12 Oct , 2017  


S: Practicing reading and memorizing words will help me improve my overall read as I will be able to recognize a wider range of vocabulary. I will do this using class method such as STORM or copying words to help me remember them as well as quizlet could be another possible option.
M: I will know when I’ve achieved this goal once I am able to read our class stories without Pin Yin with little or no struggle.
A: I will find the words that I am unfamiliar with, and I will practice them by either writing them or using flashcard to help me memorize the new words.
R: This goal is realistic as it is not pushing too many boundaries and these are words we are learning in class, so they are suitable to my level and will help me in the future.
T: I will spend 5 – 10 additional minutes when I do Chinese homework to help me revive these words, as I find it better me to review more frequently rather than a long time at once.


Strengths: Time management, self-management, effort and contribution, working in both groups and individually.

Challenges: Reading / Character recognition, reflecting after class work or assessments.

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