Math assesment

Before the CNY break, we had an assessment of fractions, decimals, number lines and proportion. I don’t think i did that well because I miss read some of the questions and did not answer some of them clearly. My biggest mistake was the fact that i did not communicate clearly enough. That cost me many points because our teacher was grading us mostly on our level of thinking, not if the answer is correct. A lot of the questions were open-ended, so just giving your answer would not give you a good score, but if you explained and showed your calculations with deep depth, then you get a higher mark.

The Field Trip

                  The field trip

Today we went on a field trip to a community center called Ashbury. The field trip was about having a budget of $100 and buying certain things such as fruits, vegetables, and some toilet paper. Since some of the people in our group brought some extra money we were able to get a few more things such as majestic baby wipes, stringy noodles, yellow cooking oil and very yummy chicken broth.

The lady we went to visit/interview was a very nice lady. She answered all of our questions. We did this field trip to take a look at some of Hong Kong’s sub-divided flats. I was expecting something much smaller, but the house we went to was still very small but not as cramped as I thought. They had a rather large 6 layer shelf that took up some space, but so much stuff was stuffed on it. For a lower class family, the collection of stuff they had was very big. The lady had 2 children and came from a xing qa province of China. She came to Hong Kong to give her children a better education. Which is very understandable because Hong Kong has one of the best school programs in the world. Every parent wants their children to grow up and do great things and giving the children a good education is a key to success.


This field trip was a very good learning experience for me, I got to see the secrets of Hong Kong that is hidden from the public.


Decimals Summitive

Decimals summative

Last week on Wednesday we took a decimal test, it was pretty simple. It was mostly using decimals to problem solve, but there was a basic concept in there. As usual, I completely underestimated myself,  every test I do I completely underestimate my results. Some of my struggles were the comparing the decimals with <,>,=. But overall I think I did quite well.

Dividing and multiplying decimals by 10, 100, 1000, etc

This week for math we have been focusing on multiplying decimals by 10,100,1000. Yes, it might seem really easy but it is the basic to multiplying and dividing decimals by much larger numbers. I guess I am ok at it but it can be slightly confusing when we are doing a speed challenge. It is kind of confusing when you get the the 100 thousands, but it just takes practise.

My summitive writing

My Ideal Classroom(Alicia)

In our new class, we have a lot of different types of people, such as artistic people and sporty people. We also have a lot of book worms, so if we want to create a happy community we need some reading time whenever we can. It would also be a pleasure to a lot of people if we had some makers time.

 To give everyone some time to do their own things with the people in our class, I came up with We-time. We-time is pretty much when we have different group/club types of things formed based on our interests, and every 2 months the group/club will share what they have been doing during the time.e.g.:An art club can create and study artwork and present it during their time in the spotlight. It gives students time to express themselves with their interests while bonding with the other classmates. Another of its benefits is that it gives the teacher and students a break from consistent learning and just chill for a period. Of Course, if students can’t show that they are responsible enough to handle the excitement of we-time, then instead of having a fun time, he or she will be sitting out and missing all of the fun.

 Another of my ideas is to have a digital classroom, even though most people didn’t say that they like digital things, it’s very obvious that almost everyone likes to work on computers. For a history unit there is an app/website kind of thing called wonderful world of humanity’s. It’s pretty much Minecraft except you explore and find different famous monument and inside there is so much info that you can learn about the structure and the history of that time. It gives students a fun and exciting way of learning about these amazing structures and history overall. Another thing is we can do our blogs everyday before school for a good 10 minutes, that gives the student the opportunity to catch up on unfinished blogs and also gives the teacher sometime to get prepared for the class.  

Having We-time could be the ideal way of wrapping up the week and having some blogging and using online sites could be the way to having a calm cool chill classroom.

All these ideas are just ideas, but I would love if you considered and looked into one. I hope that if my ideas are used then it would help us get along well.




ge0meTrY exAm


2 weeks ago we had a pop quiz about geometry and I felt that It went pretty well. Our teacher doesn’t like to give us assigned tests because he feels cramming tons of info in our heads for one night then forgetting it won’t help our learning.

Some of the questions were challenging because we did not read the instructions carefully. The questions based on angles were meant to trick us into guessing the answers instead of taking the time to use the protractor to measure the angles properly.

Book Club

Book club

Book club is  completely new to me and I just started it. Book club is pretty much a thing every fifth grader must do, you select a book and all the others that selected the same book will form a book club. Each book club term lasts 6 weeks. According the the chapters in your book you will divide the reading into 6 parts, and after 6 weeks you will change books and the people in your club. Every Tuesday and Thursday we will meet and we will be given Home Learning which is to do a book report and read the book.  Since we started, I feel that it has been very fun and a great way to bond our classmates.

