What did i try hard this week

Hey you awesome readers! I am back to tell you about the 3rd week of crazy grade 6. This week was fun and tiring, but it was still better than last week: or is it?! Monday to Thursday was amazing: I had fun and nothing was happening. After school on Thursday I got ill. When I got home my cold was fine, but when I started to do homework, I didn’t feel like myself. I was lazy and I didn’t want to move, and I am never like that i am a energetic person. So i just took a nap. Next morning, yay it’s friday and that mean it the weekend, i quickly hopped out of bed. Once i got out of bed

My stomach started to hurt it wasn’t that bad though.

 Anyways i know i said this week was better but really it was kinda the same just a tiny bit better. Math was challenging and fun at the same time.. Monday was fine, Thursday was fine, Wednesday was fine, Thursday was the day the the trouble happened. My friend was sikc thne she passe it on to my other friend than my other friend passed it onto my BFF and she passed it on to me. Today is fridaY and this morning i had the worst stomach ache ever it hurt when i walked or talked or even stand up straight. I ended up going to the nurse, the nurse gave me peppermint water, after drinking it felt the same tho do the nurse gave a heat water bag. She told me to keep it for the whole day so i did, i felt so much better.

   I really hoppe next week will be amazing


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