5 days in Ms B’s Classroom

This week was really fun. We learned about the states of matter and we continued working on the classroom project!

When we learned about the states of matter, first we learned about what matter is. At first, I knew that everything was made of matter, and there were only 3 states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. Then, Ms. B taught us that there were many states of matter other than solid, liquid and gas. The next main state of matter was plasma. We did some research on what matter is, then we were split up into four groups: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. I was put into the plasma group. My group did lots of research, and I think everyone worked really hard. Then, we had to write down what we learned on a sheet of paper. I could improve on explaining things better, because I wasted some time trying to think of a way to explain how plasma was made. Next time, if I can’t do something, I will ask instead of wasting time.

The classroom project was really fun! I am in the Maker Space group, and my group has to try and design the maker space. We got a lot of things done, like measuring the tables, selecting a shelf for Ms. B and sending an e-mail to Mr. William for the shelf. However, for a while, we didn’t know what to do, so next time I think we should assign roles to each person so we know what to do right off the bat, and we won’t waste time standing around thinking about what we should do.

My interesting week in 6A at CDNIS

This week was interesting because we had home learning and we learned lots of things about language.

For the HL, we had to pick 2 activities from a grid of nine activities. The ones I picked were home learning success and learning space. It was okay for me because I was really focused and I think I did well on it. I tried my best on it, and when I finished it, I still had time to do my Chinese homework. Since I finished it on Wednesday, I will try to manage my time better and finish it earlier in the week.

When we did language, it was really fun because we worked really well and we learned a lot of things. I think that this week was really good, but we have to work on not interrupting the teacher.



Home Learning Success and Learning Space Reflection

I think that the home learning went really well, and I tried to put a lot of effort into it. I think it was good because I was really focused and I wasn’t distracted by anything, which doesn’t happen often. I tried to do it the best I could, but I wasn’t sure if I did it to the best of my abilities, so I checked it over and over again to see if I could add more detail, and it worked. I think I did well and I am satisfied with my work.

Home Learning Success and Learning Space

Home Learning Success:

I think I will do 2 activities each week so I can spread the work out evenly and so I can manage my time better. I will just do the Chinese homework on Monday because I have to do an extra private lesson for swimming, so I don’t have much time. On Tuesday, since there’s no Chinese, I will just do the home learning unless I have some other things I need to do, like extra Chinese homework. If so, I will see if I have time to do the HL, but I will do it if I can. My goals for the home learning would be to finish it before Thursday, do a good job and only finish it if I’m satisfied with my work.

Learning Space:

My home learning environment is inside my dad’s room. It is quiet, organised, nice and bright and it has no distractions. I feel very comfortable and calm when I do my home learning, and it really helps me focus on my work, which is good, because I get distracted easily. My room is full of books and toys, and I get distracted a lot, so I try to do my homework in my dad’s room. In my dad’s room, there is also a desktop computer, and it makes it easy to do work and research. I think that it is the best it can be, and it is the best place I can do my work in.

2nd Week of G6!

This week was really busy. We did lots of things, like our math tasks, working on reflections and doing the classroom design project.

For our Math tasks, everything was alright for me except for the test. The test was the hardest task, but I managed to get through it, even though it took a long time. I had to do a lot of equations, writing and logical thinking, but I think I did okay on it.

When we worked on our reflections, first we got split up into groups and we shared with each other about what was challenging about writing a reflection. Then, the whole class did a Google Sheet and we typed out different sentence starters so we can write better reflections, and we also chose tools to help us with our writing. It was hard to choose because there were so many good tools, but then I picked the thinking hats. It really helped because there were many different elements to it.

The classroom design challenge went really well! We finished the model of the Maker Space on Tinkercad, so all we have to do now was find the materials on the internet. We collaborated well, and we completed a lot.


First Week G6 Reflection

I think that this week went really well. We learned a lot about each other and the new kids, and we did lots of fun team building activities like the murder mystery. We got lots of work done too! Me and a few other kids organized a games session. We also came up with a maker space, but we’re still working on it.


      It took awhile, but we came up with our class name! We had to decide on lots of names like 6A Avocados, Assassins, Avalanches, Angry Asparagus and so on, but in the class survey we decided on 6A Avocados. Then, we had to decide on what avocados we are, but we stuck to just Avocados.


      We had a few bad things about this week, which were the fact that we were interrupting the teacher a lot, and we were really noisy, so I hope that next week we improve.


      Even though we had a few bad things that happened, I think that this week is a great start to the year.



I think that we did well on the toy, but it did need a few improvements. Our boat had a motor on the back, a battery case on the front and water bottles to make it float. I tested it inside the bathtub, but the propeller kept hitting the walls and I forgot to add the rudder, so the boat went in circles. We worked together quite well and everyone did something, which I really liked.

For the probability game, I think it was a bit too hard for my buddy, but the process of making it went well. The only problem I had was trying to think of easy probability questions, and writing down the instructions.

For the passion project, me and Daniel did well, and DL put on some videos to help us get some inspiration. Ours was the Rube Goldberg Machine. We worked together really well, and I think that the passion project was the best thing I’ve done.


一:我的名字是林子堯。      二:我的生日是四月十五日。      三:我很喜欢做运动,游泳,打篮球,滑雪和打跆拳道。      四:我喜欢读书。      五:我在加拿大国际学校上学。      六:我是五年级。      七:我有很多朋友。      八:我是十岁。      九:我最喜欢的颜色是橙色。      十:我搬了家三次。