planning, it was proposal time. My teacher came and I spoke to her about all this information. The hardest thing for me was to keep straight eye contact with the teacher. In the end, I got 6 fours and 2 threes. The teacher recommended me to narrow down my ideas and find more primary sources.

During November, we had G6 camp at Outward Bound. In my opinion, it was my favourite camp out of all the grades.

On the first day, we got together as a team and introduced ourselves. Since it was the first day, we had to learn to have teamwork and be friends. Our first activity was something called the “Spider-Web”. It looks like this:

Every person has to go through a hole without touching the strings but you’re not allowed to use one hole more than one time.

We did a lot of teamwork activities just like the spider-web that taught me that you can’t do anything without cooperating. At night, we cooked our own food using chicken and rice which was really fun because I rarely cook my own food. We also set up tents so we could sleep there that night. Unluckily, it started raining really heavily so we had a change of plans and had to sleep in the main hall. That night was the worst because there were like 7 mosquitos in the room that feasted on us during the night.

On the second day, we did more teamwork activities, just like the first day. For example, we made a circle and held hands in weird positions. The goal was to untwist our hands to a normal circle without letting go of our hands. After, we took a long hike to a public park to start camping. The hike was one of the hardest parts of the camp, it took 6 hours and it was really tiring. When we finally got there, it felt really satisfying that we completed something so hard. We set up little tents and finally got to sleep in it. Sleeping in it was really fun with my friends, at night, we got to talk and play cards.

The third day = Water day. We took a bus back to the base camp and started the long-awaited water activities. First, we went kayaking, it made my arms really sore but it was really fun. It helped our teamwork abilities again because we had to have the same rhythm to be able to kayak. After, we got to do the most exciting activity, the jetty jump. I felt the rush through my face and it was really fun. It felt like the fall in Jurassic Park. At night, we had an activity that taught us to take risks whenever possible (should be reasonable). There was a small little tunnel in the mountain that we had to crawl through in the dark, not knowing what was at the end of the tunnel.

Finally, it was our turn to take the dorms. At night, it was one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on after 2 nights on the floor or in a tent. On the last day was the final test, we had to raise our teammates to get over a pole. This was the final challenge and we took many tries to get it right. I was really sad at the end of this camp because we learnt so many lessons and taught me so many lessons.

Next topic! Assembly! We’ve been planning this special skong for two weeks. What is a skong though? It’s a mix of a skit and a song, basically a musical. During our planning stage, we wanted to do it about Christmas spirit and how giving is better than receiving. We made a plan on a whiteboard with all our ideas spread acroos it. We then transferred all that information into the computer and started writing the script. Here’s a sneak peek. 😉

The skong is about a boy named Desmond who doesn’t have much but is always grateful to whatever he gets. One day, he sees his friend, Alicia, in the park. Alicia isn’t grateful for anything and complains about how she didn’t get the new Gucci iPhone case. *Alicia and Desmond break into All I Want for Christmas is You Remix*  At night, Alicia’s mom and dad come back to give her a better present, hoping she’ll be happy this time. They gave Alicia an iPhone 8, she suddenly throws a tantrum about how she gets the worst presents ever and that she wanted the iPhone Xs. She throws the iPhone 8 on the ground and it cracks open. (The audience reaction was great) Alicia runs back to her room and “cries”. A mysterious Christmas ghost comes to visit her to teach her a lesson to be grateful for whatever she has. *Christmas ghost starts singing You’re a Mean One Mr Grinch Remix* The ghost snaps her fingers and they are teleported to Desmond’s house to see how they celebrate Christmas. Alicia and the ghost look through the window and sees Desmond’s family swapping gifts with each other and singing Christmas carols. *Family starts singing O Christmas Tree Remix* Alicia finally learns her lesson and goes back home to spend a nice Christmas Eve.

The next day, Desmond’s family comes to visit for Christmas morning. Alicia doesn’t get mad at Desmond, nor is she ungrateful anymore. Alicia and Desmond exchange gifts and have a happy Christmas together singing Let It Snow Remix.

Wow! That was one long paragraph. This took ages to plan and was really fun at the end. At first, I was really nervous when I was about to say my line. But, I reminded myself that there’s nothing embarrassing about this, I’m literally just talking, I’ve done this all the time! The reassured me a lot and now I’m not as stage-frightened anymore. In the end, I loved the assembly, it was really fun and the audience seemed to enjoy it. Even after the assembly, I would hear compliments about how good the skong was.

Now, onto Math! In this unit, we’ve been learning a lot about decimals, fractions, ratios, and percentages. I’ve learned a lot so far even though we haven’t even finished yet. We’ve done many exercises such as the Cuisenaire Rods that taught us ratios. For example:

If the purple rod was six, what is one red rod?

Of course, it would be way more challenging. We also did a murder mystery game based on fractions. We were tasked to find a solution to different fractions problems and find out who the murder is, where he did a crime, and when.

Last topic, UOI. Our unit for this month was about the economy, it was for WWPT. We learned about how economic events have a big impact on humanity and how humans use the money. We also learned about the economic events that happened in the past such as the Great Depression, the Brexit, or the Industrial Revolution. Our writing unit was tied in with UOI, we had to write a report about an economic event that happened in the past. Here’s my report:


I’m really proud of this report because if I do say so myself, it’s really good.

