Weekly Reflection 10

The 10th week of school just ended. This week we learned more about economics, even better we got to research about a past event of our choice. During this week I inquired about interesting topics that I am looking forward to learn more about.


Some things that I thought were really interesting was The Wall Street Crash of 1929. I chose The Wall Street Crash as my past event I’m going to research about. This is sort of a project for the economic world forum.(We worked in partners) While my and my partner was researching about this topic I builded a better understanding of Stocks and economics. Here is my work:


Questions we had to answer are, What happened during this event? How is it related to economics? What caused this event? What lessons can you learn? After answering all these questions we learned that the Wall Street Crash of 1929 caused the Great depression. The event happened because there was a stock crash. A stock is when you sell a very small percentage of your company. The more money the company makes the more expensive the stock is. Normally if you want your share, it would cost a lot of money. A stock crash is when supply and demand go out of hand. It happens when a bunch of people sell their stocks(mostly in very low prices), instead of buying them. In this event it occurred because many people and companies sold their stocks at very low prices. To be accurate, 16 million shares were sold in very low prices. I am looking forward into finishing this project.

Overall,  I learned many incredible things about the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Some questions I still have are, did the citizens of New York protest? How long did it last? I hope by next week I’ll be moving to the next step of the project/challenge.


Weekly Reflection 9

9 weeks into school already! This week we tuned into our new unit about economic historians. I already learned a lot about it. During this week I learned about new things and it lead me to some questions.


This unit is all about being and learning about economic historians. When I was doing my home learning, I learned about Adam Smith. Adam Smith is sort of know as the father of economics now. He wrote the book called, The Wealth of Nations. He believed that wealth came from labour. He had three strategies to help economies grow. The first strategy is to let people follow their own interest and goals. The second one is the division of labour, you can create more goods by separating work into simpler roles. The last one is free trade, when the governments don’t actively interact of international trade, everyone benefits. Some questions I have are, where was he born, and what inspired him to be what he is known as now?


We were also introduced to a challenge. From the text clues I think this challenge is about saving poverty. I still wonder why students are doing this challenge instead of teachers, adults and the World Economic Forum? While analysing the challenge, I learned new words. Some words I found interesting are, World economic forum and Global Factors. Overall, I already learned so much about economics.


This week was really interesting. After this week I look forward to learning more about economic historians and the challenge. This also makes me wonder what I will learn next week.


Unit Reflection

After seven weeks of hard work, our class finally finished our first unit about scientific inquiry. I learned a lot since the first week of school. Before that I was clueless of what matter, scientific inquiry and explanatory writing was. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned over the past weeks. I can’t wait till our next unit.


The main things we focused on in this unit is matter, experiments and explanatory writing. Before the end of the unit, the only knowledge I had about matter was: solid, liquid and gas are forms of matter. Now I know that matter is somethings that has mass, or can take up space. Solids, liquids and gases are all forms of matter(there is more, for example plazma). Before the unit, all I knew about experiments was that it was used to test things. Now I know scientific word that scientist use in their write up. For example, solute, solvent, diffuse, molecules, etc. All I knew about explanatory writing before the unit was it was a type of writing. After the unit I not only learned what explanatory writing was( explanatory writing is when your writing includes no you, we, us, our and only has facts for explaining a specific topic) but also learned how to write it. Overall, those are the main things my class focused over the past few weeks.


Throughout the unit, I learned some new words that I found interesting. I learned about what molecules are. Molecules are atoms bonded together. They make up everything including matter. Another is solute and solvent. Solute is the component in a solution dissolved in a solvent. Solvent is a solution able to dissolve the other substances. For example, the solvent is boiling water and the solute is the sugar. I wonder what new words I will learn in the next unit.


Things that I found challenging was the unit experiment. I found this challenging because my group and I chose a hard topic to research about. Our topic was borax crystals and our question was, how does the solution affect the making of the crystals. We found it challenging to find information about our question. At the end we had to synthesis with our information.


Altogether, I had lots of fun learning about science. I hope the next unit will be fun and interesting too.


我的中文學習做得好的地方是舉手回答問題,例如上課的時候我會舉手。 我需要多讀一點中文書,因為我覺得我要多學一點字。 今年我的學習目標是多讀一點中文書,多說一點普通話。為了做到這些目標,我要我的家人幫助我。

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Weekly Reflection 6

It’s been 6 weeks since the start of school! This week was really compelling, we learned and started new things. We spent the week learning more about science and our passions. After this weeks ventures in learning, I am really looking forward to many things.


