Camp Reflection

Last week, the whole Grade 5 went to Tai Tam for camp. I was very excited for camp because I wanted to have a fun 3 day sleep over with my friend. We were going to sleep in tents for one night and dorms the other night, I didn’t want to sleep in dorms because I had never experienced it.


At camp I encountered some problems, for example being really hot when I was sleeping in the tents and being homesick. I ended up solving my problems because of trying new things and getting advice from my friends.I solved my sleeping problem by opening the net and the big cover of the tent and all the wind came in, there were also no flies coming in. I solved my homesick problem listening to my friends advice and to think that I am going home soon and if I have fun this day will be finished very quickly.


I learned that if I try I can solve or get over something, for example when I was home sick I really wanted to go home and I didn’t want to sleep at that camp any more, but when I fell asleep I knew I could go home soon. I also learned kayaking, it was really easy to learn . All you needed to know is how to paddle and how to get in, after you can start kayaking but you have to make sure that no water gets in or else you might sink. These two things are the most important things I learned because it was my first time kayaking and I learned a new way to get over homesick, which can help me if I get homesick again.


If I could change something in the camp, I would change how they made lunches that had to be put in our bags for 5 hours in the boiling sun. I think we could come back and make a fresh and refreshing lunch.


If I could go back in time and go back to grade 5 camp, I would want to think that Camp in only for 3 days and I will go home soon, because on the last night of camp I thought of that and went home in a very short time.


Camp was also a very happy experience because I made new friends, found a new way to get over home sick. I also enjoyed spending time with my friends.


Before the Mid term break, I had a 3 way learning conversation. 3 way learning conversations are about asking our parents to come in and set goals for me till January, when our parents come in and review our goals.  We show how much we progressed by writing down evidence every week. My goals are in  My Red Binder.

This is Me!

This year I am in grade 5. During the first few weeks of school, our class thought if we made posters that represented us people would know ua better. We also have activities that we did that relates to understanding and knowing more about other people.  I thought my poster told some parts that are important to me because  I put words, drawings and pictures about the things I care about.


I put pictures, drawings and text about my family, friends, Travel/camp and art On my poster. The reason I chose art the talk about because my sisters and me like to draw alot. I chose camp because I get to spend time with my friends.






Guest Speaker

Last Friday, There was a guest speaker that came to our school to talk about Natural Disasters he was called Graeme Still. The guest speaker used to be a police officer so that’s why he has been in a lot of dangerous disasters.  He was talking about three main things Typhoon, fire, floods, landslides.


The first thing he talked about was Typhoon. In Graeme Still’s days their was no television or phones to tell the world a important message at once. So they used signs, They had different meanings some meant a very dangerous Typhoon, not so bad Typhoon, etc…  . The signs are put on the top of some houses close to the ocean so boats can see, they are hanged up by a sting, but it won’t go up in till you pull the sting. For different levels of how strong the wind is they have to go to other houses to show the different levels of how strong the wind . Graeme Still had been on heavy typhoons like typhoon 10. One time the was a big typhoon and there was a taxi with elderly people in it, the taxi driver could not see the road properly because of the rain. Then the fell in to a big pool with lots of mud in it, so when the police came they only saw the light of the taxi. The police(Graeme Still and other police men) men had to go inside and take the passengers out, only the driver came out the passengers did not make it.


The second thing he talked about was Land Slides. Land slides is when a big part of a mountin or dirt falls and destroy the things below it. There was one Land slide that happened in Po Shan Road(HK), 1972. It happened at 7pm so nobody was prepared. When it happened it covered a 4 story house, knocked down lots of buildings, Now there are not much Land Slides because our drains are now better.


The last thing he talked about was about fires he told us two stories about him learning and helping to stop a fire. Once he was learning how to use a fire hose he flew straight back because he thought it was easy like how people do it in movies. Another movie was there was a fire in his building and he had to go out. Lastley he told us how dangouros fire was.


On that day I learned a lot more about natural disasters.


