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February 22, 2019

Ignite speech

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Hi guys, this week I made a speech about plastic pollution and how it’s bad for our environment. I really liked learning about my topic because it’s a big problem in HK. I was in a group with Veronica, Takdeer, and Nate.

I chose plastic pollution because it is a problem in HK that I want to raise awareness about. Plastic has toxic pollutants that damage the environment and cause land, water, and air pollution. It can take hundreds or even thousands of years for plastic to break down, so the damage to the environment is long-lasting.

My grows were that I need to work on speaking more fluently and not keep on looking at my screen, I think I need to work on that because I always look at my screen when I’m presenting so that makes my speech less powerful and I also need to speak more fluently because I’m always stuttering. I also need to work on adding a bit more statistics but not too much or It would be boring.

My glows are I have good information about my topic and I look like I’m confident (when I’m actually not)

this is my video link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-ZFnCidFaff1aPVSClcvxOx8VdHtGFGP/view

February 14, 2019

Probability Reflection

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January 25, 2019

Weekly reflecting – Jan 15

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This week I learned about theoretical probability and experimental probability. Experimental probability means probability based on an experiment written as a ratio comparing the number of times the event occurred to the number of trials. Theoretical probability means is the theory behind probability.

In the future, I will use this learning to help me make good choices and when I’m playing a game with my friends I can look at the probabilities of me winning.

Next week I will build on my knowledge of probabilities and things related. I liked learning about probability because we also played some really fun games like the game Yaztee, I like the game because I was in a group with fun people. The game was really fun and we kept on shouting BIG MONEY BIG MONEY. Anyways I enjoyed the game and learning about probability. I’m really excited about next week because theres the CNY fun fair and its really fun.

This week was ok somedays were really boring and some days weren’t, thank you for reading, have a great day!



January 16, 2019

Young Americans ❤️

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Hi guys, I am currently really sad because the young Americans aren’t teaching grade 6 anymore and we have gotten so close to them in 3 days, and we met them with a lot of energy and I really miss them. I am literally crying while writing this because I miss them so much.

I used to think that the program would be very boring and I wouldn’t want to participate in anything, because that’s what my sister said. On the first day we were all so confused on what we gonna do, but as soon as we came in the theatre the young Americans were so loud and bold, the whole grade just went up on the stage and we knew exactly what to do. We just danced and sang all together. I really missed that because of the strong bond we had with the young Americans in only three days. I have so much to write about so stay with me. After we got our blood pumping we did some activities straight away and by then we got to know everyone pretty well. All of them were really nice and supportive so that was a good start. (I’m flooding the whole room right now with my tears)

The second day was really fun because we came into the theatre knowing what to do, we were dancing and singing randomly and I really enjoyed that. On the second day, the solo’s were being chosen and I was kinda hoping I would get one because it’s kind of like a once in a lifetime opportunity so I was really excited. At lunch, I was just talking to my friends and then a young American can up to me and told me I got a singing solo. I was honestly really happy, my solo was from the song Come Alive in The Greatest Showman (A movie) The young American’s name was Christina and she helped me a lot with my solo and she was really nice. I practiced my solo all day and I was making sure I don’t forget the words. I miss her a lot 🙁

The last day was the saddest and funniest day I’ve ever experienced, we still practiced the dance and the singing a lot during school and since it was the last day some people were really sad. I stayed at school and played with my friends, we had pizza for dinner at school with most of grade 6. I miss them so much!!! The show was really scary because there was a lot of people and I was really nervous about my solo. The show was super fun and I wish I could relive those moments. I feel like I’ve definitely gotten closer to the young Americans in the past few days but I have also gotten closer to other students.

I am so sad I won’t ever see them in a very long time, I miss them so so so much and I hope to see them again 🙁


December 14, 2018

Weekly reflection

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This week went by a bit slow, I don’t know why though. Anyways This week was pretty fun because we got to choose what we were going to do in morning meeting.


I feel like the class community has a better connection with everyone because we got to choose what we were gonna do without Mr.Brodie telling us. We played some games together and we were all having a good time.


