Natural Disaster Presentation

Hey, readers yesterday I presented a presentation about a natural disaster. The natural disasters were landslides. First, I did research on landslides. Second, I wrote it down a google doc. Thirdly, we tried to make an iMovie but it didn’t work out so we had to try a different way. Fourth, we made a google slide instead of an iMovie. Fifth we made a script. Sixth, we practiced or script and our edited our slide. Last we presented our slide to the class.  Today we did a quiz about the natural disasters here are the resalts.unnamed

My group collaborated well because we were all on task and listing to each others ideas and we made decisions as a group.

We work when we collected information because we studied carefully and everybody did there part.

There were times when I could have used my time better and if I had done that then maybe I would have been able to make an iMove.

My peers said that I could have organised my slides better and to improve the script. Learned that presentation is important.

The new questions I have are were  is the place that most Landslides occur.

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  • May 25, 2017 at 12:13 PM

    Hi Nate, seems like a lot of work! Natural disasters are so interesting. I liked your honest reflection- making good use of time is a very important goal for you. It’s something that will help you your whole life. It’s not about how smart you but how much effort you put in! Learn from mistakes and keep growing …Love Mum

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