My story of Geoffrey(Literacy)

It was a hot and sunny day. Geoffrey was taking an afternoon walk. He was 40 years old serving in the British Marine Corp. Geoffrey was stationed in Melbourne, Australia. He felt for his cheek bones then his short growing cowboy moustache. The local Australians described him as a tall half British, half Scottish man.

  He had stayed in Australia for a good ten years had gotten used to the heat of Australia. However on this fine day he noticed the heat was more brutal than ever. He thought of going to the bar to get a cold drink, but no he would not! Not like his brother Pete who had died of to much alcohol. 

 Later, in his bed, he looked out the window of his small yellow painted apartment. In the far distance Geoffrey sees a small flickering light. He shrugged it off. It probably was some camp fire. Later, Geoffrey woke up sweating, from a nightmare about all the horrible things he saw from the Korean war. He suddenly heard a hissing sound, because of his curiosity he turned on the light and saw a green tree snake. It was about 5 feet long, it must have slithered through the tiny gap under the door. He chased it using vibrations through the bathroom door, closed the door and put down a towel to block the gap under the door. Then we
nt to sleep

ed up at the ceiling. How odd, the ceiling was covered in water. He also felt the air was quite humid despite Geoffrey’s dehumidifier. Geoffrey’s snake companion was still there, overnight he decided to name him “Slithers”. There was a loud and booming knock on his door. Geoffrey hurriedly put some pants on, opened his door and there the tall looming figure of his unit’s commander. Geoffrey’s commanding officer reminded him of his dad. Geoffrey’s dad was a pilot serving in the air force, his joke always made Geoffrey laugh.  The next morning, Geoffrey loo

Sadly, Geoffrey’s dad got shot down in the Korean war by a Chinese fighter jet. The snap of his commander’s fingers brought Geoffrey back into reality. His commander’s said in a booming loud voice:”Geoffrey report to HQ ASAP, there is another training drill in one hour!!”. To which Geoffrey replied “Sir yes sir”. Back to his day dreaming. Ever since he was born his father was never there to see hi, day after day month after month no Dad.

However, when his Dad was not on a mission he spent every minute with Geoffrey. When Geoffrey went to check on Slithers he saw the poor thing shrivelled up in a ball. It looked like Geoffrey when he first came to Australia, July 27 1954 only a year after the Korean war. When he looked closer he saw a rat sized lump in the middle of the snake’s body. When Geoffrey looked out the window he saw port Philip. The orange ball of fire in the sky turning the water into a almost desert of water looking reflection. Geoffrey sighs and gets his uniform on.

Just as he walks through the door leading out to the street a thunderous clap came from behind him. He swivelled around to see his land lord who said:”G’day Geoffrey!, there’s a phone call for you”. On the other end the deep voice of his family’s doctor greets him like a knife through butter. The doctor say’s:”Geoffrey your mother has died of stroke, all her belongings are your’.” The rest of the day went by in a blur, during the night Geoffrey gives Slithers some food. He thought the snake is used to him because Slithers treated Geoffrey like a pet would his owner. Geoffrey told the snake:”I feel as though life is meaningless without mom, she was always there for me since Dad died.” Geoffrey the day he came back from a patrol, how his base commander told him about how his dad got shot down.

He could get used to his dad dying but not mom. Now on the floor in tears Geoffrey was praying for his mom to come back to life. Strangely as if the snake was sentient it slithered(thus the name)to his hand rubbed against it. “Thanks Slithers.” The next day in the afternoon Geoffrey had somewhat recovered, he looked in the distance and saw a giant almost mushroom looking cloud with flicks of flame underneath. Geoffrey’s insides twisted up, had there been a war!? He grabbed a copy of the “Melbourne times”, no it didn’t say anything about a war then the cold hard realisation hit Geoffrey, it was a Bushfire!

As if his commander could read his thoughts he yelled:”GEOFFREY WE NEED TO GET EVERYONE OUT OF THERE!” There was a small village where the Bushfire was heading, they could use the helicopters at the base. He and the commander were already jogging there.

The other marines were waiting at the base they had taken all the weapons from the helicopters and loaded them with fuel. When they had arrived lots of houses were on fire, people running & an almost animal sounding roar. As the helicopters landed a black thick cloud of smoke filled their vehicle. Smoke masking their faces, smoke choking their lungs and people piling on. They quickly flew away and saw the water bomber, firemen as well as fire trucks.

