Art Show/ Fashion project

Hi everyone I just got back from our grade 5 Fashion show. Our fashion project was about these ideas connected to our unit which we implemented into our designs, all of our dresses were metaphors in a way some more obvious than others. Our group was doing the Healthy living idea and our metaphor was we put chains on our model’s costume to show breaking free from unhealthiness.

When making the dress we used red fabric that we found and other materials that we were allowed to use. Our design changed over the course of making the dress. Sometimes we changed it because the group all wanted to and sometimes we changed it because our model didn’t like the way it looked. Our most used media was linen. In the beginning, we had a few bumps due to a lack of communication and cooperation. We had to try to try many different techniques because we were trying to best utilize all the fabric we could so that we wouldn’t be wasting valuable resources. Other classes were given the chance to do robotics where they had little robot models that walked around and had little dresses for them too.

In the end, we had a fashion project where some photographers came and we had a massive red carpet that the models walked down on. Many parents came to see and there was a DJ who played music while models walked down and it felt like actual Fashion show that adults would go too. That’s all I have to say about that, bye!

Math assessment review

Hi again so I know I haven’t written in a while on my blog. Anyway, so today I will talk about a math assessment our class had.

I feel confident in representing fractions, representing fractions as a part of a whole, equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. These are all not things I did but sections of the test.

Now with the things, I could improve on Ratios and explain my answers. Once I was given my test back in some sections I feel that I didn’t fully explain my answer or strategy as clearly as I possibly could. Despite the fact that I am not doing well at explaining my thoughts and strategies I feel proud of this piece of work.

Our Field trip to Asbury

Hello again, today our class ( 5C ) went to Asbury with another class 5E to visit some people who live in subdivided homes to see what it is like to live in a small area where it gets hotter inside then it does outside (eg it is 30*C inside but only 20*C outside). We all had to give 20$ to our teacher so when the groups were made we had 100$ because each group had 5 people each. We used this money to buy at least one kind of fruit and one kind of vegetable as well as 24 or 20 toilet paper rolls for these people. We were organised by the Asbury Methodist Social Service. I really enjoyed the workshop as well as seeing the look of the people we helped.

Decimal Test

Hello again blog readers, Today I am going to be talking about or rather writing about a recent decimal test that I had. Specifically, I am going to be talking about what I can do well and what I could improve.  So I was given a checklist for this test so that once I was finished I could self-assess myself with this tool. After I was given back my test back I found out that I had underestimated myself. It turns out that on most of the question on the test I was ready for a challenge. But I did say MOST of the test I did well. I could improve on Explaining strategies used to perform mathematical operations (+,-,x, divide) using decimal numbers to solve real-life word problems. As well as, working on checking that my answers make sense. I think that I sometimes forget to check all the details to some test questions. I guess I have covered everything, bye.

Math Multiplying & Dividing the powers of 10

Today in class my friends and I played snap where we multiplied and divided decimal numbers by 10, 100, 1000.  After that, we had to think about strategies for this game. We eventually came up with that you had to move the decimal point left or right depending on how many zeros there are and if you multiplying or dividing. However when we were playing all of us knew how to multiply and divide by 10 or 100 so we yelled to hear the other person (If that makes sense).  I guess this helped us become more reflective on the strategies we use.

Back from Grade 5 camping

Hey I am back from camping. Well…it was awesome! I had lots of fun when we were doing surfing and other activities like raft building. This year we got to do more water activities, such as kayaking, raft building and racing as well as pier jumping. I really liked this years camp the most because we got to sleep in dorms so it kind of felt like a sleep over. I think I improved my self management because last time I was always scrambling around trying to unpack and pack my things. This year however, I knew where all my stuff is. I Liked the food because most of it we could eat on the go. Camp would have been better if there were less people crying because they were homesick. Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for these people except they made everyone else a little bit down.

Summative writing

Hi again, so yeah second blog post today… YAY. So I am going to talk about my Summative writing. I think I did pretty good on it. However, I had weak examples and could add more ‘Powerful’ details. I organized it into paragraphs, I also added photos to make my main idea more clear. I feel very proud about this piece of writing. In the future maybe I could have more examples, as well as I could add a more detailed introduction and conclusion. Thanks for reading, bye.


Link to my writing: 02-HWEO Summative writing (1)

MY 3D shapes test

Hi again, today I am talking about MY 3D shapes test. Before this test, I could name most shapes, as well as I, knew how to use a protractor and ruler to make shapes. I have not done anything like this before in my school work. I think I could do better by labeling more of my angles and explaining my shape nets better. I encountered some problems when you had to name the triangles many of triangles looked like the opposite of what they were. BYE


Link to test 26092017084757-0001

Triangle Art

Hi again, today I am talking about triangle art. Before this I had little to no knowledge on using protactors. We did some triangle art in class in which we used protectors and ruler are entire art piece is just triangles. To do this we first had to make a plan which had the degrees in all the triangles. The triangles we had to have were on a success criteria( look at the top left of the picture). After that we had to draw our masterpiece and board it. I have never done this before. My art piece is called wombear. I feel this piece of art is a bit like abstract art. BYE


In this grade 5 book club that I am in we reading the book called RULES which is about this girl named Catherine who is trying to have a normal life but her family revolves around her brother’s Autism which causes him to think differently. This book is quite interesting because it has a lot of information on certain disabilities. In the photo on the left you see Jason a crippled boy who can’t speak. In this book club not only do we read we also do CSI(Colour, Symbol, Image). This book club has also taught me how to make better connections. THANKS AND BYE