The Unexpected Disaster

Germy Bookwormy, Emma Bookwormy, Mr. Bookwormy and Mrs. Bookwormy were creating a plan in case there was a cyclonic storm.  They dug up an underground cellar with a strong trapdoor. They also made an emergency hurricane kit. In it was canned food, water, a flashlight and extra batteries, a first aid kit, blankets  and a battery powered radio. What they didn’t know was that there was a hurricane going on right then and they were in the eye of the storm.


“What’s going on !” shouted Germy. The wind was vigorously shaking the house, the fence around the house has fallen down. Outside the garden was a mess, the fence has squashed all the veggies and fruit they were planting and all the lemons were getting blown off the tree. He and Emma ran into the living room and saw Mrs. Bookwormy were hiding under a table.

“Hurry up and get under here kids !” shouted Mrs. Bookwormy. “Where’s daddy ?” Emma asked after they got under the sturdy table. “He went to find you guys, but since you guys popped up in front of me I’ll go get him.” A moment later Mrs. Bookwormy came back in but without Mr. Bookwormy. “Where’s daddy ?” Emma asked again, “I looked for him everywhere in the house but I can’t find him.

“Then he would probably be outside.” replied Emma “We should go find him !” “I’m not so sure about that.” “Yeah, winds in a hurricane like this can get really high, it even blew down the fence.” They all turned their heads towards the broken window. “But we should still go find daddy !” cried Emma. “Okay fine but only in the backyard.” Mrs. Bookwormy said.

They went into the blinding storm, none of them could see anything so they had to rely on their other senses to guide them. They walked around the back yard until they all felt like they were going to be blown away. Germy’s limbs were going numb and he felt his face being scratched and his skin being ripped apart by dead branches and bricks flying in their direction. Emma felt like she was going to faint but she kept on going for the sake of her dad.

Suddenly Emma heard the sound of someone falling. The fall was heavy, too heavy to be anyone of them, but it sounded like “ DADDY !!!!” Emma shouted. “Emma ? What are you doing here ? Are you alone ? Are you okay ?” Mr. Bookwormy sounded like he was having a heart attack. “ Don’t worry daddy, mommy and Germy are here too.”

“Wait a second, daddy stand up.” Germy ordered “What did you trip on ?” “Something like a cupboard handle.” replied Mr. Bookwormy. “Didn’t we make something with a cupboard handle yesterday ?” Emma asked. “Oh yeah ! It was … It was … It was …” “A hurricane shelter ! Okay, once I open the door get in as quick as you can so the wind doesn’t blow away the door” Mr. Bookwormy instructed.

“ One … two … THREE ! “ Everybody scramble in the shelter. First Emma and Germy, then Mrs. Bookwormy and finally Mr. Bookwormy and the door slammed shut. Mr. Bookwormy held the door shut while Mrs. Bookwormy bolted the door down.

“Phew ! Thank goodness none of us are hurt !” Mrs. Bookwormy exclaimed. They could hear the wind howling outside. “It’s pitch black ! Can someone light a candle please ?” ” I’m working on it.” They could hear Mr. Bookwormy stumbling and staggering to get to the emergency kit. “Ah hah ! I got it. Now I just have to figure out how to light this match. OOWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Ow ow ow ow ow ow!” A burst of light exploded in the room. “You should have just used the flashlight .” Germy commented “Hooray we can see now ! Thank you daddy” Emma squealed delightedly.

Mrs. Bookwormy took the match from him and lit the candle. She took out the blankets and wrapped Emma and Germy up. The blankets were made out of a heavy material so it trapped their heat very well. Germy didn’t realise how tired he was until right then. Slowly he started to fall asleep. Emma also started to drowse off.

Germy woke to the sound of splattering raindrops, the rain was falling hard but he could not hear and wind.  Beside the flickering light sat Mrs and Mr. Bookwormy listening to the radio. The radio said that the hurricane should be over in about 2 hours. Scientist say that hurricanes usually end with a heavy rainfall. “Mommy, do you believe that the hurricane is almost over ?” Germy piped up. “I do hope so.” replied Mrs. Bookwormy.


“Do you think it is safe to go outside now ?” asked Emma. Emma had woken up just about the time that the rain started to stop. “Can we go check” Germy begged “Please please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase?” “No you are not going out, I’m going to see but you stay inside.” They all watch while Mr. Bookwormy undid all the locks and bolts and finally he opened the door. “SUNSHINE & RAINBOWS !!” screamed Emma. “Hooray we can come out now !” everybody cheered.

They all got out and went to look at the damage of the house. There were only a few broken windows and a couple roof tiles broken down. Other than that the outside of the house looked fine. Mr. Bookwormy went into the house to check, incase there was any fallen debris. The inside of the house was perfectly fine other than some overturned tables and chairs. “Come in. “ Mr. Bookwormy hollered. “Everything is fine.” “Fine, Fine ! How is this fine ! All of my stuff is on the floor, my dresses and blouses and skirts . Ugh !” “Mummyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Germy groaned.


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