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November 9, 2018


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Hi, I have made 3 goals for this year, these have taken me a long time 🙂

My first goal is to manage my time better, like planning out my schedule and being clear of what I’m supposed to do.  I usually like procrastinating and leaving my homework to the last minute. So to help me with that I have some steps of what I’m going to do.  first I will write down what I need to do every Monday, then I will check it off when I am done and lastly I will make sure I have done everything. I know I have achieved this goal when I am clear of what to do and my HW is descriptive.  

My second goal is to use more advanced words when I am writing something because I usually just use easy words so I would want to work on that. The first step I am going to do is find some words that I am interested in then I will find out about that word lastly I will use the words in my writing. I know I have achieved this goal when I have a variety of new words in my writing.

My last goal is to stop erasing everything when I don’t like it, the step for me is to maybe do a no erasing week. I know when I achieved this goal when I don’t erase a lot and instead I cross it out.  

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