Katie Friedman

Hi guys!

Mr. Minor started reading us a book called “Katie Friedman Gives Up Texting, And Lives To Tell It!”. The story is about a girl who loves texting, she texts everywhere. We have estimated that she probably texted 50 times just before breakfast! The first chapter is just Katie Friedman texting her friends, talking about school and home learning. She is struggling with the situation if she should break up with her boyfriend, Nareem. Just when she was going to tell Nareem the situation, Nareem says that he bought tickets to Katie’s favorite band, Plane Jane. This story is very funny because her parents are trying to get her to stop texting. It’s like the books “Middle School” which talks about a boy in middle school. It’s exactly like that, but with more texting. Showing problems in school that the main character has to try to solve.

Thanks for reading everyone! Bye!


Charity Project

Hi guys!

A couple weeks ago (it felt like a million weeks) TwoPresents came and talked with the entire grade. They talked about what they did to help and how. TwoPresents is a charity which has other charities inside it. Basically, if it’s someone’s birthday, you can ask for people coming to your party to bring money, then TwoPresents will get the money and use half of the money to buy your gift, and half of the money to donate to the charity of your given choice. When you choose the charity, you can also choose what invitation cards, thank you cards, and games you want in your party. All of that stuff is related to the charity, but because TwoPresents can’t do it, so they’re asking us to make invitation cards, thank you cards, and games!

We got the charity “Children of the Mekong” which helps children in Southeast Asia have a better education, me and my classmates started to make some designs for our products. This is our maze:

We also made this thank you card:


We made some other stuff too but they’re not digital. After we designed all these products, we made and interactive board for feedback from other classmates. We got some really good advice to make it look good.

I also thought that our team worked really well together but sometimes we messed around but after we did all of our products really quickly.

I think TwoPresents liked our products. They were my first “client” in my life so I don’t think I’ll ever forget the last couple of weeks while doing this project.

Asbury Field Trip

Hi guys!

Today, I went to the Asbury Centre and learned more about sub-divided/cubicle homes and also went to visit them and buy them some food. We first went to the centre where our guide started introducing us to their centre and what they do to help. While they were explaining, we had a sheet to fill out. It was the thinking strategy “Parts, People, Interaction.” We had to list all of the non-living objects that connected to Asbury and list all of the people that connected to Asbury. For people, I wrote the founders, interns, speakers, and the volunteers. After the guide explained what they do, what we’re going to do today, and what sub-divided homes are, (a house that is split into different pieces for more people to live in) we were ready to do the activities!

The first activity was to buy food for the people who lived in cubicle homes, with all the team members in the group combined, we had 100$. There were definitely requirements on what to buy so our group followed the guidelines and we bought a bag of vegetables, fruit, and 2 packs of tissue paper. After all the money trading, we used exactly 100$ and had no money spare!

The next activity was to actually go into the house and give the food. We could also ask some questions about them and how they feel. The family we were visiting was a Pakistan family and had 2 children. The 2 children were really cute and nice and the mom answered all of our questions. The mom seemed really happy that we were here and invited us in. It was really awkward because we didn’t have any questions prepared so we just stood there for a couple seconds in complete silence. But we eventually got used to standing in the house and it was not that hot. We learned a lot of stuff while asking the mom and she was really nice and told us about how she came to Hong Kong and why. What her husband did and why he was not here. Even where her two children went to school and what kind of Visa she had! She was so nice I didn’t really want to leave and ask more questions.

I empathized a lot with the family and I like this kind of field trip. We could talk the family and a group or company could talk to us a bit about the problem. I hope we get another one of these field trips because it was really fun.


Art Peace Flag

Hey guys!

So the last few weeks in art class we were working on different sewing methods to make our Art Peace Flag. I used tie-dying and sewing to make a beautiful masterpiece of art. It looked really good with the mixture of colors, green, light green, purple, and turquoise.

I sewed on the words P, E, A, C, and E to make the word peace. It looks really good together and after I was done that, I added hope and love on top of it and a peace sign below it. It also looks cool because it’s a spiral expanding out.

Message: Peace is everywhere, you just need to find it.

This is my favorite art project so far in the year (This is the first one). I learned how to start and end a sewing sequence with knots. This was also my first time tie-dying, it’s really cool and the outcome remarkable.

This is how to make a tie-dyed shirt, what we did was just crumple a wet cloth, wrap it around with a rubber band, and place dye randomly. Wait a few days and it’ll look like the prettiest pattern you’ve ever seen. I couldn’t really sew at the start, it was really hard for me so I asked my teacher to help me and I learned! It did take a long time though. I don’t really want to have another one of these projects because it was really hard and challenged me loads. But other then sewing, it was really fun~

Decimal Test

Hi guys!
So a couple days ago we had a decimal test that I thought was pretty hard, I found the word problems hard because I didn’t really understand what the problem was, but at the end, I figured it out. I knew almost nothing about decimals before we started and learned a lot considering how much time we had for maths. I learned how to add, subtract, and divide decimals and also how to say them. I used to say the decimal point as “point” but the actual way of saying the decimal point is “and”. We also did a lot of worksheets to figure out how to round all these numbers. Although I don’t think we did much on converting fractions to mixed numbers or anything like that, I just did some last minute reviewing and I suddenly remembered how to convert the numbers. I think the “Use >,<,=” to compare numbers was really easy, I did it really quickly.

