Exhibtion Reflection

It has been a few weeks since I did my exhibition which is if you did not know is my big into grade 7 project. what I did well overall is I always stayed on task I used the time outside of the class effectively to plan the exhibition and plan my action. I demonstrated my journey really well and at presentation, I provoked a lot of thought and interest. what I could improve was a presentation of my process journal and organising my process journal.

Weekly Reflection 8/2/2019

Hello Everyone,

This week I had a leadership program called LEAP so I learned a bunch this week about everything to do with leadership. This week the most important thing I learned this week was that being a leader is not being at the top it is being at the bottom helping everyone. At leap no one is not appreciated everyone is helping other people to move up and be better than before.

Weekly Reflection

This week has been a very busy week. This week I feel like I learned a lot. for example, I learned that nuclear power is not a renewable source and that to split the atom you have to use a very rare type of uranium called u-235. this has also been a second meeting with our learning cohorts. I like leaning cohorts because it is a very good opportunity to get more resources and find possible resources. I find this very helpful when I get suggestions that might be able to help me to learn more about my exhibition and improve my work. One thing that I learned was that there are tons of types of energy that I have never heard of such as tidal energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy. I have also learned that there are tons more renewable energy then there are not renewable.

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Probability Reflection

I have learned from my probability class a lot like tree diagrams and different types of ratios. I feel like this could be important in the future for classes and university. The biggest challenge was understanding the different types of ratios that there are like part to part, whole to part, part to whole. The best thing I learned was where we had 4 different games we pretended we were on a game show and we had to figure out the experimental probability and the theoretical probability of winning the games. The game I would is game C because the probability is 13%. I have learned that I learn quickly and that I am a fast worker when I put my mind to it. Next time I will only sit next to a friend that will not distract me and not distract anyone else. Read more

Weekly Reflection 25/1/2018

I did a lot of things this week and I was very busy. This week I learned about persuasive writing. I mainly worked on letters for my parents to convince them to get me things that I want. I also played Yahtzee. I think the connection between math and the game is that the game works on experimental probability and we might later in the unit check the theoretical probability. I learned in a presentation by someone called Jorden that sometimes you have to take action by yourself instead of just donating to charity. In the future, I will use this knowledge for math, exhibition and writing. Next week I will try to use this knowledge as much as I can.
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