Learning Buddies spotlight

May 9th, Our learning Buddies and three other classes had a spotlight in the LLAC, It was about Puppets and nature. The spotlight was based on a story about a girl called Amrita and one day she was sitting by her favorite tree, then woodchoppers came and said “ we are going to cut down your trees.” When they arrived Amrita heard she quickly ran to the village and told her mom everything. When she finished taking Amrita’s mom spreaded the new to every women in the village and ran to the forest to stop the woodchoppers. When the got there they said “don’t cut our trees!”, but they rejected they said and chopped the trees down. When one of the wood choppers were going to chop down Amrita’s favorite tree she hugged it very tightly, so the woodchoppers would not cut it down. The wood choppers later stopped cutting the trees and went to there master. After a few days, the woodchoppers master came to award Amrita’s bravery and after that they had a fun Party with lots of wonderful singing.


What I liked about the Spotlight was that they chose a very interesting story and the background matched it a lot. I like how it was a combination of a roleplay and a puppet roleplay.  I like even though the microphones were not working you did not stop and used a big loud voice. You and the other classes were very committed and confident in the spotlight.

My Second Persuasive writing piece

I believe that we should stop Ivory Trading, because if we keep doing this there will be less elephants and people who wish to see elephants will be disappointed because they are all extinct. Elephants help us do lots of stuff like clearing the landscape and they help spread seeds. Ivory is not only in elephants it is also in other animals like hippopotamuses and some whales. So we should not only stop taking Ivory from elephants, We have to stop  killing all animals for Ivory.

For my first reason Elephants help clear and shape  the landscape by making roads, they make the roads by using their big foots to swipe all the tree out.  Elephants made paths for us to, without elephants we wouldn’t have a way to get cross jungles, forest and many other things.Elephants also break down other plants that we can’t get through . Elephants are very important to lots of animals because elephants are a big part of the food chain.

Secondly, Elephants shape the landscape and make more space for seeds and plants to grow. For example, since elephants always walk through the forest and make big path they carry seeds from the ground and bring them somewhere else to grow. They find the seeds left on the floor in the elephant dung, so they take them to different places. When elephants do this they make grasslands. In grasslands there are not much trees because the elephants knock them down, there are lots of grass there because the elephants spread the seeds. With grasslands it will be easier for animals to live, so we should not think that elephants don’t help make our land.

Thirdly, I believe that without elephants the food chain will change. For example, there won’t be much pathways for us and animals to walk on.  During  the dry season elephants use their tusk to dig up water for animals to live, with elephants gone more animals will go extinct with them(no water). The reason there is so much grass in the grasslands is that the elephants leave a dung full of seeds  for new bushes to grow. I Believe that elephants can do a lot of things that will help the world.

In conclusion, I believe that we should not kill elephants for Ivory. Every day, every 15 minutes one elephants is killed, soon there will not even be any Ivory in the world again if there is no ivory. So i believe that We should not kill elephants for Ivory.

PA Reflection

In our new unit in PA, we learned about elements of dance, light paintings,etc….  Our teacher put us in groups in the start of the unit, because we were going to make a light painting and a dance. A light painting is a dance, but when you dance it there will be lights on your shirt(anywhere on body) and then there is a app and when you take a picture on that app there will be a painting of what shape you did. We also learned about the elements of dance, The elements of dance is Body, Action, Energy, Space, Time.


On the first day and some of the other days of making the dance we first did choreography, we had to draw and explain the dance on a storyboard and the moves had to be patterns. When we planned the dance, it was hard to agree on one move because some of us did not like it. It was also hard to make up the moves because we had to think of some that other groups did not do. We communicated a lot when we were making the dance. On the other days we practiced.


To Reflect we had a lot of disagreeing, but we still cooperated and communicated. Next time I think our group should be more cooperative and we should agree more on what we have.


My coding reflection for scratch

Last week, a computer teacher(technology teacher) came into our class to teach us about scratch. Scratch is a website for creating codings and learning how to code.


On that day we had to do a challenge, that challenge was to make a tessellation. The teacher taught us to use move __ steps, turn right/left  in ___degrees, pen up/down, colour pen.On Tuesday we also did scratch, but we had to cover the whole page with tessellations.


To reflect I successfully made a tessellation and I did not expected this shape to come out, the shape was not what I expected but it still was a nice shape. The most challenging part of the task was trying to make it because I had to try a lot of times to find a number  make a tessellation. I learned how to cover the whole page with tessellations,learned to use new blocks to code with(turn right/left ___ degrees, move__steps, etc). I had really fun coding and learning new things.