I think I conquered my goal of reading the instructions more carefully after that test, one thing I think I need to work on is explaining my answers more carefully, in one answer I didn’t explain why the answer would be the way it is. I also made a question harder, the question was to show 2.65 in as many ways possible, so I converted it into a fraction and simplified it to make 65/100. Then I wanted to draw it in a circle that was divided into 100 and then shade 65. It was really hard and while Mr. Minor was correcting it, he showed me an easier way to draw that, to draw it as a square/rectangle.

I did really well in the piece of work with mostly ticks but like 2 Xs and some OKs. But overall I think I did really well and underestimated myself because when we scored ourselves if we did OK, Nearly There, Not Yet, or I Am Ready For A Challenge. There were also different categories like adding decimals, rounding… I ticked for myself all OKs. But when Mr. Minor ticked my score, they were all mostly I Am Ready For A Challenge.

If I compared my test with my friends, I did OK but they did better, they knew how to do the 2.65 question and did really well on one question that I was stuck on for ages.

One thing I would like to improve on is understanding the problem because if I don’t understand the problem, then I would get the question wrong. That should be my new goal. If I had the chance to do this test again, then I would do the 2.65 question again and do it way better. I would also explain all my word problem answers more detailed.

Overall, I did really well on this math test and I feel like I can do decimal questions with no problem after this unit.

If you want to look at my assessment that only certain people can see, here is the link:

(The printer is not working so I can’t scan my test and put it in my drive to do the link)

PE Game Of Life

Hi guys!

So last week in PE we played a game called the Game of Life. If you don’t know this game, you might know it by a different name, “Capture the Flag”. If you still don’t know what this game is, here are the instructions:

There are four teams in each corner of the field, each team had a different amount of bean bags, the goal of this game is to go to the other team’s base and steal their bean bags. But if you cross the borderline to get to the other side, you are in the danger zone. People from the other team can catch you by touching and put you in a jail cell. The only way to escape the jail was to do exercise, for example, 5 pushups. Whoever gets the most bean bags at the end wins!

But Mr. Wah made the game really unfair, people had a different amount of bean bags to start with. We also had a different amount of players in each team. And nobody was allowed to go to the green team, and the green team didn’t have to go to jail and do exercise. After the game, people were complaining about how unfair it was. Mr. Wah said that this was the Game of Life, the lesson he was trying to teach was that not all people in this world start off even. For example, if the bean bags were money, not all people start off with the same amount of money in the world. I thought this lesson was very deep and I learnt a lot. A lot of people learnt a lesson and we realized we were really lucky and are on the team that has a lot of beanbags.

I hope we could have this kind of lesson more often, the lesson was really non-physical though. We only played 2 games of Capture the Flag and the rest was the really long lesson. I hope I get to do this again.

G5 CAMP!!!!

Hi guys!

Last week from Wednesday to Friday, me and the other Grade 5 students went to the Tai Tam Scout Centre to have our Grade 5 Camp!

1st Day

We started the camp with the camp leaders welcoming us and telling us some important reminders, like who gets to sleep in dorms, when is lights out, what team we are in, and so on. I was in Team 7 with a guy named Seth (I think that’s how to spell his name) and he was really cool. He actually knew how to do a proper backflip and showed us! We all tried to follow him but failed.

Our first activity was to get to know each other, to make our team name, flag, and cheer, and also to play some small games like “Splat!”. Our group name was “Fizzy Sprites” because in the classroom where we wanted to make our name, there was a sprite plushie and it inspired us to make the name “Fizzy Sprites”! I don’t like the name but I don’t hate it either, I think we could’ve made a better name but I’m ok with it. We did some small games for a long time, after what we thought was an hour, but 3 hours! We went to eat lunch, which was really good. We got some of those taco bread and got some chicken, beef, corn, vegetables and mushed together to make a really yummy sandwich lunch.

I don’t really remember what happened next. I think we looked at maps to see how map reading is really important. With the map in our hand, Seth taught us that since the ocean was to our right, we should face the ocean on our map to the right. That means the map is faced in the right direction. Then, find the place you want to go to, and follow the map to get there. He also taught us what the lines on the map were, the dotted dots were routes that you could go but is not paved, the dotted lines were streets or roads that were unpaved, and straight lines were paved streets. We went outside on a hike to check out how to use the map and to draw our own map of the Tai Tam area. It was really fun.

After that, we had an amazing dinner of pepper rice and chicken, it was amazing and we also got the experience of cleaning our own dishes properly with soap and water. After that, all the teams combined and had a little game called “Postcards.” The game was about co-operation. Somebody would say a place in the world and we would make the place with our bodies. When we did Egypt, we wanted to make a human pyramid, but that failed. It was really challenging and people were really heavy. After all the mini-games, we had this review thing and we reviewed what we did that day. We chose a strategy and it was hearts, spades, diamonds. Hearts was what we were thankful for, spades what we wanted to change, and diamonds was what we enjoyed.

