Chinese Culture Centre Beam Design 弘汉轩横梁设计

你好,我是 Asrya。这是我的弘汉轩横梁设计。我用了红色,金色,蓝色,一点黑色和一点白色。我也用绿色和粉红色。我画了阴阳的图案。红色和金色代表吉利和好运气。阴阳代表中庸。中国人重视平衡的生活,“中庸”带来和平,好运气,好的关系和幸福的生活。

Hello, I am Asrya. This is my Chinese Culture Beam Design. In my Beam Design I used red, gold, blue, a little black and a little white. I also used green and pink. I used the pattern Yin and Yang, because Yin and Yang represents balance. The colours Red and gold represent luck and good fortune. Chinese people value balanced life, good luck, good relationships and happy life. That’s why I choose those colours and symbols/animals. Thanks you for reading and I hope you like my Beam Design. BYE!!!!

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