My interesting week…..😴

Today is Friday and when I was in Chinese I had to think very hard because I had a Chinese test and I was all like”AHHHHHH IM GONNA DIE!!”But I hope I got some correct at least.The reason I kept going on because I thought it would help me a lot the next time and it did.On Wednesday, math and classroom design.On Thursday which is yesterday we had PE after Recess.


In the fashion show, they walk back and forth like a machine.Our theme was an angel with wings.Ashely was our model for the fashion show.It was very fun and we did it for fun.There was a lot of people in the fashion walk.There was even some funny, hideous, and even cool ones.


My Holiday

My holiday was terrific because I went to my cousin’s house and played a lot of video games. They taught me how to play it and get better.Then we went to eat food with them and celebrate. But there were no fireworks because of the bus crash that killed 19 people.  We all went to each other’s houses to celebrate. The flu also shut down the schools.It was sad but at least I got to visit family members.I got a lot of Li ci for Chinese new year.


SPLAT is about poems.They chose Mr.Roberts and he farted but it was just a sound effect. They are so enthusiastic and they were super funny. They picked some people out to act. They are very active.They Have a lot of props.They made it very clear and funny. They were very confident and happy.

Amnesty Guest Speaker

Today, we had a guest speaker come to our a school in the library pit.She is in a worldwide group in Amnesty.


Amnesty started in 1961 and won the Nobel peace prize in 1977. They are trying to stop child abuse and tell people that children, adults,   transgender, asexual, bisexual, gay people, and lesbian people.

There was an old lady with mental issues and killed her husband  Amnesty told people to send emails and letters to the government to stop the lady’s death sentence and the government agreed to stop the lady’s death sentence but she was still in jail for her whole life but better than death I suppose.



grade 5 camp

Grade 5 camp was pretty exciting but didn’t really like the tents it was so hot that I didn’t sleep all night. I like the dorms because it was pretty cool. Every group did kayaking it was so fun I was in a group with Daniel. For tent mates, I was with Calvin. We did bouldering it was one of the most fun. My whole camp group was Brendon, Elsa, Reah, Calvin, Anica, Sarah, and me. I think the food wasn’t that good.I mostly liked kayaking and the star challenge or whatever the name is. Pier diving maybe was one of the most fun things I did in camp.I love the game intruder.