Hello guys, for today we learned about patterns and what makes a pattern. Repetition is one of the key elements for making patterns. There are different types of patterns, like a growing pattern, AB pattern, ABA pattern, ABC pattern and more, some patterns are harder to understand than others.

In class Mr. Roberts showed us some patterns and we gotta make some patterns too. Patterns are fun to make and I hope you make some too. BYE!   

My pattern: 

Fashion Show

Hello guys, is everyone enjoying there CNY break, I know I am, wait a second only Lower School doesn’t have school because the government shut down all Lower School because of flew and other sickness. Upper school still has school though. Anyways Grade 5 was ment to have our Fashion Show on February 9th but not anymore, don’t worry it’s postpone. My goal here today is to explain how my group prepared for the Fashion Show and what we actually did. Hope you enjoy!


On Tuesday we went to the innovation lab, we saw 2 women and Ms. T. They taught us some tricks to help us design and we did some challenges and taught us how to draw you design with a human. 

We picked our groups and choice a monacan. My group has Oliver, Sarah, Shiv, Takdeer and me. We got our materials, our material was bubble wrap and we started designing we shaped and cut out the pieces of the bubbles wrap we didn’t want and pined the pieces we did want and organised it on the monacan, after we picked o ur model, we had a vote and I was the new model. Since I’m short and small and skinny they had to measure me and make sure the clothing can fit me. 

We drew out some designs and picked the best one and our theme was AIR, we had a cape, a hat, body armour, gloves, clouds, shine pads and some wavy lines. Everything was going great until I couldn’t come to the fashion show because I had the Cross Country Championships, so we had to pick another model, we picked Sarah cause she’s a girl, Im a girl and out of everyone in my group she was the  closes person to my size, after some help with Ms. T and making a new hat and loosening everything because she’s taller and bigger, it fit her and she looked good but it turns out the Cross Country Championships were cancelled and that was for nothing but oh well, hope you get an experience like this and BYE!


Hey guys, today we had a math lesson about proportions. A proportion is 2 ratios that are equivalent or equal. For a ratio to be equivalent it has to have the same value and unit, pair of equivalent ratios. An a equivalent fraction is that the top is half of bottom. We did an assignment, I did how many trapezoids fit in a bigger trapezoid. 

Camp Reflection!

Camp Reflection


Hello it has been a hard tired fun boring week for grade 5 because we went to CAMP! I know what you’re thinking fun awesome, well got to break the news it was pretty boring and the facilitators were pretty strict, I barely got sleep. The first night groups 1-6 slept in dorms, the second night we slept in tents. In the dorms I had no sleep because I was having so much fun. I was with Ashley, Audrey, Megan, Victoria, Jessica, Elizabeth, Alexa and me. We only slept for 3-4 hours, I kept asking to play uno, Ashley said I was Tarzan because I was jumping everywhere. Tents weren’t as fun as dorms but they still were fun, I only had 3 hour of sleep in tents. I was with Elizabeth, sadly started crying a little, I tried to cheer her up but she was too sad, luckily she’s better know. I kept talking in tents because Elizabeth tried to sing it’s every day bro but she just said: It’s E……. then a crow interrupted her and started chirping. Nother time Elizabeth started shaking me and I thought it was a earthquake but she just wanted to go to the toilet.


I used to think camp was like grade 4 camp now I think it’s much more grown up because we have no Barbecue and when someone is sad they don’t cheer them up, I was cheering up people. Much more hardcore. I was in group six and we had Ms. Laura and we were called Evil Snickerdoodles. I feel like I could’ve done a better job of listening and not interrupting, Its just I’m so excited of saying my opinion and some of the times I wasn’t listening because there were bees and I’m terrified of bees. But the camp leaders were pretty mean and strict they shouted sit down and I didn’t want to because there were bees and I don’t like bees so they made me sit under the boiling hot sun. MEAN! At least we got bandanas. Everyone was wearing them. We could use them as a wrist band, pirate hat, terrorist mask, headband, bandana, etc.


I give camp a 3-4 out of 10 because of dorms and water activities, they were my favorite parts, also Thursday night we played a game called Intruder, it’s where there’s a guy in the middle of the circle and people try to walk in the circle to get items, here’s the catch you have to be as quiet as you can because if the guy in the middle here’s a sound he’s going to shine his flashlight there and you’re out! Anyways camp wasn’t the best, more like the worst but I had a little fun and kind of naughty. I hope grade 6 camp is good. GOOD BYE!

Save a Jellyfish!