This week my use of words changed in my writing because I’m learning different and hard words like Threskiornithidae and Ciconiiformes, Threskiornithidae means a family of birds and Ciconiiformes means tropical fish-eating wading birds. At first, I didn’t know that it was even a word.😂

This week was ok fun!

Weekly reflection

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This week went by so quickly! Today is Friday and its almost Christmas, anyways not a lot happened this week. I only remember a few things that stood out to me this week which was our Christmas party planning and continuing our report writing. I’m really excited about our Christmas party because we are doing secret Santa and I really like that game because it’s really fun to guess who my secret Santa is. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because I love snow and going skiing. I’m a bit worried about my report writing because its due today and I hope my report is good. I’m writing about The Great Depression because I think it’s really interesting and I think this was a good topic for me to research on because I didn’t know a lot about it. This week was ok fun and I’m really exited for christmas.

December 3, 2018

Camp! (Outward Bound)

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Last week the whole grade 6 went camping for 4 days and 3 nights. Before camp, I was preparing a lot of stuff because I am extra. I was partly excited but I wasn’t really excited because I was used to going to camp. I was in the same group as my friends and same tents with my best friends, camp past by really quickly, however, Tthe bus ride was really long, some people were about to vomit I was too. When we arrived at the campsite Outward Bound we did a few games and had a little snack. After we did small activities like a small jump into the water. The water was really cold but it was still fun. The first night my group and I slept in the dorms. The dorms were a bit gross I would have rathered the tents because there was some dried up snot in my other friend’s dorm room. I was sleeping in a dorm with Ashley, Megan, and Azzy. I was glad I was in their dorm because Ashley and Megan are my best friends and Azzy is a really fun person! We only slept for 3-4 hours because we were staying up to play games and eat. In the morning I wasn’t that tired because I’m used to sleeping late. The second day we went canoeing, I thought canoeing would be really fun and it was! My friends and I almost tipped over the boat and while we were scared we were also laughing. When we went to the second camping place we started setting up the tents and cooking our dinner. Dinner was really good and yummy. Near our bedtime, my friends and I were scared so we were huddling up but It was still really fun because we love scary stories. My best friends and I were sleeping next to some girls and boys that were in our tent, we had a lot of fun because we all started to become better friends. We were all basically talking all night. The third day was also really fun because we got to do a lot of fun activities. It was the last night so I wanted to make the best of it. We almost pulled an all-nighter but we were hallucinating a bit. On the last day, I was really tired but camp was still really fun! This was one of my favorite campsites I’ve been to!

November 19, 2018


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November 16, 2018

Weekly reflection

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Hi guys, this week was really fun because my class went on a field trip. The reason we went to this field trip was so we could learn about how the migrant workers work and their living conditions, and of course have fun. In the field trip we did some simulating, so like we pretend to be workers and we had to screw stuff. That was one of my favorite parts of the field trip, my other favorite part was exploring the lost person’s room. The room was dark and a bit scary. I was the first to go in because I was holding the torch. It was really fun but the talking parts were really boring because they talked for a long time so I would suggest to talk less and do more activities. I think this was a really fun and good trip because

The second big takeaway from my week was doing the house spirit activities, I thought it was going to be really boring but it was really fun. I was really glad that we didn’t have to sit with only bears at lunch because I like sitting with my other house friends. I really liked the tug of war but I feel like it was unfair because the orca’s had a lot of people.

November 10, 2018

Weekly reflection

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Hi guys, this week was very fun! We started our new unit, which is about the economy. After we learned that we got to choose our own thing we wanted to research about but it has to relate to the economy. I chose to do the great depression, It was the worst depression in United States history. I worked on it with Jessica, Takdeer, and Calum. We chose the great depression because we thought it was interesting. We made a google doc to put our research. 

Another thing this week that I did was working on my exhibition, I’m honestly nervous about it but I am also excited. I’m doing a healthy living. I think this is a good topic for me because I eat a lot of junk food and sugar so I want to change that. Thank you for reading this post! Have a great day!!!     



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