I think that we did well on the toy, but it did need a few improvements. Our boat had a motor on the back, a battery case on the front and water bottles to make it float. I tested it inside the bathtub, but the propeller kept hitting the walls and I forgot to add the rudder, so the boat went in circles. We worked together quite well and everyone did something, which I really liked.

For the probability game, I think it was a bit too hard for my buddy, but the process of making it went well. The only problem I had was trying to think of easy probability questions, and writing down the instructions.

For the passion project, me and Daniel did well, and DL put on some videos to help us get some inspiration. Ours was the Rube Goldberg Machine. We worked together really well, and I think that the passion project was the best thing I’ve done.


一:我的名字是林子堯。      二:我的生日是四月十五日。      三:我很喜欢做运动,游泳,打篮球,滑雪和打跆拳道。      四:我喜欢读书。      五:我在加拿大国际学校上学。      六:我是五年级。      七:我有很多朋友。      八:我是十岁。      九:我最喜欢的颜色是橙色。      十:我搬了家三次。



We did science! We had 4 science lessons and the first one was about static electricity. During the first class, Ms Christie, the upper school science teacher, taught us about how friction causes static electricity and that the air needs to be dry for it to happen. The class were told to rub balloons on our head which creates friction, then when we lift the balloon up, our hair follows the balloon because of static electricity. The second class was about “Magic Paper”. We had different material rods: Plastic(delrin), acrylic(perspex), glass and ebonite. We had to rub the rods onto different materials: Fur, felt, cotton and silk. Then, we had to see how many pieces of paper inside a container we could stick on the rod. We had to record the results and found out that the plastic with fur created sparks and when I tried to stick the paper on, they exploded up! I got 9 pieces! It was the same for the acrylic and felt, except that it got 10 pieces.

Electrical boat

We started to make our electrical boat! To make it, we put water bottles underneath it to make it float, and we are going to use the motor I found inside my toy and a battery case I got from the 12th floor “Hive”. Daniel made the body of the boat, Shiv and DL searched for new ideas and I found a way to connect the battery to the motor. Then, we tested it (without the motor) inside a bucket filled with water and it worked! It floated really well.


In the WWAPT unit, I did my presentation on the Trojan war and Greek empire. The Trojan war was basically about Greeks vs Trojans, and in the end, the Greeks built a giant wooden horse with soldiers inside to trick Troy into thinking it was a gift. Then, the Greek soldiers climbed out, and they destroyed Troy from within. After we did the presentations, Mr Roberts told us to pick one of the scientific discoveries that were made in that period of time, and we had to make a model and a presentation about it, because we were going to show them to 5C. I picked the catapult. When 5C came, a few kids came to my presentation, but unfortunately my audience were playing with my catapult model a lot. It was really good!


Last Friday, we did our SLLRs! SLLR stands for Student Led Learning Review. We had to show our parents some of the things that we did at school. Before the SLLR, Mr Roberts gave us a google doc to help us. We had to write what we wanted to show our parents and how we should present them. It really helped because I forgot some of the things I was going to show my little brother, my mom and my dad. During the SLLR, I showed my family the Passion Project, math, my literacy narrative writing, PE and my inquiry presentations. My mom and my brother wanted to read my literacy writing, but it took a long time to read it because it was really long and my mom had to wait for my brother. After they finished, they said it was good. My dad saw my presentations and he said everything was good, except for a few things I needed to correct. It was better than I thought.

VR time!

On Tuesday, we did VR! There was this app called Google Expeditions that lets us go on virtual trips anywhere. We could even go to the sun! We split up into groups and chose what we wanted to explore. My group chose 20,000 leagues under the sea. We went to the inside of a submarine, the mythical city of Atlantis and even in the middle of a battle with a giant squid! It was really fun.