Final G4 Post!!!

hi, guys, this is the last grade 4 post!so I I’m going to talk about what we did in grade 4 and what we did in grade 4.

So in the beginning of the year, we started morning meeting.  Morning meeting is when you say a greeting then say sharing and then we play a game then we say a the beginning of the year Ms.g host’s the morning meetings but after a few weeks ms.g let us host our own morning let’s talk about some of my favorite things in grade 4. The first thing is grade 4 camp for grade 4 camp we went to treasure island, pui o beach I was sharing a tent with Mia and Charlotte. The next thing I liked was commercials, my group for commercials was Charlie, Joshua, Charlotte, James Yen and me and we made a commercial about star wars ketchup.The best thing I liked in grade 4 is ms.G  because she is so nice and funny!

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