TwoPresents groups

For TwoPresents, my group’s charity was Kids4Kids. The people in my group were: me, Calum, Victoria and Sarah. The project we worked on was a activity book/invitation card with activities like a sudoku, a crossword and a word search. We worked really well together and made our projects good. We did have a few problems like the sudoku was too hard for us to figure out the answers, the word search needed the answers and we scanned it onto the computer upside down, but it was still really good.

5E assembly

Last Friday, we had the 5E assembly! At first, our idea was to make it about the STP unit and christmas, so that’s what we did. We split up into different groups for the skits and the group I was in was about child soldiers. We came up with a script but it turned out to be inappropriate so we changed it to an interview about the different issues around the world. We only had two or three days when we changed it to LGBTQ, but then the script was really confusing so we fixed it and it got better. All of us remembered our lines but we could still work on knowing when to say them but it went well.

Field trip to the Asbury Social Service centre

We went to the Asbury Social Service centre today! Asbury is for helping the people in subdivided homes if they have any problems. During our field trip, we got a quiz on how much we knew about subdivided homes. Then, there was a guest speaker who lives in a subdivided home called Francis Ho who told us about what it was like to live in one. He was also interviewed by BBC before. After that we went to meet a family that is living in a subdivided house but before that, we bought resources for them. We got lots of fruits and vegetables and lots of toilet paper. When we got to their home, it was bigger then I thought. The people living in it was a mom and her child, and they said they lived in it for 2 years. They answered our questions and told us all about what it was like living in it. When we went back down, we played in the playground on the exercise machines. This field trip was quite fun.

Amnesty reflection

Today, an organisation called Amnesty came to our school. Amnesty is an organisation that is fighting for human rights all around the world and they made a video about all of the problems that is going on in the world.They have been established in 1961 and won the nobel peace prize in 1977! They showed a cycle that they use to take action. They said that the cycle was influence, campaign, research, publicise, mobilise and pressure/lobby. Sometimes they go to a place to communicate with the staff in a big meeting to organise the actions they are taking. The way they take action is they spread awareness about the problems that people don’t know about and they also organise things like the umbrella movement.

Decimals assessment reflection

We had a math assessment! This time, there were questions where we had to find the perimeter, use a limited amount of numbers to make as many decimals as we can, converting decimals into fractions and more. It was better than the last one because this time, I actually looked at the questions before I started solving the questions so I knew how to do it and I didn’t miss things. I think I actually did it too carefully, because I only had a few minutes left for me to do the last question and I kind of rushed it. The hardest question for me was the second last one. I spent a long time figuring it out, but I think I got it right. The math assessment was actually quite fun. Next time, I think I can spend a bit less time on each question so I won’t be so rushed on the last one.

Pok Fu Lam village

part of the village


the fire dragon
Hay silo


silver dragon head(top of the village)

On Wednesday, we went to the Pok Fu Lam village for a field trip! The village was really big and all of the houses were so close to each other, it was like a maze that we had to go through to find all of the cool things that we could see. Each of the groups found different things. Some groups including my group found the fire dragon, another group found the silver dragon head spouting water (my group couldn’t really get there because we didn’t have enough time), some found the bogong shrine, lots of groups found the hay silo (including my group) and all of us saw the dairy farm quarters. The field trip was quite fun!


Reflection of the refugee clubs presentation

Today, we listened to a presentation about 3 of the groups that helps refugees in Hong Kong! The three organisations we listened are RESPECT, Cooking for a cause and Free to Run. The first one we listened to was RESPECT. They explained why they help a lot of refugees and how they do it. The RESPECT club helps give refugees education, support, pays for the refugee’s transport, has stationery and sanitary items drive and they have tutoring sessions. The next one was Cooking for a cause. They told us about what they do to help and also how they work with Christian Action. Christian Action is this company that provides over 600 families with basic needs. Cooking for a cause prepares, cooks and serves food to lots of refugees. They try to make the food which is familiar to the refugees, like the food from their countries and they also do bake sales to raise money. The last one we listened to was Free to Run. Free to run encourages refugees to do sports to keep them healthy, make them feel better and gives them something to do. The programs are hiking to heal, track training, swimming, the kids program and study and mentorship program. The programs that they do help refugees sleep better, improve energy levels, more self-esteem, less headaches, less sleeping and antidepression pills taken and better health. I think they have done well in helping those refugees out there in Hong Kong.

G5 camp!

