Summative Writing

Hey guys!

A couple months ago, we did a summative writing assessment for our hopes of what you’d like to happen in a classroom. We put 3 drafts and one finale copy which is on top of this paragraph.

In this writing, I said that in my classroom I would like to have less noise and arguments, the next thing I would like is to stop the fidgeting during classes and have a little break in between. The last one is for drawing. Even though people love and are very good at drawing, they don’t draw a bit in visual journaling. I want to start a art club to help people express their drawing in class. I hope you enjoy my writing!


The Ones Card

Hi guys!

A couple weeks ago, I had a really fun Geometry Test. We did a lot of stuff in the test, I could improve on some stuff like reading instructions carefully or maybe making proper triangles by following the angles. But, I also succeeded in a lot of stuff, like measuring angles, naming angles and knowing different triangles. Like isosceles, scalene, and equilateral. After we did the test, we decided on a way to reflect. We chose to do the Glow and Grow T Chart. Basically, you draw a T-Chart and put 2 Glow and Grow columns. In glow, you put the things you did well at, in grow, you put the things you want to improve on. In the Glow column, I put:

  • Identifying Nets
  • Reading Instructions
  • Explaining Carefully

In the Grow column, I put:

  • Naming Shapes
  • Measuring Angles

Next time, I want to carefully read the instructions. If I read it more carefully, I would’ve gotten a higher score. This was actually the best test I’ve ever had, it was not too hard and not too easy. It was perfect for my level and I enjoyed the geometry questions. I hope I have more tests like this. My Link (Private)

Geometry Test

PS: I called it the one’s card because in the “card language”, one=ace. So I “aced” my test.





Assembly Expression of Ideas

Hi guys!

On Friday, it’s my assembly! We’re planning to do something different with assemblies this year, so we’re kind of making a booth stand thing. Each partner or individual will think of a problem they have with this school, world, or city/country. Then they’ll think of how they’ll present the idea, will it be a presentation, a stopmotion, a poster? I wanted to do a poem, poster, slideshow, and stopmotion. My topic is about having too little classes in school, we only have 3 main subjects: literacy, math, and UOI. I really want more classes like mythology, science, history, etc. Even if we get it in US, I want it in LS. So this will be how I express my ideas in my assembly.

Triangle Art

Hi guys,

In my last post, I explained what I did in Math class lately, which was my triangle art! I’ve finally finished with colour coordination, precise angles, and a piece of art that looks really good. Heres a picture:

So this is my art which is a dragon/seagull in the ocean playing with a house. To the left, it’s my draft with every single angle that took a long time to do. Then, we colour coordinated all the triangles. For example, the right angle triangle is yellow, so if you see yellow, there will be a right angle. But, some triangle have one or more angles, so if there are triangles with 2 angles, I would put 2 colours in a triangle.

This was pretty hard since we had to write every single angle and it was pretty frustrating since we had to learn how to use a protractor and colour coordinate the triangles. So I had to research about all the different angles to help me coordinate the triangles. But, not counting anything I just said that was bad about this project, it was really fun, and I want to do it again!

Interesting Numbers

Hi guys!

This week’s home learning is to write down numbers that are interesting and cool that can teach us things. The first number I chose to write down is the population of China. Which is 1,389,269,388, I learnt how to pronounce the big number (one billion, three hundred eighty nine million, two hundred sixty nine thousand, three hundred eighty(which might be wrong)) We needed to learn how many digits there were and what the digits are called. I think I could buy like a very big house if I changed the numbers into HK currency. I could also buy 20 huge Lego sets that I could play with for about 2 years.

I also chose the QR number 902,307 (Nine hundred two thousand three hundred seventy (which might be wrong)) You can also probably buy a really expensive computer with that kind of money. It’s pretty big and can probably pay for a big room in a house.

I thought this week’s homework was really fun and taught us something good. I hope I get more home learning like this!

Math Angles

Hi guys!

We almost finished our math unit about angles, 3D shapes, and 2D shapes. We learnt a lot this unit, and Mr. Minor wants us to write a reflection on our blogs, so, I’m doing  it. We learnt a lot about shapes, mostly triangles. The ones we learnt are isosceles, equilateral, right angle.

We almost finished our math unit about angles, 3D shapes, and 2D shapes. We learnt a lot this unit, and Mr. Minor wants us to write a reflection on our blogs, so, I’m doing it. We learnt a lot about shapes, mostly triangles. We learnt, isosceles, scalene, equilateral, right angle, acute, and reflex triangles. We’ve done a lot of helpful activities like the triangle art we are working on right now. We had to draw different triangles to make a masterpiece and colour coordinate the triangles if they’re isosceles, scalene…

In the 3d and 2d shape unit, we learnt a lot about drawing the 3d shapes and their vertices, edges, and faces. We did a lot of activities again like making nets, then fold it up and make a compound shape.

Overall, this unit was really fun, even though it was really hard with the angles and triangles, but adding activities made it way more fun!




Hi guys!

Last week, we started “Book Club”, which is really fun. I chose the book “Stargirl” by Jerry Spinelli. It talks about a girl that does really weird stuff like play the ukulele during lunch, sing Happy Birthday to random people, give out candies during the holidays, and cheering for the home team and the guest team in football. She was teased by her classmates and the book explains how hard her life is. In “Book Club”, we have 4 people in the group, each time, a person has a role. There is the Questioner, Evaluator, and Discussion Moderator. The questioner tries to help the groups’ cooperation by asking question for us to answer. The evaluator looks at how well we were prepared, how well we cooperated, and all that bunch of stuff. And finally, the discussion moderator tells us to talk more. Like if someone was talking too much and someone didn’t talk at all, the discussion moderator would tell them politely that they should stop talking and let the person that didn’t talk much talk.

My group has 4 people, and we already read to the page 84, it’s really interesting and I can’t stop reading, even though I have to…

Thanks for reading, bye!

Grade 5! (18, Aug, 2017)


I’m back from my Summer holiday and finally, I’m in Grade 5! My new teacher is Mr. Minor and he’s really nice. The thing I found really challenging is our new lockers, I memorised my locker combination, it’s just that I don’t know to move right once or left twice or right again twice. It’s just really confusing…

This week, we did a lot of UOI, and Math. During Math, we learned about our new unit, 3D shapes. We learnt about vertices, edges, faces, surfaces, and round surfaces. We had to make our own 2D net that can fold up and make a 3D net.

That is a net, if you glue it together and fold it, then you can make an actual 3D shape!

In UOI, we learnt a lot about communities, how to form one, what you need to make one, what parts are in it, and what kind of leader do you need? We had a lot of activities, games, and lessons all about these questions.

(There used to be a picture, but it malfunctioned, so it doesn’t work.)







Question: Answer:
我是一個怎樣的學習者? 我是一個邏輯數學智能比較好的人。我現在在做五年級的數學,我做作業題目的時候,我用我的數學技巧幫我找答案。
學習內容是什麼? 學習數學
我是使用了哪些學習策略? 我使用了:




我用了什麼智能幫助學習? 我用了邏輯數學智能的人幫忙。


Summer Time

Hi guys!

It’s almost Summer and I’m really happy. Although, I’ll miss school a lot. There are 4 kids that are leaving this school. I’ll miss them a lot! Summer’s gonna be fun, but I’m not going to do many posts. I’m going to Hokkaido and somewhere else in Japan. I don’t remember. I’m really excited!