Healthy Habits

Being Active

1 Nov , 2017  

on the way to the last volleyball game of the season #movement via Instagram

Healthy Habits

Eating Well

17 Oct , 2017  

#food via Instagram

Healthy Habits

Being Active

17 Oct , 2017  

#movement via Instagram



12 Oct , 2017  


S: Practicing reading and memorizing words will help me improve my overall read as I will be able to recognize a wider range of vocabulary. I will do this using class method such as STORM or copying words to help me remember them as well as quizlet could be another possible option.
M: I will know when I’ve achieved this goal once I am able to read our class stories without Pin Yin with little or no struggle.
A: I will find the words that I am unfamiliar with, and I will practice them by either writing them or using flashcard to help me memorize the new words.
R: This goal is realistic as it is not pushing too many boundaries and these are words we are learning in class, so they are suitable to my level and will help me in the future.
T: I will spend 5 – 10 additional minutes when I do Chinese homework to help me revive these words, as I find it better me to review more frequently rather than a long time at once.


Strengths: Time management, self-management, effort and contribution, working in both groups and individually.

Challenges: Reading / Character recognition, reflecting after class work or assessments.


Chinese New Year - 春节

13 Feb , 2017  




Lord of the Flies Graphic Novel

15 Dec , 2016  


I have learn many new things during this design project, from learning how to use the new tools to how to convey a theme throughout a story. Before this project I had no idea how to use the tool illustrator, so I was quite nervous to begin this project without be at all familiar with the tool. It look at lot of research and trial and error to figure things out and I did struggle with it at first, but by the end of this project I felt quite comfortable and familiar with the tools. I also learnt what different techniques should be used to covey a theme or mood throughout a graphic novel. For example how the expressions within a characters eyes or eyebrow can should their emotions, or how perhaps different angles allow you to show weakness. The biggest challenge I faced would have to be learn how to use the tools and clearly transfer my drawing onto illustrator, as I was unfamiliar with the tool I was unsure how to do this. To overcome this I watch many illustrator tutorials and once I understood hoe the different tool worked, I tried it out on one of my character turnovers to make sure I was familiar with everything before I began tracing my final novel. I think that the visual aids graphic novels provide help the readers further understand the scene which is happening within the book. I allows the to see the surrounding setting as well as see the expressions on their faces rather than having to infer them while reading. It also allows them to see the same thing as what the author imaged when writing the story. I think the using technology defiantly made it much easier to complete the graphic novel and was a much better tool to use to get a good color outcome but I do think that it is much easier to draw the novel by hand. If I were to do this project again I would as more detail to my illustrations as I didn’t want to over complicate things as I was unfamiliar with the tools, but overall I am very pleased with my final outcome.


CAS Week Reflection – Sabah, Malaysia

29 May , 2016  

Over than past we students from grade 7 and 8 have been away at CAS week and I went to Sabah, Malaysia. This trip was an absolute amazing experience and opportunity. During this trip we were able to

I think that being a leader is a strength I have gained during this trip but is also an area which I can grow. During our jungle trek I was given the opportunity to be a group leader, although I do think I was pretty successful at the task there is defiantly a lot of room to improve. I need to work on being more assertive when telling my group what to do. I did not want to disagree with my other group members but at the end of the day I just needed to tell them what to do. I do think I did a good job at keeping them on task and making sure we were on schedule.

One way to was able to undertake new challenges was to preserve through them. This whole trip pushes me out of my comfort zone, I just needed to have a positive attitude towards them. For example when we were building the court it was very hard, but to think of what we were creating and how it would benefit others it made me want to keep working. There were many thing we had to adjust to like even just being outdoors the whole time, but I felt that as along as it undertook it with as positive attitude it was very easy to over come and get used to.

This trip also gave us to opportunity to experience a variety of things from culture, to way of living to even just activities. We had the opportunity to try many things like building huge project and camping in a jungle. These activities were such a fun and rare experience and gave us the chance to learn so much and meet many new people. We also got to learn more about the culture in the villages and when we discussed about traditions or beliefs about things in the jungle.  We also got to see how people lived in the villages, where we also got to meet many of them. They were all so kind, helpful and fun to be around.

This trip was an amazing experience. It has made me become more aware of everything that I have or given the opportunity to do and to become more thankful for all of it. It also helped me realise certain strengths and weaknesses I have, and I had meet many new and amazing people.

Service and Action

Service Day – Plastic Free Seas

27 May , 2016  

Today we had a grade 8 service day and I did the plastic free seas activity. Unfortunately our boat trip and beach clean up were cancelled because of a typhoon, but it was still very interesting. We first watched a few videos about how plastic is affecting our ocean and the tole it take on our environment. We watched a very interesting ted talk about a teenage boy, Boyan Slat, who has come up with a method which he thinks could remove plastic from our oceans in about 5 years. Then we created some group question we had about the topic and did some research about the to expand our knowledge on the topics before we did other activities.

Later on in the morning, a lady who worked from the plastic free seas organization came to talk to us. She gave us a presentation about the situation in Hong Kong and the major causes of it. We also discussed ways we can help reduce our plastic. Then we had the chance to look at plankton and larva through the microscopes. This was very interesting and cool to see things that we would never observe in the ocean. We also took a closer look at micro beads which are a major problem today, killing and hurting our marine life.

