VR time!

On Tuesday, we did VR! There was this app called Google Expeditions that lets us go on virtual trips anywhere. We could even go to the sun! We split up into groups and chose what we wanted to explore. My group chose 20,000 leagues under the sea. We went to the inside of a submarine, the mythical city of Atlantis and even in the middle of a battle with a giant squid! It was really fun.

Touring group show

Yesterday, we watched a show called Wong’s shop of curiosities. It was about a girl who had to write a report on a significant Chinese person. Then, she found the shop of curiosities. The people there taught her about Chinese history and what happened in the past. The show was really funny and we learned a lot of interesting facts too! We learned about there was this guy that was at sea for 133 days! The show was very entertaining.

Fashion show!

Today was the fashion show! It was really cool! There were lots of different kinds of clothes that were presented by the models! The clothes that my group made looked quite good. There were even Mbots following some of the models. The ticket money was donated to Kids4Kids. The founder of Kids4Kids came to give a speech. The whole show was really good!


Today, we learned about patterns. The first pattern is an abcb pattern because it has a white diamond (a), square (b), red diamond (c) and a square (b) because the squares are the same. The second one is an abab pattern because it has a diamond(a) and a hexagon (b). The third one is an abc pattern because it has a triangle (a), a square (b) and a trapezoid (c).

Design thinking process for the A.I.R fashion show

We wanted to make clothes for the fashion show for the A.I.R Yes Talent. I was in a group with DL, Calvin, Ashley and Audrey. For the design thinking process, we didn’t really do the empathise stage and the define stage, so we skipped straight to the ideate stage. Ideate: we came up with a few ideas. The first one was house of cards. We planned to make a newspaper dress with cards on it. Suddenly, somehow some of our group members changed it to angel. Now, we were making a dress with wings on it. Me, DL and Calvin did the wings and Ashley and Audrey were making the dress. Prototype: We managed to finish making the wings and make the design for the dress. After Ashley and Audrey finished making sure the dress fits, and after Calvin finished painting the wings, it was time to go, and Ashley and Audrey glued the wings to the dress with the hot glue gun. Test: We will test it when we have the fashion walk. Making it was really fun!

Splat and artist in residence

Today, we did the artist in residence (or A.I.R) program. The A.I.R was a group of people called Yes Talent. They make fashion clothes and they taught us all about things like drawing the plan for the clothes people wear and the different types that we could make. We had to make different types of fashion clothes in our groups and there would be this fashion show after we finish making them. We also went to this performance called Splat, which had three people performing different poems and sometimes, they invited kids up to perform too. Then, we made our own poems. I made one with DL, and we also got some help from Mr. Roberts. When I read my poem to the class, it was really fun!

TwoPresents groups

For TwoPresents, my group’s charity was Kids4Kids. The people in my group were: me, Calum, Victoria and Sarah. The project we worked on was a activity book/invitation card with activities like a sudoku, a crossword and a word search. We worked really well together and made our projects good. We did have a few problems like the sudoku was too hard for us to figure out the answers, the word search needed the answers and we scanned it onto the computer upside down, but it was still really good.

5E assembly

Last Friday, we had the 5E assembly! At first, our idea was to make it about the STP unit and christmas, so that’s what we did. We split up into different groups for the skits and the group I was in was about child soldiers. We came up with a script but it turned out to be inappropriate so we changed it to an interview about the different issues around the world. We only had two or three days when we changed it to LGBTQ, but then the script was really confusing so we fixed it and it got better. All of us remembered our lines but we could still work on knowing when to say them but it went well.