5 days in Ms B’s Classroom

This week was really fun. We learned about the states of matter and we continued working on the classroom project!

When we learned about the states of matter, first we learned about what matter is. At first, I knew that everything was made of matter, and there were only 3 states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. Then, Ms. B taught us that there were many states of matter other than solid, liquid and gas. The next main state of matter was plasma. We did some research on what matter is, then we were split up into four groups: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. I was put into the plasma group. My group did lots of research, and I think everyone worked really hard. Then, we had to write down what we learned on a sheet of paper. I could improve on explaining things better, because I wasted some time trying to think of a way to explain how plasma was made. Next time, if I can’t do something, I will ask instead of wasting time.

The classroom project was really fun! I am in the Maker Space group, and my group has to try and design the maker space. We got a lot of things done, like measuring the tables, selecting a shelf for Ms. B and sending an e-mail to Mr. William for the shelf. However, for a while, we didn’t know what to do, so next time I think we should assign roles to each person so we know what to do right off the bat, and we won’t waste time standing around thinking about what we should do.

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