What I did on Christmas day

During the christmas break, me and my family went to Phuket, Thailand. We stayed there for 7 days and each day we did a different fun thing. I think the funnest thing I did on the trip was on christmas because it was not only christmas but also my little sisters birthday.  On christmas day we did lots of stuff, we went zip lining and horse riding.


When I first woke I went with my bigger sister to my little sisters room to say happy birthday, then we went out to have a nice family breakfast in the cafe the coffee club. After that we went to a shop that’s for tourist, we went there so we could find a place we could got to after zip lining and we decided to go horse riding, then we went straight to zip lining , we were in the white team, the teams were for the instructor to know what team he/she is. The place we were zip lining was called the flying Hanuman. We had an hour of zip lining in the jungle with my family. There was not only just regular zip lining but we could go straight down a tree with a rope attached to my gear. After zip lining we got some gifts from the instructor, he gave us a bandana and enough t-shirts for each person in my family. Then we said goodbye to our instructor and headed to horse riding.


When we went to the horse riding place we went on the horses and went to the beach with our instructors. We went a lap around the beach and it took 1 hour, we saw children with their families playing at the beach. Then we went to a place with beautiful flowers and a lot of wheat.  After that one hour was finished we headed back to the hotel to watch a movie we bought them went to sleep.

Asbury field trip

On November 24th, 5D went to Asbury for a field trip. Asbury is a service centre that helps and supports people that live in Subdivided house. 5D took action and helped and did a mission. The mission was to buy fruits, eggs, toilet rolls and vegetables. Then we went to a subdivided home to give the food we bought to them.

1What are the most important furniture for you? (Name three items)

__I think the three most important furniture for me is fridge, cupboards, sofa. I choose the fridge because that’s what stores the food that need to be frozen. I choose cupboards because it makes it easy for us to find things instead of everything lost and on the floor. I also choose choose the sofa because it is a place where you can relax with your family.


  1. What are the most important electrical appliances for you? (Name

three items)

____I think the Air-con, the stove and the lights. I think the lights are 3 important because they guide us when it is dark. I also think the stove and the Air-con are important because When it’s the Summer and it is really hot you can close the window and use the air-con. The stove is important because it cooks your food.  

3.Is it available to place all the above items in subdivided unit?

__No, because normally subdivided rooms are too small and squishy but I think you can fit an air-con lights and a few cupboards.


  1. Imagine that if you live in the subdivided unit, how to make use of the

space to place those kinds of items? What is your tradeoff?___I would put the beds and the beds in the space that is gives more space for the other furniture. I wouldn’t have space for a room for the kitchen but I would have space for the toilet and the kitchen in one room.


  1. What are the differences between your home and the subdivided unit?

____The difference With my house and the subdivided house is that my house is bigger and there are more than 2 rooms. The kitchen and the toilet are not in one room.


  1. How do you feel about this visiting experience?

_____I feel that I want to take action for the people that live in the subdivided homes because they live in such small places for a big family.

     7.What would you do to serve our community to be a better place?

_____Don’t be unfair to these people and give them their own home.


昨天, 我有一個口頭評估。我們要準備四個問題,評估那天老師會告訴我們一個問題,我們要回答,老師會錄影。我們要說45秒。準備評估時,我先寫了我的卡片。那個卡片上我寫了字,這樣幫我多說一點。 評估時我只是說了10秒鐘。我覺得我做得好,因為我用了課文的詞語, 但是下次我要多說一點。

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Pokfulam Village

Yesterday, 5D and 5E went to Pokfulam village, Pokfulam village has been here for 400 years. In the village there was still lots of people living there, even children. There was a school, Markets, Restaurants and lots of other convenient shops.


I saw lots of plants and flower patches, after I saw how much nature they planted I think they are doing this because they want to keep the village healthy and green. Their houses are made out of thin metal.   

