Coding Reflection

Coding Reflection #2

Yesterday we had our weekly coding class with Ms. Fung , we were continuing our coding the alphabet project,  we had to program “Scratch”to draw our initials. Since my initials are AFVR I first started of with the F.  Since I was figuring out how to program a E for my friend, so I just had to remove some parts and volla! My letter is perfection. So I started drawing the R, R is especially difficult because it’s hard to make the angels work, I basically spent the whole period doing the letter R. It took about 6 attempts, but FINALLY it worked. Since the period ended so I thought ok I will attempt to do V and get the Idea for A next class.

One thought on “Coding Reflection

  • May 22, 2017 at 11:46 pm

    Great that you made the letter E and R!
    By the way, it’s ‘Voila’ not ‘volla’.

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