Camp Reflection

Camp Reflection

Backward – Looking

Q2 – What process did you go through to get ready for camp?

Before camp started, I had to find everything. That task wasn’t so easy. I looked everywhere for my sleeping bag. I couldn’t find it. I got scared. I did not want to be the only one sleeping without a sleeping bag! The next day, when my mom came home, we started searching again. I finally found it in a pile of pillows. After finding everything, I got so tired, I didn’t want to pack anymore. I avoided packing for about 2 weeks, and finally on the night before camp, I started packing. Packing wasn’t as easy as I thought. First, I packed and put everything in a pretty small night bag, then after I packed everything, I realized that that wasn’t going to fit when I was packing to go back home. So, I packed again……. Into a bigger bag. After I was done packing, I felt so relieved. I fell asleep in one second.

Inward – Looking

Q9 – How do you feel about camp? What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why? What did/do you enjoy about camp?

I think it is a good experience, but sometimes I get homesick. I get scared when we have to go to sleep because I think about everything I do when I go to sleep, and I always think about home. I also did not like that we didn’t get to shower. I liked my facilitators, because they were fair and made most things fun. I enjoyed having time with my friends, and learning about them.

Outward – Looking
Q30- If someone else were to be in your shoes, what might they learn about you

If someone else was me, they will learn that I  and very neat and organised and don’t like the sun and being hot. They will also find out that I hate the dark and I get really homesick. I also don’t like to be alone and bossed around.

Forward – Looking

Q31 – One thing you would like to improve is…

One thing I would like to improve is probably packing better. I was unprepared and I did not have all my things ready.

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Math- September

Hi there!

This post is about Math. This is an example of me measuring angles. Now we have moved on to fractions, decimals, and percentages.




In this picture, I am labeling:

  1. The angle of the triangle
  2. Why it’s a ______type of triange
  3. Side length

I hope you have learned more about sides and angles!

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PA Blog Reflection

Hi Kubafundi!(That means Hi Readers in Zulu)

Today I will reflect about performing arts and make a reflection about what we did. So let’s get started!

This is the Central Idea:

Patterns can be represented through a combination of art forms.

I think it’s purpose is to tell us that dance can be made from all different kinds of forms, like everyday moves.

In PA, we have been talking about shapes, patterns , art forms, light paintings, dance geography and making dances from everyday moves. You can CLICK HERE to go to a video explaining about what we are going to do with light paintings.

So what is a light painting?  A light painting is like a painting, but with light. So you make a dance, attach lights on to you or other things, and then start filming in a dark room.So it s basically a light picture-film. If you can’t understand that, here is another way of explaining:A light painting is a painting made with colored lights/glow sticks using an app to capture only the lights without the people to make a nice, finished light painting.

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This Week’s Goal Setting and Reflecting

I am grateful for my mom and dad because they take care of me, they took me to vacation and help me a lot. There are a lot more reasons.

The thing I enjoyed most about this week is coming back to school and meeting all my friends again. It is great to see them all.

Something that was challenging was getting from Vacation mode to normal mode. On Wednesday I was so tired!

My Goals

Learning Goal ~ To post something that I learnt at school on my blog.

Personal Goal~ To do some more exercise and have a positive attitude

Relationship Goal~ To play with some of my old friends more.