This Week’s Goal Setting and Reflecting

I am grateful for my mom and dad because they take care of me, they took me to vacation and help me a lot. There are a lot more reasons.

The thing I enjoyed most about this week is coming back to school and meeting all my friends again. It is great to see them all.

Something that was challenging was getting from Vacation mode to normal mode. On Wednesday I was so tired!

My Goals

Learning Goal ~ To post something that I learnt at school on my blog.

Personal Goal~ To do some more exercise and have a positive attitude

Relationship Goal~ To play with some of my old friends more.











Camp Goal Reflection

Last week I went to camp. Camp was AMAZING!Camp was in Pui Oh Beach . The camp was called Treasure Island.

Here are photos of me .


Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.20.30 AM

Relating to my goals that I made about a week ago, (If you can’t find the post you can search Goal Setting), I am going to reflect about it.

This is a screen shot if you want it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.08.01 AM

For my Learning Goal,  I think I really achieved that because I tried surfing for the first time.

For my Personal Goal, I achieved that everyday because I woke up exactly 25 minutes before teachers started yelling at us.

For my  Relationship Goal, I got a new friend called Alexa. She was in my tent. She likes to read Garfield.

Things that I am proud of

  1. That I achieved my three goals
  2. That I did not get very homesick
  3. That I learned how to paddle in surfing

What I enjoyed

  1. Going to camp!
  2. All of the Games
  3. Spending time with my friends
  4. Setting up the tent and sleeping in it ~ it was so cool!
  5. Mostly Everything


  1. Try to not waste so much food (I don’t so much but I want to eat more . Good for the environment)
  2. Be better in surfing paddling


I want to thank Claudia (My camp Leader ) and Mr. Wah (My Camp teacher) for helping me.

I want to thank all the staff there for organising the camp activities and everything.

I want to thank my mom and dad for buying me all the things I needed for camp

I want to thank Laurel, Anna and Alexa for being great tent mates

I want to thank Laurel (Again) for being my bathroom buddy

So See you later Readers and Bye!




Goal Setting

Ms. Brown told us about how she sets goals. She shared it with the class and decided that we should get to make our goals every week for home learning. I like this goal setting technique.

So you have to make 3 types of goals

1.One Learning Goal

2. One Personal Goal

3.One Relationship Goal

Last week’s goals were

1.Learning Goal ~Learn more about Volume. Go on Khan Academy or Something

2.Personal Goal~Take 5 minutes to clean my room(it’s kinda messy)

3.Relationship Goal~Spend at least 3 minutes with my pet Hazel

Reflecting on my goals, I think they were achievable. I achieved my goals tooThis week’s Goals


This week’s Goals(Related to camp)

1.Learning Goal~ To be more of a risk taker and try new things

2.Personal Goal~  To try to wake up without a teacher waking me up because I’m getting lazy

3.Relationship Goal~To know something more about my campmates.

Plastic Free Seas Blog Post

Today we went to the 3rd floor lab.

Plastic Free seas came to explain about microbeeds.

So first, we gathered up some soap with microbeeds, and got in to groups. My group picked a soap brand called Tea Tree.

Secondly, we put some soap in to a bag, and then we washed it off with some water from the tap. Inside the bag, we could see tiny little dots called microbeeds.

Next up, we dried the bag with a hair dyer. This is a photo.Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.05.35 PM

After that, we opened the bag and dumped all the microbeeds on to a piece of paper. Then  we took the paper and dumped the little beed in to a container.

We were done. But after, we had a gallery walk. It was interesting how some  groups had more microbeeds than others.

Plastic Free Seas’ Message is to not use plastic. So next time you see something that says :  Microbeeds or poly something, please kindly recycle it.

My Spotlight Performance

Our spotlight is our class’s stage performance which was about ghost busters saving the scared people and teaching the audience & scared people how to play the recorder correctly. If the people played the wrong tune with the recorder, the ghost will stay. However if the actor played correctly, the ghost will vanish when it heard the music. There were 6 ghost ghost buster altogether so the were 6 scenes, and our whole class had to play[The Lion Sleeps Tonight] at the end of the show. The first scene took place inside a vet clinic, the actors were Calvin, D.Y ,Leah and Fiona. The second scene was at Laurel’s Living room [Pretending] and the actors were Joshua, Eugenio, Laurel and Maya. The third scene was Patrick, Tayne, Nadia and Helena playing recorder in the boutique. The fourth scene took place in a pizza palace, and Chloe & Bianca act as the scary ghost while Agatha taught me how to play the recorder. The fifth group were Ishaan, Brendon, Anika and Kamila, the story took place in a horse stable. The last scene was about Anna trying to catch a Pikachu but she realized it were scary ghost acted by Desmond and DL instead. Ella tried to save Anna by helping her.

During our class time we used up a lot of time practicing our musical performance on The Lion Sleeps Tonight and the script. Some of us didn’t cooperate well. They complained about how their lines were too long. Some people forgot how to play some of the songs we were supposed , while some forgot their lines. It got a little messy but we improved after few classes.

Few of us practiced at lunch, recess and even at home. I practiced because I worried I would mess up. I would just keep going even if I mess up on the stage.

It was a bit messy to work with our group but we learn to cooperate with each other. We did get along because we all understand we were wasting our time, and doing things that were not relevant to studying, and realized that instead of doing those things, we should be practicing .

I prepared myself before rehearsal. For example,Me, Anna and Helena took the challenge in writing the whole script. I would also every day[almost] practice my lines. It was hard work!

I paid attention during my rehearsal. During the performance, I was nervous when I was waiting for my turn. By the time I played the recorder, I didn’t feel scared because there were not many people watching. I pretended I couldn’t see the audience, especially my Mom.

The audience enjoyed our show because I could tell by their facial expression. They looked very happy after watching our show. I hope they enjoyed it. Their response was what I expected. Even our teachers were impressed and proud of us.

If I had a chance to perform again, I wish the band can be improved. I hope the melody can improve and the tempo was at the exact right timing.

I felt very proud of our whole class even though we had little mistake on the stage. It was fun and everyone was laughing. It was a great experience and I hope you’ll be there next time too!

Looking forward to it!