Later, still in the helicopters one of the pilots suddenly say:”We don’t have enough fuel to get back!”As if the helicopters heard him they started going down, down in to the dark dry leaves of the forest. Once they landed, all the wounded people were being treated and given food & water. Through the thick forest they saw the fire department putting out the remaining tongues of flame. Later, once they were picked up by some of the leaving fire trucks. In bed that night Geoffrey dreamt about the time he jumped out to rescue the boy from the Bushfire. For doing that Geoffrey was promoted, “Lucky me he thought to himself”. 50 years later, Jason (Geoffrey’s son) looks at the graveyard next to the village (which his father saved which also looks more modern after the fire). There he puts down a basket of flowers next to a large silver grave which says: “Here lies Geoffrey a loving father and husband”. He looks up and sees a giant oily black cloud. Firemen and firetrucks go to the fire, Jason follows them and says: “Here we go again”.




PA Light painting reflection

Hi again guys! Today I am going to reflect on my group’s light painting. I felt nervous and excited when we were making our light painting. We used glow sticks in the dark while Ms. Butler filmed us using the PABLO app to capture the light and turn it into a painting. When I saw our first painting most of our moves were overlapping it self, it did not look like what we drew on paper. The first painting was overlapping and not bright enough, while the second painting was colorful and bright. Next time we could add some more interesting moves, our group could also cooperate more. Furthermore, we could tape glow sticks to our body instead of hold the to increase stability.

IT challenge

I used move to x 0 y 0 to draw in the middle of the canvas. The hardest thing was when I Tried drawing a B. I would probably refer to my current project or ask for a friends help. In this challenge I have learned how to use the pen function. Well that is all for now bye!

PA Unit Reflection

Today guys I am going to reflect on our current Unit in performing arts. By the way in this unit we did light painting! Our central idea is: “Patterns can be represented through a combination of art forms”, our lines of inquiry are: “How can we create patterns utilising dance?, How can we use the Elements of Dance when creating our moves? and How can we reflect on our movements to enhance our light painting?”. For our Elements of dance our categories are: “Body, Action, Energy, Space, Time”.

We also did a fun activity In which we chose one of our most favourite sports as well as our four other group members and turned it into a dance. When creating our dance we drew a picture of what we want it to look like, then we put it on a dance storyboard in which we had to make our pictures very clear so that we would be able to understand it. Finally after that we started practicing our dance. I think next Tuesday we will do pretty good in our light painting. My thoughts on my group were that they were very creative, but there was a lot of arguing. Well that’s all for now bye!

Week in review

Hi again guys,  so today I am going to be doing something different from my normal week in review. It was a Monday and I was on the beach. There was a lot of people walking around and it was very sunny. There was also lots of dead fish, I was wondering why.

Then I looked at the water and saw lots of pieces of trash. In this situation I could have taken action by cleaning trash on the beach as well as in the water. Another thing I could have done is spread the word and tell more people to stop dropping their  trash in the water. Well I guess that’s all I have to say Bye!


Hey I am back from camping. Well…it wasss awesome! I had lots of fun when we were doing surfing and other activities like raft building and setting up our tents. One of my favourite activities was when we were playing the game of life, where there were carnivores,omnivores and herbivores, the carnivores ate the omnivores and herbivores, the omnivores ate the herbivores and so on. By the way while we were at camping there was a cow named “billy” who was going around pooping a lot. One thing I learned is I need to improve on organising my stuff, because at the end of camp I could not find a lot of my stuff. I am really excited for grade 5 camp.IMG_1341



Hey again well it’s almost it’s time for camp, yes you heard me camp, and we get to bring snacks in our tents the only problem with that is we might have ants in our tent, which is kind of a bad thing. So I hope I have a good time at camp, and if you are in grade 4 then I hope you also have fun!


Week review

Hello again! Today I am going to talk about some things. First, this week We started a new unit this unit is about ecosystems and biomes and me and my partner,friend shiv are researching about the tundra in our nice warm class room. Also we are starting a new slide about the worlds best football players. Anyway on to the next thing I want to talk about CAMP! During grades 3 and up you go to different places to learn as well has fun I am so very excited to be going to camp. well I guess those are the main things I want to talk about BYE!


Photo on 3-3-2017 at 8.12 AM #2

Hello again! This sketch note is about how wolves in Yellowstone mountain managed to balance the ecosystem. I learned this information from a documentary feel free to watch it if you can’t make heads or tails of this sketch note. I hope you like what I wrote. This also shows you just how powerful nature is, as well as the power of nature. That’s all, for now, bye