Classroom Design Challenge~Sep 10-Sep 14

Hello Readers,

The 4th week has passed really quickly and it has been so exciting. This week one of the highlights was putting up the 6avocados poster on the door.  I was super excited about this because not only have we been waiting to put our sign up for a few weeks but it also gives our class an identity. Making our class poster is part of our classroom design challenge. I think that having a classroom design challenge is very effective and useful because at the start of the year the classroom is normally looking very boring so it encourages us to make our classroom look nice and be creative. We all have a different job to do whether we are searching online for better furniture, retrieving something to decorate our class or making a schedule for morning meetings.

All of the examples above need responsibility and cooperation. In grade 5 we did not think of doing anything like a classroom design challenge so I am happy to be doing it this year. We have not finished the classroom design challenge yet, however, we got a lot of it out of the way.

So far so good.

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