Natural Disaster Presentation

Hey, readers yesterday I presented a presentation about a natural disaster. The natural disasters were landslides. First, I did research on landslides. Second, I wrote it down a google doc. Thirdly, we tried to make an iMovie but it didn’t work out so we had to try a different way. Fourth, we made a google slide instead of an iMovie. Fifth we made a script. Sixth, we practiced or script and our edited our slide. Last we presented our slide to the class.  Today we did a quiz about the natural disasters here are the resalts.unnamed

My group collaborated well because we were all on task and listing to each others ideas and we made decisions as a group.

We work when we collected information because we studied carefully and everybody did there part.

There were times when I could have used my time better and if I had done that then maybe I would have been able to make an iMove.

My peers said that I could have organised my slides better and to improve the script. Learned that presentation is important.

The new questions I have are were  is the place that most Landslides occur.

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