Probability Reflection

I have learned from my probability class a lot like tree diagrams and different types of ratios. I feel like this could be important in the future for classes and university. The biggest challenge was understanding the different types of ratios that there are like part to part, whole to part, part to whole. The best thing I learned was where we had 4 different games we pretended we were on a game show and we had to figure out the experimental probability and the theoretical probability of winning the games. The game I would is game C because the probability is 13%. I have learned that I learn quickly and that I am a fast worker when I put my mind to it. Next time I will only sit next to a friend that will not distract me and not distract anyone else. Read more

Weekly Reflection 25/1/2018

I did a lot of things this week and I was very busy. This week I learned about persuasive writing. I mainly worked on letters for my parents to convince them to get me things that I want. I also played Yahtzee. I think the connection between math and the game is that the game works on experimental probability and we might later in the unit check the theoretical probability. I learned in a presentation by someone called Jorden that sometimes you have to take action by yourself instead of just donating to charity. In the future, I will use this knowledge for math, exhibition and writing. Next week I will try to use this knowledge as much as I can.
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Weekly Reflection

Hello, readers, I have some exciting news!

I have just been approved for my exhibition proposal! You may not know what that is so let me explain. The exhibition is where students show there learning in a variety of ways. The way I chose was to make a 360 virtual tour. The way I came up with the idea was that I had made a 360 tour earlier in the year for a project. I learned how to do it on youtube, and all I needed was a 360 camera and my laptop. So I did it, and I got tones of good comments from my friends.

Later I will post the link for the tour. Thanks for reading!

Weekly Reflection

Hello readers, it is that time of week again where I do the weekly reflection. I might be doing weekly news too.

One of the things I did this week was own it!. That is where you chose tasks to do. I liked it because it was free choice kind of thing.

My favourite thing this week was when my class made caramel, and roasted almonds in the hive which is on the 12th-floor. I liked it because I really enjoy cooking and it is fun to be in the hive ( like tech more and I am better at it too!)


Weekly News

Hello, I am now able to keep up with the news. So my question for all of you is: What is my favorite color.


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Weekly Reflection

Hello readers,

I am writing my weekly reflection. On Tuesday I wrote some goals for the week, and these are the goals that completed. 1. learn to spell three new words by the end of the week. 2. be organized and clean by the end of the week. (finished) 3. become a bit more balanced. (Finished) 4. practice math and learn square root. My top point of this week was when we did the personalized learning which I will tell you about later. The best thing I learned was the pattern math because I think it was fascinating. Personalized learning is where we chose what to do out of the options. one thing I enjoyed was quiet reding.

Thanks for reading!