This Is Me

Hi Reader, long time no see!

well I haven’t really been on my  blog and that is because i have been on holidays! But now it is time for me now it is time for me to talk about my poster.

Reflection  Questions



Natural Disaster Presentation

Hey, readers yesterday I presented a presentation about a natural disaster. The natural disasters were landslides. First, I did research on landslides. Second, I wrote it down a google doc. Thirdly, we tried to make an iMovie but it didn’t work out so we had to try a different way. Fourth, we made a google slide instead of an iMovie. Fifth we made a script. Sixth, we practiced or script and our edited our slide. Last we presented our slide to the class.  Today we did a quiz about the natural disasters here are the resalts.unnamed

My group collaborated well because we were all on task and listing to each others ideas and we made decisions as a group.

We work when we collected information because we studied carefully and everybody did there part.

There were times when I could have used my time better and if I had done that then maybe I would have been able to make an iMove.

My peers said that I could have organised my slides better and to improve the script. Learned that presentation is important.

The new questions I have are were  is the place that most Landslides occur.

Performing Arts Light Painting😎😎😎😎

Hey guys this is me ,Nate I’m working on a preforming arts project called a light painting. A light painting is where you create a dance pattern and use a app to make a panting. The app works by recording the video and turning it into a painting because it is dark and it record the light then turn ii into a painting .I am working with Christie Elizabeth and Oliver. So far we have made the moves and are practising in our next lesson ( 9/5/2017 ) we will be creating the painting. We have a certain amount of time to make it. Wish me luck!! Nate



Hey readers, guess what this post is about? CAMP!!!  YES,  I went camping it was so fun. I wish I could go camping again because then I can go surfing again and do the game of life again. The Game of Life is a game where there is a there is a carnivore a omnivore and a herbivore, a herbivores has three lives, omnivores have two lives and carnivores have one live. I like the game because it is chalenging. On the first game I was a omnivore and on the second game i was a herbivore. Camp was so fun.

STP Chain Reaction

Hey, today I did something called a chain reaction. A chain reaction is something that is like a food chain except it shows a change in the food chain not the change of energy. My chain reaction is something is one about the book wolf island. This is my chain reaction.Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.49.48 AM

As you can see first the wolves move so there are too many deer so they eat all the grass rabbits had less to eat not a lot of baby bunny born fox had less to eat less mice owl had less to eat so lots of animals were hungry. See you next time

Advertising poster

Hey, I’m back in school. Sorry, no more daily news only on holidays! Our first task in our new unit is a poster that shows what we already Know. we had a choice Between vote for me, less plastic at the flower fair or money raised is a puppy saved, we did this Because to show what we already Know About this unit.

 Our target audience was people who were willing to use their time to come to the garage sale ( if it was real). Also, our target audience was mainly adults.  To target our audience we used several techniques. they were colour and images.

We thought that the audience would feel motivated, but I think that they feel

I’m curious about advertising. I wonder how many people are advising in the world?



My Holiday In Australia

Hey readers , it’s Me!!!. Im in Australia!!! Im living in my cousins house. My cousins name’s are Annabelle and Alex. I got a great present for christmas i got a drone!!!! Don’t tell i said that, it’s secret. My cousin Annabelle, got a kitty. IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Alex got LEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now this is secrect ,so don’t tell anyone Because it SUPER SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My aunty Sezy go cream all down her dress! Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 4.44.38 PM


Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 4.41.00 PM


Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 4.52.27 PM