Mariana Trench

Hey people, it’s Azzy again and today were going to be talking about my Week In Review. Ill mostly be talking about my UOI. Because it was a lot of fun and it was really hard because of all the Research me and Taber had to do. Thats right Taber’s in my group. And for the UOI me and Taber had to research about the Marian Trench. We got a lot of information from the websites. We had to have 4 sub headings, All about the Mariana Trench, The problem, why do we care, Action- how can we help. Those are our sub headings. By Friday we started writing. Taber did All about the Mariana Trench, I did Whats the Problem, Taber also did Why Do We Care, I was also going to write Action- What can we do.  I mean we havent finished writing yet but it looks good. Well I’ll update you next week, for know I hope you have a good weekend! BYE! Ps my buuddy had his assembly on Friday! Hope you should know. BYE AGAIN!

Micro Beads

Hi People again it’s Azzy again and today were going to be talking about Micro Beads. Did you know micro beads are in face scrubs. it was shocking when I found out. Well on Tuesday me and a couple people from my class went to see how these face scrubs had Micro Beads. It was really interesting! People from The Plastic Free Seas Community came to explain how face scrubs have Micro Beads. They said Sasa and Gatsby products have Micro Beads in them but luckily The Plastic Free Seas people convinced Sasa  to stop putting Micro Beads in there products but it will take a while to get rid of all of the Micro Beads in all there products. After she talked about all of the products and bla bla bla.

Then we got to do a experiment. First my group picked a product, then we had poor the products soap out of the bottle into a bag until it said 10 grams. After we had to wash out all of the soap until we had no more bubbles. Then we had to use the blow dryer until it was all dry. Then we got Micro Beads. After we put it in a glass container. Then we compared my groups micro Beads to others and a plankton. My groups Micro bead was gold and White and Then it was PA! Good Bye!

Week in Review

hello guys,

Today we have been doing a lot of UOI for the week. For example camera angles and making your own commercial.Making your own commercial was my favourite part of the week. I was in a group with Keith, Lachlan and Sophie. The commercial was about moustaches, plus moustaches was the product we were selling. Me and Keith were the 2 actors. Lachlan was the camera man and Sophie was the assistant.

The story line was Im walking without a moustache and Keith stabs me with a light saver, than he says If You Want To Live Wear A Moustache and that is our Slogan! Then another guy with a moustache (me) walk over to him and he dose not stab the guy. Than the guy with the light saver (Obi Wan Kenobi) AKA Keith says your moustache is so cool and he says thanks so is yours. Than they celebrate! After there is a earth quake than I relize we have Moustaches and we survived because of our moustaches. Than they put a moustache on the Light saver. After theres a duel: ruler vs Light saver moustache. I lose because I don’t have a moustache on my Ruler, so I die! SAD! Then we say it comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes Then THE END! Photo on 16-2-2017 at 8.50 AM #3


Hi guys, it’s me again AZZY! Today I will be talking about my new game I made in scratch, using codes. It’s called DARTH AZZY!Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.21.14 PM CRAZY! right? I made it with one of my Best Friend Taber. The game is about, you are a jetpack alien and your trying to not get eaten by a fish and the 1 is it’s food. While trying to not get eaten by the fish your also trying to go threw 2 of the ants and theres random backround stuff that I coded. I hope you play my game and BYE!

Week of Review!

Hey guys,

IT’S 2017! YAY! Did you have a good holiday, well I did! I went to Chile and Argentina! I had Christmas in Argentina.