What I really liked about this week was the experiments. This week we started our unit summative, and we get to chose our own product to show how much we learned this unit. I chose to do an experiment with my classmates. We decided that our experiment would be based on borax crystals. Our question is, how does the solution(borax powder and boiling water) affect the making of the crystals. In this experiment we are going to use detergent and contact lens solution with baking powder to substitute the borax powder and water. We will do the same procedure as the borax water one, but switch the borax powder with the substitutes, we’ll see which solution will create a crystal. Hypothesise : We think that the laundry detergent will replace the borax powder the best. We think this way because the detergent we are going to use contains a lot of liquid starch. Liquid starch is a really good replacement for the borax solution. We don’t think contact lens solution will work because it doesn’t contain as much borax(boric acid). There is a slight chance for contact solution and baking powder to work, because it acts like borax powder and boiling water. I am really looking forward what are results are going to be.


After starting my experiment, I have some wonders. My first wonder is, how do you know when your solution is supersaturated? I wonder about this because our first try making the borax crystal didn’t really meet our expectation. We were expecting it to be thick with a lot of crystals, but we ended up with just a few. We later understood that our solution wasn’t super saturated. When we tried putting more borax powder, it didn’t melt completely. So how do you know if it’s super saturated or not? Another question is,How does borax affect crystallization? I am also looking forward to knowing the answers of my questions.


Overall, I am looking forward to learning new things next week so I can use them in my experiment explanation. I am also looking forward to seeing my results of my experiment.

Weekly Reflection #4

It’s been a month since the first day of school, time flies when you are having fun. This month was very exciting and interesting, especially this week. This week was astonishing! We spent the week we inquiring into scientific inquiry and more into our unit. This week I had a lot of new experiences, some of them were unexpected and some were really interesting. Every week is different, before monday I thought week 3 was the best week. But after the 4th week ended, I now think that this week was better than all the other ones.


The thing that was unexpected this week was the Stanley cup and the Keeper coming to CDNIS. On Wednesday, we went to the theater to see the keeper of the cup, Phil Pritchard. He placed the shiny polished big long cup on the stage. Without notice he also brang 2001 hockey champion. The player is called Alex Troughay. Alex Troughay talked about what his team did with the cup when they won it. The keeper also talked about what he does with the cup. It was spellbinding! When the period was done and we were leaving, some people got to touch the cup, sadly I didn’t. But I am glad that I at least saw the cup. 


The thing that I thought was interesting was the experiments. This week we did two experiments, but I liked the first experiment better even though it was just observing. We watched the teacher make a almond brittle, we took notes. After the experiment  we got to eat it. It was delicious! I thought this was interesting because we got to learn how to make almond brittle, we also thought of some question. One of my questions that I am really interested in is, how the mixture of butter, sugar and salt become brown? Overall, this week’s experiments made me want to do more. I hope there will be more experiments next week. I am also really looking forward to using my knowledge from the experiment to make almond brittle over the weekends.


In conclusion, I thought this week was really exciting and unexpected. After my experience this week I am willing to use my new knowledge in my life inside and outside of school.


Weekly Reflection #3

Another week of school just ended. This week we mostly concentrated on own it. Own it is when the teachers let you plan your day, but with a limited amount of choices. Therefore, by the end of the week you should be finished with all the tasks. (you also have to put your time limit and your end result.)For instance, this week our teacher gave us the choices of doing math tasks #2, passion product, reading analysis and classroom design. I think that this week was more interesting and challenging then the last one, every week gets harder and harder.


What I thought was interesting this week is the own it and classroom design. Classroom design is when we redesign the classroom in the groups that you were put in. Every group had a different job. For example, class library and material organization. I was put in material organization. In my group we decided to put all the new or unused materials in the closet. Yet, the cabinet didn’t have much levels to put the materials in. So we had to make new ones with the given materials. Me and my partner have not done this before, so we had to study the ones that were already made. Once we understood how to make it, we experimented the different heights. We went through some trial and error. At the end we created 3 levels enough for the stationary. Trial and error is really important when you are trying something new, it helps you reflect on what you did wrong or what what you can do next time. Like walking up and down a staircase, you start in the middle where you know the basics. When you make a mistake you go one step down. When you realize and fix the mistake you will go higher and higher, until you reach your goal.


