Weekly Reflection

Hello, readers, I have some exciting news!

I have just been approved for my exhibition proposal! You may not know what that is so let me explain. The exhibition is where students show there learning in a variety of ways. The way I chose was to make a 360 virtual tour. The way I came up with the idea was that I had made a 360 tour earlier in the year for a project. I learned how to do it on youtube, and all I needed was a 360 camera and my laptop. So I did it, and I got tones of good comments from my friends.

Later I will post the link for the tour. Thanks for reading!

Weekly Reflection

Hello readers, it is that time of week again where I do the weekly reflection. I might be doing weekly news too.

One of the things I did this week was own it!. That is where you chose tasks to do. I liked it because it was free choice kind of thing.

My favourite thing this week was when my class made caramel, and roasted almonds in the hive which is on the 12th-floor. I liked it because I really enjoy cooking and it is fun to be in the hive ( like tech more and I am better at it too!)


Weekly News

Hello, I am now able to keep up with the news. So my question for all of you is: What is my favorite color.


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Weekly Reflection

Hello readers,

I am writing my weekly reflection. On Tuesday I wrote some goals for the week, and these are the goals that completed. 1. learn to spell three new words by the end of the week. 2. be organized and clean by the end of the week. (finished) 3. become a bit more balanced. (Finished) 4. practice math and learn square root. My top point of this week was when we did the personalized learning which I will tell you about later. The best thing I learned was the pattern math because I think it was fascinating. Personalized learning is where we chose what to do out of the options. one thing I enjoyed was quiet reding.

Thanks for reading!


Screenagers is a movie about how kids use screens to much. half of all teens think that there should be limits and the other half think that they should be free to use screens in class.the benefits of limits is you are like to be healthy. you will be helthy by going out more and not use technology to much it is.

My Grade 5 Spotlight

Hello readers, today I am writing about my grade 5 spotlight that I had a few weeks ago. Here are some of the things I did.

  •  I played counting to ten.
    • the students and parents had to count to ten in different voices.
    • it was a co-operative game.
    • it was fun for everyone.
  • there were 3 classes in one spotlight.

  • it was something cool to try.
  • it felt really reliable because there were lots of people and a kid got lost from his class and there were lots of people around to help him

  • there were two games to play in my rotation.
  • my group members were Ben, Hayden, Max, Harry and me

Winter Holidays

Hey, readers, this blog post is about my winter holidays as you might have guessed and I want to talk about how my winter holidays went.

so for the winter holidays, I went to South Africa a and saw the animals are the wild and it was so fun. first, I stayed in Johannesburg then I went to the crga national park that is where we saw the animals and ate the dinner near the fire. last, of all, we went to cape town and listened to African music and ate dinner.

for Christmas, I got some really nice Christmas presents. one thing I got for Christmas is a drone is called a DR1 racing drone and I usually just fly it for fun. for Christmas, I also got a 3D Pen but it was a scam and it was just the templates and there was no 3D Pen.  the last thing I got for Christmas is a remote control lego tank kit and I made it from scratch.

over the winter holidays, i heard African music in an African restaurant. it sounds very good because it is in a different language. it is also very loud and noisy. as well as being loud and noisy it is also very lively. they had some instruments and one of them was the xylophone.

so this is the

end of my blog post and as I said my next one will be on 2018. happy new year.