Hello world,

Today I am going to talk about the three goals and some other things, like what I’m grateful about.

So, I’m grateful for all my friends helping me on things I missed out on when I was sick last to last Friday. I really enjoyed the water we eat slideshow Ms.Brown showed us because I think it is a really cool way to display information. I found the SLLR prep challenging because I was not there when we started it so I did not know how to do it at first.

Goal time!

1. Personal goal

I want to try and have some time to just relax and go out into the balcony for at least an hour this week.

2. Learning goal

I want to try and go on Khan academy for 45 minutes this week.

3. Relationship goal

I want to try and spend at least one hour with my older sister this week.

Refections on Camp goals

Hey readers,

All the grade 4’s went on camp! We went to Pui O beach and campsite. We went on March 29 and we stayed for two nights and three days. Everyone had a camp group with 15 kids, a teacher(Miss R), and awesome counselor(Chin Chin). We did everything!I mean it.


  1. I am very proud of getting in the water and just going for everything without hesitating, except the bokashi and washing dishes.
  2. I really enjoyed the twilight activities.
  3. Before, Everyone had made one goal they wanted to work on in camp. Mine was: Be a risk taker and be very open minded. I think I did do pretty well on both, but there were some things I could work on.
  4. could improve on: Being a little nicer after I was all sandy and wet and sticky. It was kinda gross. Though it was very FUN!
  5. I’m very grateful for the opportunity in actually being handed the responsibility of camping for more than one night.


Also, We had barbecueScreen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.25.45 AM!

Three Goals/ goals setting

This week we learned about three important goals that everybody should have. My goals were

1. learning goal: Get confident in volume by going on Khan Academy and Mathletics 3 days a week.
2. personal goal: To go biking everyday.
3. relationship goal:To spend more time with my family.

I would change the ” biking everyday” to biking 5 times a week because I realized I didn’t have enough time. My goals for this week are:

1. learning goal: Get confident in volume by going on Khan Academy and Mathletics 3 days a week.I could also go on mathletics with my Mom or older sister we could do the problems together.
2. personal goal: To go biking 5 times a week.Not for like 2 minutes in my parking space but actually going for half an hour or more up and down the road.
3. relationship goal:To spend more time with my family.I could spend more time with my family with going out with them to get groceries and just generally going on walks with them and having some ” family time”.


Plastic Free Seas Workshop

Hello my awesome Readers,

Today I’m going to talk about the Plastic Free Seas workshop. We were exploring microbeads, those are actually bits of tiny, tiny plastic. We did an experiment to get some of those from different products to measure the size and quantity. There were 5 people in my group: Kamila, Maya, Me, Desmond and Darren Yau. First they presented a quick slideshow about the pro’s and con’s about microbeads, there weren’t any pro’s to be honest. Then we went in our group and chose a product. hen we pored out 10mg of the product out. Finally, we washed out all the soap from the bag and dried it up. It revealed clean and non-soapy microbeads. We found some plankton and figured out that plankton would be able to eat that perfectly( like it’s the right size and things). I thing that microbeads are a huge problem. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before, companies sure can hide stuff! i am super happy hat plastic free seas has convinced a few major companies to stop using microbeads. Three cheers for Plastic Free Seas!

Now I have one question:

Do you scrub your face with plastic?

Perimeter packets

Hey guys,

Today I will be talking about the perimeter packs we were given. Sounds boring right. Actually, this packet has been my favorite so far. We learned about calculating perimeter in triangles and we also learned about calculating perimeter ourselves without any help, like measuring with rulers and all that stuff.

We did it because we wanted too practice perimeter independently so we could go at our own pace. Sometimes we learn as a group, sometimes we learn by ourselves.

We each got handed a  book which was about ten pages. We got three periods to complete it because it was a part of our math centers. Our math centers are six activities that we had to complete. The were always related to the math concept we were learning, so that means we are currently learning about perimeter.

I learned about calculating the perimeter for triangles. I didn’t know that triangles had a perimeter before! I also got a clearer understanding of what perimeter is. I think this was a fun way to learn about perimeter because you can do this with friends or you can do this yourself.

I think now I can try to use perimeter to help my mom when she’s getting new furniture, to see where it might fit and where it won’t. I think perimeter is a fun form of math.Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 1.10.05 PM


This, by the way, is about a squirrel stealing a chocolate bar, an alive one. THIS IS NOT FINISHED!!!

There I was, an innocent chocolate bar, sitting on a shelf full of my chocolate bar friends. Thinking about the things we dreaded most, sqonsters! If you were wondering sqonsters are the combonation of squirrels and monsters. They looked flully and cute, but they were gigantic and they ate us up. My best friend was eaten by a sqonster. It was terrible, and I never saw my beloved friend again.

Wait! What’s that noise, thump-thump-thump “it’s just the shopkeeper” I said to myself. It  was getting louder and louder but I couldn’t see it! Oh no! It was the sqonster! Yikes! Oh, I forgot to mention, we, chocolate bars have awesome ears, we can hear things miles away. LIke we can even hear little bird footsteps, and their chirps are like super loud bells. CLANG-CLANG. Oh, sorry, I got carried away.

Poster competition

Are class was doing an activity where we got in groups and chose a thing to advertise. We only had three periods to complete the rough draft and the actual poster. My group were advertising a book sale that would raise money for the S.P.C.A. We had to answer two questions, and I am going to answer them right now for you guys!!

1.Who was your target audience?

Families, Kids and people who are lonely.

2.What persuasive techniques did you use to influence your audience?

We made sure we put a lot of information about then S.P.C.A. we put a mixture of sad facts and Fun facts to have a variety of different ways we could sort out different pieces of information.

We thought people would not feel sad because we had a lot of light and funny facts. We were right because no one felt sad. Our poster was effective because now people will hopefully donate money.

This was a very fun group activity and I hope we do it again.


Height Jump investigation

Hey readers,

Yesterday our class did a jumping investigation. We called it the height Jump investigation. There were 5 people in my group. We had to jump and we saw who jumped the furthest. We also had to measure their height too.  We also had to make a hypothesis, my hypothesis was the strongest person would jump the furthest and I was right. We had to use addition and division to figure out the average. we had to add up all the scores and then we had to divide them by 3 because we each jumped 3 times. There were 5 people in our group. We did it because we wanted to learn what impacted the distance we jumped. I learned that the strongest person who had the most experience in sports and in jumping.Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.30.19 AMScreen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.32.36 AM


Things I am excited about!!!!

readers, today I will be talking about one thing that I am excited about. Convienently, the holidays are just in a week. For the holidays my family and I are going to India! We go to India every December break and it’s so much fun. We get to see all of our Cousins, Aunts and Uncles…and don’t forget our Grandparents.

Since we don’t get to celebrate Christmas in HK we just celebrate it there. Though we all exchange presents as soon as we get there, we still stay up untill Christmas eve and laugh about completely unrelated things.

I think everyone has to look forward to something as to know that they have something to look forward to. It could be about spending time with friends, baking treats and much more.