The First Week

            The first week in grade 5

This week was the first week in grade 5 and it was packed with learning!  The moment we step  into the classroom our teacher asks us to observe the classroom, all the tables are upside down and nothing in the classroom is set up, it was like that so we can discuss as a community as how we should set it up.  Our teacher teaches us the difference about observing,  judging and making conclusions. The big laugh was when we had to write down something but there were no tables, so we were all like uh, how are we supposed to work like this. In the end we all got creative and did it on clipboards, or on the floor. Now we have lockers, a lot of my friends find it hard but mines broken so i don’t need to add the combination. Believe it or not, our teacher gave us 25 minutes of homework on the second day, which wasn’t that surprising because we didn’t finish the page of brainstorming in class. Our teacher also teaches a lot of math, like three periods per day. One of his goals is to have us work with everyone at least once by the end of the year. We are consistently told that we are role models to the grades below us, so it’s a necessity to demonstrate good behaviour.


Have it being the second week already I feel that there is a giant gap from grade 4 to 5, so i think that I have a great year of learning ahead of me!


It was a bright sunny day, the sun was shining on the overworld. In the cloud god palace, there was argument about the mega bullying problem happening and they meant business. “Blah Blah Blah, that idea is rubbish, how will making another moonbucks help the animals become aquantiness at most, you know that some animals refuse to go to some places because they are afraid that their long lost predators would try to attack again!”Reasoned the lion king, the animal gods, Koalaphinx, Gorillazilla, and Lion king were having a discussion. After the long day of arguing about a reasonable solution, they sent down Koalaphinx to spy and help solve any problems.


Back in the overworld, Koalaphinx was exploring the land, for since he hadn’t ever been here in his entire life as a god. He asked animals for directions, some just stared at his godlike appearance, others were polite and gave him the information. He settled down in the mansion that he summoned and settled down, when night fell he snuggled up in his branch and fell into a deep sleep. When dawn awoke,  he ate some eucalyptus then headed out the door to meet some fellow animals. On the streets everyone avoided him, Koalaphinx gave a puzzled expression then continued. He tried to talk to some animals but they completely ignored him, he heard them trash talking him behind his back. Well I just need to find a way to fit in into this community, they seem very tight, maybe if i scale another neighbourhood they will be friendlier. For the next few months, he tried to meet new animals, branch out his knowledge of animals by being friendly to everyone. Sadly no matter how hard he tried, he changed his appearance, he blew money just to get their approval, but he was constantly rejected.   


Koalaphinx got sick of it, he slowly entered the dark side of him, maybe a year later, if you knock on Koalaphinxes door, you will be either blasted or placed under a harmful spell which gives koalaphinx the power to control you.


The last straw happened when the animals had their annual meeting, they refused to give Koalaphinx entrance to the meeting hall. The next week, he was raging, like he was beyond livid, lost his senses and boom, dead bodies everywhere.


What happened was that he lost all his senses, let his thoughts and will take control. He said,”Summon a tsunami in the ocean, a hurricane and tornado on the mainland, a volcano on peak ever flow, and a earthquake everywhere in the overworld to top it all.” He tried to snap his fingers, giving it a second thought, then finally, bam! The natural disasters are in action.  


He heard screams, animals fleeing in different directions, puzzled animals just wondering is happening. He saw people rushing into their houses, but when they realized it wasn’t safe, they quickly rushed out, but sadly there was no escape and they died at their door steps. Others were rather lucky and had an education on this in school, so they followed the escape procedure, but there were of course casualties, for the survivors, most family was either dead, or missing, either way,  it wasn’t easy for anyone. Sitting casually on a tree like it’s totally safe and nothing is happening, Koalaphinx watched the chaos from above. feeling rather pleased with himself. Everyone started at the tree, which happened to be the last standing in the whole land. Some Kids started to climb it, thinking if another natural disaster came they would least have a much better chance of survival. When the reached the top, they saw koalaphinx just chilling on the top, his scary appearance gave all the children a fright, so remained clutched to the tree but closing their eyes, others just got so frightened and dropped, the adults caught them. Sadly one child fell to the ground, and had a broken paw. When this happened, the grownups told the other children to climb down, it was enough drama for the day.

The next day, the moment Koalaphinx woke up, he smelt smoke around him, he got up and screamed, livid citizens of all ages were burning his tree. He tried to summon a force field, nothing happened, he tried to break free from the rattan tied around his arms and legs, but no, he was stuck. He tried to fall back asleep, but it wasn’t a dream, it was real. He heard Lion King’s voice and went alert, thinking that he would save him. The Lion King said” Koalaphinx, you brought shame to this society, I shall banish you until I die, which is never happening, and I will take away your powers, Koalaphinx.”

Koalaphinx heard everyone cheer was he was magically transported to the underworld, where all the villains stay.


“That’s why Koalaphinx is now a myth, the story might be true but you never know.” The teacher said then closed the book, and looked at the stunned faces of the children, then said”And that’s why you need to always treat everyone with respect, class dismissed.”


As the children went out there were chorus of little scared voices chatting, the teacher pulled of his masked and let out a cackle.