We had the grade 5 camp! It was kind of fun but unfortunately, lots of kids were homesick but it was still okay. It was at the Tai Tam scout centre and it was on October 11-13 2017, which was 3 days 2 nights at camp (Pro tip: the dorms are way better than tents because they have AC and beds. Always choose dorms). In the tents I slept for four hours and in the dorms I slept for nine hours (see the difference? The dorms were comfortable and also bug-free). There will be more on that later. My tent mate was Daniel, my dorm mates were me, Darren L, Daniel, Calvin, Richard, Julian, Ryan B and someone else that I forgot. My camp group was me, Daniel, Darren L, Calvin, Sarah, Rhea, Elsa, Sierra, Li Wen and Anika.

On the first day, we did some basic activities and games and I found out that we couldn’t set up our tents like last year. When I was going back to my group, a brick partly sticking out from the ground made me trip and I got a bruise, a few small scrapes and a medium-bad scrape. Me, Darren L and Daniel washed it off and tried our best to clean it which was hard, considering the limited supplies we had. They also gave me bandages for my worse scrapes, which was nice of them. After Daniel and Darren L put some medicine and I stuck their bandages on, we played a few games. Then, we had lunch. Lunch was some food wrapped up in a piece of dough. We could choose what we wanted to eat. That afternoon, we learned how to use compasses, read and create maps and start a fire. After that, we moved into our tents and took showers. The showers had hot water so everyone was happy about that. Dinner was chicken and vegetables rice. The chicken was kind of salty though. At night in the tents, I only slept for 4 hours because it was really hot, the ground was a bit uneven and I got woken up at exactly 1:00 am by someone who made clicking noises with their shoes and that person started shouting. There was also a mosquito in our tent so me and Daniel had to try to get it out of there. (I woke up with mosquito bites all over my body, including my back, arms, legs, ears and face. Maybe it got trapped in my sleeping bag. Who knows?)

starship enterprise
raft racing
pier jumping

On the second

Raft building

day, Darren Y (not Darren L) helped us get the mosquito out of our tent which was good. Then we ate breakfast which was cornflakes and oatmeal squares. After breakfast, my camp group did raft building and raft racing with another group. We won! Then, we jumped off the pier! That was the best thing I did in camp, by far. It was really fun. After raft racing and pier jumping, we went kayaking. Most of it was really boring because we kept going a bit close to the rocks instead of moving into open water, (there was a lot of it out there but I still don’t get why our space was close to the rocks) so while the other group was paddling, we were holding on to each other’s kayaks not doing anything. When we went rock climbing, we had to get to the end of the wall instead of to the top, but I managed to do it. Then, we had lunch. After lunch we played this game called Starship Enterprise. We had to try to create the exact same structure as the one behind a lifejacket so we couldn’t see it. We could only send one person at a time to go take a look at it then report to the group. We had spaghetti bolognese for dinner but instead of spaghetti, we had the pasta which kind of looks like a spiral. When we moved into the dorms, me and my dorm mates were really excited because the dorms had beds, tables and chairs which was good. I slept really well.


For the last day of camp, we did this thing called the star challenge. Each group was split into two, A and B but we were still in a team, and we will add up all of the points that the groups A and B got.We were supposed to go around doing different activities and if we complete them, we will get at least one point but there is a chance that we can get bonus points.

Overall, camp was okay, but I think next time, we should have barbecue and s’mores like last year and for the kayaking, we could go further out so there are less rocks and more water. We could also be able to choose between tents or dorms or both.







Geometry test

Before I started, I only knew some of the main about different types of shapes, triangles and angles. I also didn’t know how to measure angles with a protractor until Mr. Roberts taught me and the class how. After I knew how to do it, it was a bit easier but I forgot to read the question carefully for one of the problems and I missed a part of it. One of the questions said draw a polygon with exactly 2 right angles, so I just drew a irregular pentagon. The hardest question that I did was the one where we had to construct a triangle according to the information we got. I supposedly got it correct but Mr. Roberts asked me to add the labels but I didn’t know what the labels were. I think they are the letters for each side( side A, side B, side AB, etc.) I think I did okay, but next time I could have read the question more carefully instead of skimming through it.

International library day

Today, we had international library day, where we had to go to different stations in the 10th floor library to get stamps each station, and each station was about a different country. This year, we had cool things at the stations like musical instruments and even Rubik’s cubes. Some of the musical instruments were really weird! It was really good, but I think that the next time we have international library day, we could have more time to be at the stations collecting stamps and learning about different countries, because we only had 20 minutes to do it. Even though we had a short time in the library, it was still really fun.