Well it’s time to get back to school. WEEK OF REVIEW! For starters we don’t have Mr. Adams anymore. SAD! We have Ms. Laura. She’s nice but she can be strict. I was not here on Tuesday but I was here every other day. Wednesday morning we practised for our spotlight. Since I wasn’t here on Tuesday I had to catch up. People kept chatting. After that Recess than Chinese than I finally get to experience to be a student of Ms. Laura! Ms. Laura really encourages us to more math, like Angles, Area. I did not understand a thing. We were also looking  at UOI. Advertising! We got to make our own adverts and the techniques to persuade our audience. Sad the thing is we only got to make posters. my advert was about butts, saying that If you butts hurt than get a new butt! ultimate fart button and ultimate poo button.  We also saw a really Awesome advert Three Little Pigs advert. I hope you make and avert and BYE

2 Most Important Think Marks in HATCHET!


2 Most Important Think Marks in HATCHET!

Hey guys,Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 12.52.55 PM

You ready to read? Don’t worry I’m not going to make you read! I already finished the book, you know Hatchet! Well anyways, I think the 2 most important think marks in Hatchet are the exiting think mark and the I made a connection!

 I Think the exciting think mark is important

Because it explains everything. What I mean is the Exiting think mark is when the pilot dies. So that’s why the boy Brian is trying to survive from the wilderness. Without it it would not make sense. The pilot even say his chest was ripping apart.Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 12.54.02 PM

 I Think the second most important think mark is the connection think mark because it connects to your life and my connection think mark is that Brian is trying to get food so he goes to the lake and tries to catch fish. And that reminds me of when I went fishing for the first time. I caught a Snapper fish, GOOD TIMES! It makes you think. And that helps your 

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 12.54.16 PMWell I have a question for you, If you read the book Hatchet please tell me what you think the 2 most important think marks are and WHY? GOOD BYE!Photo on 12-12-2016 at 12.52 PM #3 Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 12.52.30 PM Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 12.53.09 PM

Analyse DAta

WE ARE BACK AGAIN! And  I have one more question. 

  1. What does it mean to analyse data in an experiment? What data did we get during our ball drop?

Well Analysing Data means you are inspecting your data, making sure it is correct. And cleaning up any mistakes.  Well the data that we had after we dropped to ball from the 9th floor to the 6th floor . And the data for that was, well we dropped it 6 times and the Golf ball was first 5/6 times and the Tennis ball was 1/6 times. I guess my hypothesis was correct. YAY!Tennis_ball_&_golf_ball

Steps to which falls faster a Golf ball or Tennis ball reflection part 2

Hey  guys,

Yes! we are back and today I have 5 questions about the experiment, you know the one with the Golf ball and Tennis ball.  

  1.  What could be influencing your results? What are the reasons?
  2. Is it possible that everyone can have a different answer?
  3. Would height influence or change your results in any way? Why?
  4. What would you change to do the experiment?
  5. What would change if you we could use a large soft ball instead of either the golf or tennis ball?

The answer to the first question is well what could be influencing our results, well the human errors could be influencing our results. Like the force of how hard you push it down and if you did not do it at the same time and same height, if you are doing it at the same time. Of corse. The variables! And don’t forget about the timing could be wrong if your using a timer and if your timing it at different time. (more accurate). BYE! 🙂  

What falls faster a Golf ball or a Tennis ball

Hello guys,SW100AYTennis_ball_&_golf_ball

And today we’re going to talk about the steps to which falls faster, a golf ball or a tennis ball. But I’m only going to tell you one step I did. TEST THE SPEED! That is the step I took. So first I got a stopwatch to time the golf ball and the tennis ball. Because if I do it at the same time it might not be accurate because it could be dropped at  different time and different height. That’s why the second step is to get a yardstick or a  measuring tape to measure the height of were you dropped it. So if you drop the golf ball from 51 inches you have to do the same with the tennis ball, or else it will be wrong and inaccurate. In my opinion the higher it is the easier. Because if you drop it at a really low height it’s harder to time it. Thank you and I hope you try it out at home but I will leave you with a  Question!

images-8Question: what does fall quick, Test it out. BYE!44752a63069650f3964445ea751d14dcTennis-Ball-Free-Download-PNGmeasuring-ruler-cartoon-character-retro-texture-isolated-white-38074653