Hi guys,

On the holiday I went on a junk for Charlie’s birthday. It was really fun. Joshua West, Charlie (other charlie), Kuvene, Jame Yen, Tristen (charlie’s brother), Rider, Tasha and me were invited. We went Banana Boating. I was on the boat with Charlie and Rider. We went really fast. We went really fast on the turns and we also went really fast going straight. What I mean is that we went so fast forwards, I started jumping in the air. The first time we fell off was when the driver went really fast on a sharp turn and we fling off the boat. My pants swing off, but luckily I found them. Besides from Banana Boating we also went swimming. It was Awesome773143_L1!

It was a great birthday but there were bad things. I don’t actually like jellyfish but it still isn’t nice to put plastic on them. When We came back we saw jellyfish tangled in plastic and wrappers.I saw Baby Jellyfish tangled and dying slowly. It was sad. Also when we were going there we saw plastic in the sea. Poor seas and Jellyfish. I wanted to help the Dying Jellyfish,      Jellyfish-slideshow-07


Hey Guys, Today at school we had to code, We use a website called SCRATCH! I had to code my name, but instead I coded my Nickname: AZZY! It was too hard to code Z, Z, Y, so I just coded A! It was hard but with skill and good looks I did it. The blocks I used was Pen down, turn in direction 90, Move 10 steps, turn 90 degrees forward,turn 90 degrees backward. I didn’t get it in the beginning, but I used my own way and without Ms. Fung’s help, I DID IT! The biggest challenge was how much did I have to turn the degrees, but I did it! I didn’t have to copy the letter twice because I only coded one letter. The other letters were written by me, by the drawing category. will explain more next week! BYE! 

PA Reflection!

Hey guys,

Today I will talk about PA. Which stands for Performing Arts. Recently at Performing Arts, we have been talking about Light Paintings. Light Paintings is a photographic technique which is made by moving your hand left and right to make a Photographic picture made out of light and movements.  

We talked about the Elements Of Dance. There are 5 different types of Elements Of Dance, Body, Action, Energy, Space, Time. We did activities, such as pick a sport and turn it into a dance with your group. Oh, I almost forgot my group has, Zamaria and Ivan. Okay back to the picture everyday activities can turn into a dance. I picked football and Zamaria picked running and Ivan picked Basketball. So we cooperated together to use those movements of those sports to make a funny dance. 

First, we made a storyboard. A storyboard is basically a bunch of boxes and in those box’s, we have to draw what to do and below the boxes, we have to explain what to do. I move my arms in a wave and my legs curve into an X. Zamaria moves her leg up and down, while she flaps her arms like a bird. Ivan Spins his arms in big circles. And that’s just the beginning.  This is what I want the end picture to look like.

This is my picture: Photo on 8-5-2017 at 7.59 PM


I really like my group. I feel like me, Ivan and Zamaria can cooperate really well because we can all collaborate our ideas into one big idea, we can combine our ideas into one big idea. I feel like we struggled in the beginning because we were getting used to working together, but in the end, we cooperated really well and had similar ideas, and collaborated really well. 

Tomorrow we will perform our light painting and see what happens. BYE! I am Groot! I like Cheese and onions! 


Hey guys, I have just have the most exciting week of my grade 4 life. I went to camp! It was a GREAT experience! But…… to be honest I wished I had different people in my tent, but hats fine. I still had a great time. I really found out who I am. I made loads of friends, especially with the instructors. Anyways, even though I wasn’t really friends with most of the kids in my group, I still cooperated and became sort of friends with them. Did you know my group instructor was only 5. Your curious aren’t you, well he’s born in a leap year, but he has been living on this world for 20 years.Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.03.47 PM I learned to work better, especially with different people know, I mean my group didn’t really have any of my friends, so I guess I learned to work better with different people. I love Camp! BYE!

Mariana Trench

Hey people, it’s Azzy again and today were going to be talking about my Week In Review. Ill mostly be talking about my UOI. Because it was a lot of fun and it was really hard because of all the Research me and Taber had to do. Thats right Taber’s in my group. And for the UOI me and Taber had to research about the Marian Trench. We got a lot of information from the websites. We had to have 4 sub headings, All about the Mariana Trench, The problem, why do we care, Action- how can we help. Those are our sub headings. By Friday we started writing. Taber did All about the Mariana Trench, I did Whats the Problem, Taber also did Why Do We Care, I was also going to write Action- What can we do.  I mean we havent finished writing yet but it looks good. Well I’ll update you next week, for know I hope you have a good weekend! BYE! Ps my buuddy had his assembly on Friday! Hope you should know. BYE AGAIN!