How Can We Help The Environment?

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A couple of weeks ago, during Easter Break, I went to a “Treetop Day Camp” with my scout team. We had a lot of fun. But, when we were there, we saw a whole load of rubbish and dirty stuff. There were cans, papers, plastic, and other rubbish. When we ate lunch, we had to clean up the tables of our mess. While we were cleaning up, we found a lot of rubbish and helped to throw it away to the recycle bin. This could be very helpful to the environment if everybody did it. So I encourage everyone to do it and help the world be cleaner!

You could also do a beach clean up with your friends, recycle things you don’t need, reuse things and make them into other things you might need, and a lot of other things.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.08.49 PM

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Dragon Boat Racing

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Last week, my brother went Dragon Boat Racing. He arrived at about 8:00. He told us to get there by 10:00, but we got lost and looked around for a long time. But, finally, we got the directions and found him. It was his 2nd race, he got 4th place!! After a while, the 3rd race came, I think he got 3rd. Then finally, the 4th race came, he got 2nd! His coach said it was the best CDNIS ever got and was very successful. We were all very happy and he got 3 trophies!


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PA Dance Unit

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These 2 months, in PA (Performing Arts), we had and amazing dance unit. We all knew our summative at the end would be to make a light painting. If  you don’t know what a light painting is, it’s a kind of dance of some sort, but you’re in the dark and holding lights. Then you dance. After, you use this app to capture the light and make it into a light painting!

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.15.18 PM

This photo is kind of like it, but really hard. If you’re not a pro, then it’ll probably not look that good. Anyways, the first thing we did to start to get the meaning of dancing. Our teacher, Ms. Butler, put on some famous songs and told us to dance how we feel to the music. It was pretty fun and everybody was singing along. Then, in the same lesson, Ms. Butler told us to choose a sport that we liked and make it into a dance. For example, I like swimming. So, I might choose the 1st move to be kicking my legs and moving my arms in free style. Then, the 2nd move might be me swimming backstroke. Then repeating it 5 times. That was really fun and we all did it. The funniest was probably that some people were doing karate. Also, we got set into groups. My group is me, Maya, Rhea, and Hugo. We also got homework to make a storyboard for our light painting in the future.

The next week, we learned about the “Elements of Dance”. There are 5 of them, body, action, space, energy, time. We need to use the body because we need to choose what body part we’re going to use. We need to use action because you don’t know what you’re going to do. A shimmy? A kick? Waving your arms? We also need to use space to figure out how much area and volume you want to use. Very little, or a lot. We need to use energy to figure out what kind of dance it is. If it’s sharp and quick, it’d be angry. If it’s slow and floppy, it’d be sad. Finally, we need to use time to figure out the beat and how much time you’re going to use.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.28.03 PM

After we had that lesson, we didn’t have PA lesson for a long time because of the holidays. When we finally got together again, I finished the storyboard. We were really confused because Ms. Butler said it was wrong and we had to do it again. But we didn’t know what was wrong so we asked her. Eventually, we knew it was wrong because we had moves all in the middle of the body. Wait, that might be a little complicated.

If you’re drawing a painting, you would draw it all in the middle of the canvas, you’d draw on the top, and the bottom. All our dance moves were in the middle, so when we made it into a light painting, it’d be a big messy blob. So we changed it up a bit. There was a lot of arguing but it turned out great.

Next week, we’re going to have a couple of minutes to practice, then we have to do the final copy! I’m so scared! I think we’re all ready and it’ll be great!

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Nintendo Switch Release!!!

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About last month, Nintendo released a new console called the “Nintendo Switch”. It’s called that because you could be playing on your television, but if you need to go out, you can add your phone on the controller and play. It’s pretty confusing so I’ll just show you guys the video.

Do you get it now?

There are so many new games that I’m so excited for. So far, they introduced 1 2 Switch. Which is a multiplayer game that you have to look at the other person and do the challenges. Then, there’s Zelda. Which I don’t know much about. Then, there’s the amazing and awesome MARIO KART 8 DELUXE! It’s basically Mario Kart 8 but way way cooler. It also adds in the characters from Splatoon.

There’s so many new games coming out. I’m really excited. I just felt like making this blog post.

Here’s a video that can give out all future games:

Most of these are pretty boring, but some are cool!

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Adding Decimals and Fractions

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This unit in math we’re learning decimals, fractions and adding them.

Decimals are a small part of a whole number. If you want to add a decimal with another decimal, just forget about the dot for a while. For example






Just do this.




========12  3 5 2



Then add the decimal back.


Then you have your answer!


Fractions are also a small part of a whole number. It’s really confusing. There’s a lot to know about, like mixed fractions, whole fractions, dividing, multiplying, reducing, and simplifying. Adding fractions is really easy. (Sometimes) You never change the bottom number but you add the top number.

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