Land Biomes Mind Map

After 4B finish the mind map about ecosystems, we did a mind map about land biomes. There is less information in this mind map because I don’t know much about land biomes.

In the mind map I put different types of land biomes. Deserts are hot during the day and cold during the night. Rainforests have lots of rainfall and are humid and hot. Temperate forests grow Oak and Maple trees, the soil is very fertile. Grassland have hot and rainy seasons, but also have cold and dry seasons.The taiga has evergreen trees and rocky soil. The Artic Tundra has frozen soil so the only plants that can grow are lichen and moss.

I also put my own definition of biomes in, “A biome is the habitat of an interdependent chain of plants and animals. Factors of biomes can be temperature, rainfall and altitude.


One thought on “Land Biomes Mind Map

  • March 22, 2017 at 10:58 am

    I learnt a new word today! Biome.

    Ironic that HK has a rainforest biome…

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