How Smell Travels ??

Hi all,

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Hope Typhoon Mangkhut had not affected you all too much.

My class was perfect. This week while we were learning HTWW, Mr. Mark cooked us bacons in the class! He cooked bacons for us not because we were hungry. Mr. Mark wanted to let us explore how smell could travel through the smell of the yummy bacons.

As I did not go out today due to the typhoon, I did some additional researches as an inquirer and thinker. I found out that smell would travel because of diffusion. Through diffusion in the air, particles would travel from region of high concentration to region of low concentration. This is why the smell of the bacons could travel all around the classroom.  Same situation for the smell of the shampoo. After we had long bath, the smell of the shampoo would go around the house if we did not turn the toilet fan on.

Great way to learn through yummy bacons. Thank you Mr. Mark.



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