For our last activity we took a walk down to the Aberdeen promenade. During this we sat down for a bit to eat our lunch and did a little bit of observing. We noticed how there was so much more plastic in the oceans and in the floor the we usually would realize. We also took a look at a fish market and notice how people are taking fish from the water, putting them into garbage, selling them and then putting the trash into the sea. Overall I thought this service day was very interesting and was a very big eyeopener.


End of Year Music Reflection

30 Apr , 2016  

Theory Test –
I am very happy with my results with this theory test and I think it shows improvement in my understanding of theory, but I also felt that the majority of the questions test were similar to the ones on the last test so I did not find it was not too difficult. I this test I got 22/25, I am very proud of the mark and I think it shows a great amount of improvement from last year. Last year I struggled a lot with music theory, and I found it very hard to understand thing such a key signatures, which are very easy for me today. At the start of this year my goal was to improve in theory and I feel that I have defiantly reached it, and even understand more than I though I would be able. I made sure to put 100% of my effort into it and practice it a lot at home. Also I tried to participate as much as possible in class because I find that when I do I am more engaged in the class discussions makes easier and much more fun to learn, as well as I would also ask for help whenever I needed it. I did not do much of these things last year and I think this is what has helped me improve. Now, I feel very comfortable figuring out things such as key signatures as well as figuring out the notes a tone or semi-tone above/below, but sometimes I do make mistakes or struggle to find out wheather the note is either a sharp or a flat. I also now have a good understanding of intervals and how to figure them out, but I do think it is something that I should still practice. Sometimes I get confused when the ask to to start on the something like the dominant notes, so I forget to count up and I just end up starting on the tonic. I think that I can improve this by just working on memorizing scale degrees and simply do not rush through the question. Overall I am extremely pleased with my improvement in theory throughout this whole year. Here is a scan of my theory test from this term.
Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 2.37.16 pm Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 2.37.27 pm

Playing Test –
Although I do think I have improved since the last playing test, there is defiantly lots of room to still improve. One thing that I do think I have improved in is my note accuracy. I have worked on creating more accurate embouchure, especially for the higher notes, which have help make them sound more clean as well as more accurate. This helps me ensure that I am playing the correct notes and it also helps me ensure the that notes sound smooth. I also think my rhythm accuracy has improved, as I find it very hard to sight read, I make sure to listen to the song a few times before I play as well as I try to hum or sing the song. This allows me to get a very good idea of how the song sound, and I find it much easier to start playing. Although this is not very much of a techniques I find that it really works for me. These are defiantly things that I have improved on over the last year because I find that before I would always be playing a correct rhythm but I was so focus on doing so that I would not be playing the correct notes, and sometimes vice versa. Now that I have rhythm and note accuracy, I need to work playing with articulation precision and dynamics. Similar to when I used to struggle with accuracy, I find that I do not pay attention to playing the articulation and dynamics because I am so focused on playing the song correctly. I think one way that I can work on this is when I am practice start by just playing with accuracy, and then slowly begin playing with dynamics and articulation. I think that this will help because I am not trying to learn everything at once and I can just focus on getting one thing correct each time. Also need to work on my tempo appropriateness because no2 that I can play the rhythm accuracy it will not be too hard to change how slow are fast I am playing it. Although I do need to work on my breathing when playing because when it is a faster tempo I struggle to find an appropriate time to take breaths. I think I can work on this by practicing these techniques more often, so that I feel more comfortable when playing. Overall I am happy with my improvement in playing the trombone, but there is still so much more I can do to get even better.


Waste Not, Want Not

25 Apr , 2016  

In this last unit we have been working on creating a package to fit a product of our choice. Although we had certain specifications we had to follow in order to create our packages, some of which we created ourselves in order to make it specific for our product. We had to make sure the it was a complex shape as well as it was still environmentally friendly. The product I chose to package was the CDNIS travel wallet, I wanted to make sure that I included a window to allow people to view the product while it is still in that packaging. I also want to make sure that the package had a “hook” which would allow to to be hung when displayed. I also want the package to include the school colors, as well as the colors would contrast against the black wallet, which would make it very eye catching. I also chose to create a functional package, meaning that it serves more than one purpose. Since my product is a travel wallet I chose to create something that retailed to traveling as will, so I create perforated luggage tags. This give the package another purpose which costumers buying this product would obviously need. Also, it creates less waste because it won’t just be thrown away. I did not find it too difficult when creating my package as I found it was very easy to put together. Although I did have some problems when drawing out the net, I would not say that this was a very difficult task. I would say that creating the design was slightly more difficult. I knew what I want to be on my design, but I found it hard to create something that would look simple and clean. Since the luggage tags were on the front cover of the package, it does not leave much space for any other designs if I want people to be able to read the tags clearly. What I decided to do was put a simple white maple leave on each of the luggage tags, this is easy to see on the bright red package as well as you are still able to read the black writing. For my package closer/seal it used two triangle that would lock into each other. This saves material because I am not using as much as I would if I had used rectangle. It also creates a really interesting looking design when it is closed, as well as it is very strong and will not break. One thing I would like to improve on for next time is create a shape that is more complex than just a rectangular prism. Although this worked very well for my product but I would like to try something more different or unique. I still am not sure what shape I could use but it is defiantly something to think about. The reason I did not do anything different is because I did not want to be wasteful and any other shape would have left me with a lot of extra space and material. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of my final product and package, it follows all of my specification as well as it fit the product perfectly without creating any waste. 

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