September 14, 2018 - James

Reflection Week 4 🍩

What made me think hard this week?

This week it was normal once you get used to the system in Grade 6. This week something that made me think hard was one of the activities in the math grid, it was Divisibility rules, you had to find the 3 digit number but they would only give you one number until you have the tactic it is hard. In PE we continued badminton, my group was with Ryder, Trevis, and Declan, our favorite game is the team rotation, currently, our group has the class and grade record of 45, the game is to hit it back and forth as a group but every time the person swaps. This week in PA we went even further into ukulele, now we can play some notes, we will have to sing a song on peace day so we just started that. The last thing for today was Ava’s birthday so we had donuts to celebrate, they were very good! At home my learning environment is sometimes quiet but usually is a bit loud, my workspace is clean and I don’t lose my work on any off-topic piles of work. Usually, when I work I feel very comfortable but I could use less tie off task and focus on my work more. 🍩


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