That’s all I have to say for this month’s month review. This month had so many special moments that was so fun. Even if it was tiring. See you in 2019 January!


AIR Fashion Show!!! (Number 2)

Hi guys!

So, like half an hour ago we did the fashion show and my parents came. If you haven’t seen the dress yet here’s a photo:

It started around 1:00 and we got the backseats. 🙁 But we also got a sofa to sit on. We were waiting for the show to start…

The show started and everyone was hooting and cheering, people started coming out and everyone was beautiful. One of the special features was when Ms. Laura’s class walked with special robots with robot clothes. The final dress was ours!!! The model came out and was wearing a flower crown. In the end, we did a group photo and I met my dad to look at the photos. It was really fun. We took a group photo and decided to make a nickname for the model. It was “Bubbles”.

I already said this in my last AIR post but I really like my group. We were very organized and cooperative and this project couldn’t have done better.


Fraction and Ratio Math Test

Hi guys!

2 months ago, we had a fraction and ratio math test. I was really nervous not because of the fractions part, but because of the ratios. I knew ratios very little and I don’t have a full understanding of it. When we got the test, there were some easy questions like divide this square into quarters and shade in 1/4. But Mr. Minor told us if you wanted to show your full extent of knowledge, you could make it  2/8 instead of 1/4. The hardest question that I struggle with the most was “If you are baking for 18 people and I am baking for 12 people ad the recipe I am using will bake enough for 12 people, by how much do you need to multiply the ingredients to make enough for 18 people?” This question was so confusing and I had no idea. Another question that was hard was to divide a star into quarters. It may seem easy but it’s really challenging. I didn’t know much about ratios before this unit so I could say that I learned a lot. But I still don’t get the complete meaning so I still have much to learn for ratios. When I got back the corrections, I immediately checked my word problem answers. Mr. Minor said I was on the right track and I knew the answers, it’s just that I didn’t write the answers in a sentence. That got me pretty angry, so next time I’ll definitely remind myself to write the answers in a sentence. For the fraction problems, I got all of them correct, I was really proud of 1 question, it was “Show 3/10 in different ways”. Most people maybe got 3 or 4 different ways but I got a lot. (5) And I was really proud 😁. I also like the number line questions and the 3D cake question, in future tests, I’d like more question like this please.

I’m really proud of the last test and next time, I will make a reminder to tell myself to remember to write sentences for word problems. Overall, I think I know a lot about fractions and I need to work more on ratios.


Passion Project!

Hi guys!

This week we started a new project for our unit of inquiry; Who We Are. I chose to be in a group with my friend “____”. (Sorry, can’t say his name) We chose as our topic to inquire further into to be racial stereotyping. We made our BIQ (Big Inquiry Question) and made 5 SIQ (Small Inquiry Questions). We found this really good video and taught us a lot.

This was our first source, Youtube. We then went on to BrainPOP, Research in Context, and books! We spent a long time looking into these websites to find answers for our SIQs:

  1. How have people changed over the years and has people got better?
  2. What causes and affects racial stereotyping?
  3. How do we stop it?
  4.  What are the ways of racial stereotyping others?

5.What is racial stereotyping?

We answered a lot of these questions and started moving on to the presenting part of the inquiry, we found a website called PowToon. It a really cool website where you can put in characters, words, images and they make it into a movie like animation. Me and my friend are not done yet, but we are almost there.

Thanks for reading, bye!

AIR Fashion Show!

Hi guys!

The past 3 weeks, our amazing art teacher invited in graduates from HKU, Poly U, and another university. We got to choose our groups and our task was to make wearable art. In our first lesson, we had to choose a topic for the clothing. There were only a couple choices so we chose “Peer Pressure”. We were planning on putting a picture of butterflies on the dress representing butterflies in my stomach. Our group cooperated really well, on the first day, we had a good time and laughed a lot, but we also did a lot. We planned a lot and sketched some ideas, we talked about what materials we needed and each of our roles. I was the co-leader and the guy who helps in all areas.

The next lesson, we learned how to drape and make decorations for our dress. The graduates also taught us how to make flowers to put on the dress which looked really beautiful.

For our ideas on “reusable” art, we wanted to use bubble wrap for “stress relief” and we wanted orange candy wrappers since orange is the nervous color for peer pressure. But the orange candy wrappers failed because we couldn’t find any and we didn’t want to eat 100 candies in less than 1 week. We were going to just color the bubble wrap. We got really creative and I had the weird idea of making a box as a hat. We didn’t start making it yet but we may do it.

Right now, it’s looking amazing, we just need to make it so someone can actually wear, paint the bubble wrap orange, and put more decorations. Sadly, our fashion show catwalk got canceled, but at least we have more time to make the dress even better! Overall, I think my group was perfect and couldn’t have been better, something I would change was to work a little quicker, we still need a lot of time to make it look good.

Update: Our catwalk is close by and we are adding our finishing touches, here’s a look!

Thanks! Bye!