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iFolio Entry 2 – 1st & 2nd Order Claims

Real Life Situation: There are 7 functions of life.

First Order Claims

1. all living organisms must follow the 7 functions

2. The 7 functions are: metabolism, response, growth, reproduction, excretion, nutrition, homeostasis

3. Even unicellular organisms perform these 7 functions

First Order Questions

1. who determined these 7 functions of life?

2. are there any living organisms that does not categorize into these 7 functions?

3. how do plants perform excretion?

Second Order Claims

1. Natural scientists can categorize things

2. Natural scientists are able to prove their claims

3. Natural science is susceptible to be altered over time

Second Order Questions

1. How reliable are natural scientists?

2. How do natural scientists form hypothesis?

3. How can a hypothesis be proven?


Real Life Situation: In vitro fertilization

First Order Claims

1. Helps people who are unable to conceive to get a baby

2. an egg is fertilized by sperm in a laboratory

3. ethical issues such as destruction of a potential living organism when not all embryos not used

First Order Questions

1. Where is the egg conserved once it is fertilized?

2. What are the costs?

3. Are there any possible side effects?

Second Order Claims

1. Scientific advancements can benefit the society

2. Scientific advancements are not always ideal

3. Scientific advancements bypass nature’s way

3. Science advancements continuously improve

Second Order Questions

1. Who decides if a certain scientific advancement is good or bad?

2. Should scientific advancements conform to the law of nature?



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