2nd Day

The night between the 1st day and 2nd day was REALLY HOT . I couldn’t sleep at all and there were a lot of mosquitos flying around in our tent. Also, another tent next to us kept shouting and talking. That was ok since in the morning I was refreshed. I got my swimsuit and went out to the main grass field outside. We played some more mini-games like tug-of-war and a lot of others. Then we went out to do our first water activity! I was really excited. We brought some tires, bamboos, and string to go raft building! We built it for a long time and while we were building it, we learnt a lot of new knots. The first test to test if our raft was stable, the leaders threw it off the ocean from the pier and then we got in the raft and had a race with another team. Too bad we lost though. But that was ok because we won the untying raft challenge! And also we got to jump off the pier and land in the ocean. It was not that high but it was the tallest dive I’ve ever done. I love doing it and all the air went on my face and I felt like my skin was peeling off, but it was not. Then, I splashed into the water and swam for a while. I think this would’ve my highlight of camp. That was not it for the water sports though, because the next activity was canoeing!

The things is, I can’t tell the difference between canoeing and kayaking, so I don’t know what I did!








When we did canoeing or kayaking, I’m gonna call it canoking. It was my first time going canoking, Seth taught us how to hold a paddle properly and how to use a paddle properly. I had a lot of fun and I used all of my power to paddle and catch up with our leader.

Another activity that was really hard was bouldering, it’s like rock climbing but instead of going up, you go sideways, I’m really bad at rock climbing so this provided a nice challenge.

That was basically the end of the 2nd day. Of course, we still had dinner and some small activities but that was pretty boring.

The most exciting thing that I was looking forward to the 2nd day was the dorms, I was really excited for the air conditioning and a proper bed so I could sleep well, that night, I had an amazing night and slept perfectly.

3rd Day

I woke up really sleepy but was also excited about another thing, the “Star Challenge”. It’s this challenge where we split up into different teams. And in those teams, there are more teams. Confusing right? Basically, there was a big team and we all had the came centre. The goal was to go to the centre and get a quest, like go to Ms, Laura and do the Monster challenge with her. There were a lot of challenges and some of them were really hard. Just ignore the confusing teams part if you find it confusing. At the end, after each challenge you get a point, and if you were good or did something that exceeded the expectations, you would have bonus points. At the end of the whole thing, the counsellers calculated the points…


I was really happy. We got a small prize of some chocolate fig bars, and they really good.

And that was the end of camp! I had a lot of fun and gave me a lot of experience, I’ll miss Seth because he helped me a lot during camp and was really fun. When we go next time in Grade 6, I hope I get to sleep better in tents!


Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Strategy

Hi guys!

Today, Mr. Minor taught us a special strategy on how to divide and multiply decimals. It’s actually very easy once you know the strategy. The strategy works like this: if you’re multiplying by 10, like this,

45.67 x 10

All you need to do is to shift the numbers to the left, so the answer would be 456.7. If it’s times 100, then you shift the number to the left twice. If it’s times 1000, then you shift the number to the left thrice! And so on and so forth.

The next strategy he taught us was how to divide decimals, I’ll use the same example,

46.67 ÷ 10

All you need to do is to shift the numbers to the right, so the answer would be 4.667. If it’s divided by 100, then you shift the number to the right twice. If it’s times 1000, then you shift the number to the right thrice! And so on and so forth.

This strategy has really helped and is really fast and accurate and also works on all numbers.

Thanks for reading!

Summative Writing

Hey guys!

A couple months ago, we did a summative writing assessment for our hopes of what you’d like to happen in a classroom. We put 3 drafts and one finale copy which is on top of this paragraph.

In this writing, I said that in my classroom I would like to have less noise and arguments, the next thing I would like is to stop the fidgeting during classes and have a little break in between. The last one is for drawing. Even though people love and are very good at drawing, they don’t draw a bit in visual journaling. I want to start a art club to help people express their drawing in class. I hope you enjoy my writing!


The Ones Card

Hi guys!

A couple weeks ago, I had a really fun Geometry Test. We did a lot of stuff in the test, I could improve on some stuff like reading instructions carefully or maybe making proper triangles by following the angles. But, I also succeeded in a lot of stuff, like measuring angles, naming angles and knowing different triangles. Like isosceles, scalene, and equilateral. After we did the test, we decided on a way to reflect. We chose to do the Glow and Grow T Chart. Basically, you draw a T-Chart and put 2 Glow and Grow columns. In glow, you put the things you did well at, in grow, you put the things you want to improve on. In the Glow column, I put:

  • Identifying Nets
  • Reading Instructions
  • Explaining Carefully

In the Grow column, I put:

  • Naming Shapes
  • Measuring Angles

Next time, I want to carefully read the instructions. If I read it more carefully, I would’ve gotten a higher score. This was actually the best test I’ve ever had, it was not too hard and not too easy. It was perfect for my level and I enjoyed the geometry questions. I hope I have more tests like this. My Link (Private)

Geometry Test

PS: I called it the one’s card because in the “card language”, one=ace. So I “aced” my test.