There was one activity in own it that I really enjoyed. It was not only fun, but also interesting at the same time. The activity is Passion product. In this project you have to make a product related to your passion and personality. I did the homeless, because it represents my empathy for others. I worked with my friend, we had an idea for making food for the homeless but it didn’t work out. So we researched a little more and then we thought of making a tiny short chapter of a book about Hong Kong’s homeless. We chose this because it could make the readers care about the homeless. ( Again, trial and error is included.) On Friday, we shared our projects. One of the projects that I really liked, was the horse riding one. I like this one because it shows how much knowledge the classmate had in horse riding. They also showed their improvements since they started.


What I thought was challenging was a activity from math tasks #2. I thought this was challenging because the instructions were not very clear. But I eventually finished it. I used more time than I expected.


In conclusion, I believe that this week was fun, interesting and challenging. After this weeks experience, I am willing to see what will happen next week.

My Weekly Reflection #2

Today is the last day of the second week of school, this week we started doing work. But we still did some getting to know you games. This week I learned a lot of new things, some of them were challenging some of them were not. All of them were fun, but I like the math tasks and Shi-Shi-Etko the best. I like the math tasks because I learned new facts. One of the things I learned is that there is no such thing as a math person, they are good at math just because they practice it a lot. Your brain is like the ocean, if you don’t do back and practice or remember that memory. It will wash away like the sea shells on the beach. The wave is like a garbage man, it takes away the memories that are not remembered(the unremembered memories is like the trash bin). The memories that are reviewed often are at the start of the beach, were everything is warm and dry. The wave can also make memories, it takes the new memories from the bottom of the ocean and bring them to the surface, the more it gets used the higher it gets.


The next activity I liked is Shi-Shi-Etko. This is a picture book about a girls called Shi-Shi-Etko who spends her last days with her family before she leaves to boarding school. The reason I like this book is because it is unique, it has a variety of analogies and description. I can imagine, what she is hearing and feel. Every page in the book then turns into a movie in my head. I can hear the leaves rustling in the trees, I can hear the water splashing back and forth. I can imagine the voices of the characters, going in to my ears. I can feel the tadpoles between my toes, swimming around with it’s friends. I can feel the strong wind blowing across my face and to my hair. I feel the soft fabric from the memory bag between my fingers. I can feel the hard uneven tree branches on my tip of my finger. I can feel the excitement and fast heartbeat moving up and down when Shi-Shi-Etko saw her family. I can imagine her sad expression when she had to leave.   


The thing that I thought was challenging is the math pre-assessment. I thought this was hard because it was complicated. It was harder than I expected. I didn’t finish it on time I ended up using 10 or 20 minutes longer. But I finished it .


Overall, I think that this week was much more interesting than last week. I hope next week I can learn more. I also hope we read another book just like Shi-Shi-Etko, descriptive and interesting. I also hope I can learn more facts in class. Now I will try my best to review my work often.

My Weekly Reflection #1

The first week of G6 has just ended, we did a lot of fun and interesting activities. This week was all about getting to know each other, we played games and activities to help us get to know each other. I enjoyed all of the games, but I liked the decoration project the best. I like this activity the best because we had to work in a group to figure out what decorations we could put in the classroom. This project had to include a way to help the class get to know each other better, in my group we thought of a vacation wall and a birthday wall. On the birthday wall there will be everyone’s birthday on it. On the vacation wall students will bring a picture of you on your last vacation. This can help us get to know each other because if other people have the same birthday as you or if you went to the same place as someone over the vacation, it could start a conversation? This can also help get more information about your classmates.


In this week I also went through some challenges, what I thought was challenging was the murder mystery. In this game you had to work in a random group and find out who the murderer is using the clues that you have to solve. I thought this was challenging, because it was hard to figure out the clues. For example clue 4, there are no so hints just letters in a 4 straight line, so we had to look in every direction to find out the answer. This game helped us learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses in problem solving. This can help us in the future if we ever work in the same group again. Then we  will know what they are good and not good at. At the end we sort of finished it. When we told the teacher our answer, Jerry is the murderer. It was wrong. After we realised our mistake, it was because we didn’t say the the last name. This game also taught me that little mistakes can be a big problem.


Need to know:

-I need to know when we are going to continue the decoration project because I could prepare the materials to bring to school

Excited about:

-I am excited about exhibition because I am really looking forward to doing projects and doing research with my group.

– I am also excited about putting up all the decorations up in the classroom. I wonder what it will look like?

-I am also excited about the projects because I enjoy making the posters and doing research.


Worried about:

-I am worried about camp because my G5 experience wasn’t so good. So I hope it doesn’t end up on the same path.



-Maybe if we have time, we could upgrade our class chant

-We could discuss what our door would look like(6Decoys)