Design “I used to think and now I know” Building a brand-Advertisement

I used to think that there was only so much you could do with iMovie and many things I just couldn’t change. that’s why I should have used Premiere Pro. Ads to me were simple things, that took a few days to complete, and were just a simple asset to a company.

However, now I know that iMovie is actually very versatile and there are so many things you can specifically adjust. My knowledge of the program has really expanded. But mostly, now I know what goes into an advertisement. people have to look at the audience’s preferences and exactly what would go into an ad. For example, they have to think about angles and how the cinematography could look, and whether it’s interesting, we have to consider mood, tone and what the ad says about the company. finally, we also have to consider strict time constraints. I had no idea how important they were until I was under a time constraint for the advertisement.

Waste Not, Want Not (After Design Day Reflection)

In Design Day, we looked at how to make a good packaging that will help the planet with all the requirements. We researched what we needed and we made and ripped apart packages to learn more about them.Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 1.47.23 PM

Fron the package I designed, I found that I should make the boxes precise while I’m making them so they will come out properly and not be all wonky. This will also make them more sturdy and self-supporting and I will need less adhesive. I also found ways to make flaps and locking parts in packaging to not use so much tape.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 1.48.46 PM

In the existing package, I learned how to make a good, aesthetically pleasing box telling the buyer what exactly they are buying. I also learned how to save resources as this one didn’t.

Finally, We put math into this and tried to maximize the volume to surface area to minimize the size of the package to what is necessary and save resources.

How to Improve TONE on The Trombone

First of all, you need to have a good idea in your head of what good tone sounds like so you know if you’re doing it right. One of the things you could do is breathe in more air than you think is needed and then blow it freely out to give more air into the trombone. Another thing that might help is to relax your lips. If the sound is small or nasally, you should relax your lips more and try to open your aperture (hole of the embouchure) a little bigger

Term One Music review Blog post About Music Theory

At the start of the year I had only heard of music theory from overhearing it from some older kids so I had no idea what it was about. So technically I have improved but I still feel I have improved a lot in it.

In grade 7, I was taught how to name major scales at the very end of the year and that was pretty much all I knew. From other people, i had heard that theory was boring and annoying but at the very start, I found that i kind of liked theory. At first it seemed challenging but i had some guidance from my mother and it turned out to not be as challenging as i thought.

In my opinion, rhythm is my best point because I find it really easy because it’s kind of like math, which I like. My worst point is naming the notes. the only way I  can name notes is by writing them all out starting from one note and working my way around it. In the bass clef i can name a few notes by sight but a few i have to write out to know them. Which is why i still have to write the notes in music to play. For the treble clef, I have to write out all of them to be able to read them.

My goal would obviously to improve my weakness, note naming. I would achieve this by when i practice, not use the written in notes and just slowly play, slowly getting the notes. if i keep on doing it, i should be able to read music better!