Camp Reflection

Last week, the whole Grade 5 went to Tai Tam for camp. I was very excited for camp because I wanted to have a fun 3 day sleep over with my friend. We were going to sleep in tents for one night and dorms the other night, I didn’t want to sleep in dorms because I had never experienced it.


At camp I encountered some problems, for example being really hot when I was sleeping in the tents and being homesick. I ended up solving my problems because of trying new things and getting advice from my friends.I solved my sleeping problem by opening the net and the big cover of the tent and all the wind came in, there were also no flies coming in. I solved my homesick problem listening to my friends advice and to think that I am going home soon and if I have fun this day will be finished very quickly.


I learned that if I try I can solve or get over something, for example when I was home sick I really wanted to go home and I didn’t want to sleep at that camp any more, but when I fell asleep I knew I could go home soon. I also learned kayaking, it was really easy to learn . All you needed to know is how to paddle and how to get in, after you can start kayaking but you have to make sure that no water gets in or else you might sink. These two things are the most important things I learned because it was my first time kayaking and I learned a new way to get over homesick, which can help me if I get homesick again.


If I could change something in the camp, I would change how they made lunches that had to be put in our bags for 5 hours in the boiling sun. I think we could come back and make a fresh and refreshing lunch.


If I could go back in time and go back to grade 5 camp, I would want to think that Camp in only for 3 days and I will go home soon, because on the last night of camp I thought of that and went home in a very short time.


Camp was also a very happy experience because I made new friends, found a new way to get over home sick. I also enjoyed spending time with my friends.


Before the Mid term break, I had a 3 way learning conversation. 3 way learning conversations are about asking our parents to come in and set goals for me till January, when our parents come in and review our goals.  We show how much we progressed by writing down evidence every week. My goals are in  My Red Binder.

This is Me!

This year I am in grade 5. During the first few weeks of school, our class thought if we made posters that represented us people would know ua better. We also have activities that we did that relates to understanding and knowing more about other people.  I thought my poster told some parts that are important to me because  I put words, drawings and pictures about the things I care about.


I put pictures, drawings and text about my family, friends, Travel/camp and art On my poster. The reason I chose art the talk about because my sisters and me like to draw alot. I chose camp because I get to spend time with my friends.






Guest Speaker

Last Friday, There was a guest speaker that came to our school to talk about Natural Disasters he was called Graeme Still. The guest speaker used to be a police officer so that’s why he has been in a lot of dangerous disasters.  He was talking about three main things Typhoon, fire, floods, landslides.


The first thing he talked about was Typhoon. In Graeme Still’s days their was no television or phones to tell the world a important message at once. So they used signs, They had different meanings some meant a very dangerous Typhoon, not so bad Typhoon, etc…  . The signs are put on the top of some houses close to the ocean so boats can see, they are hanged up by a sting, but it won’t go up in till you pull the sting. For different levels of how strong the wind is they have to go to other houses to show the different levels of how strong the wind . Graeme Still had been on heavy typhoons like typhoon 10. One time the was a big typhoon and there was a taxi with elderly people in it, the taxi driver could not see the road properly because of the rain. Then the fell in to a big pool with lots of mud in it, so when the police came they only saw the light of the taxi. The police(Graeme Still and other police men) men had to go inside and take the passengers out, only the driver came out the passengers did not make it.


The second thing he talked about was Land Slides. Land slides is when a big part of a mountin or dirt falls and destroy the things below it. There was one Land slide that happened in Po Shan Road(HK), 1972. It happened at 7pm so nobody was prepared. When it happened it covered a 4 story house, knocked down lots of buildings, Now there are not much Land Slides because our drains are now better.


The last thing he talked about was about fires he told us two stories about him learning and helping to stop a fire. Once he was learning how to use a fire hose he flew straight back because he thought it was easy like how people do it in movies. Another movie was there was a fire in his building and he had to go out. Lastley he told us how dangouros fire was.


On that day I learned a lot more about natural disasters.