Memories and highlights from 2018

So far I think that this year was a good year. Thank you to my family, friends, and everyone who supported me this year.

During 2018 I was part of 5Dancing Dumplings and the 6Chubby Chickens, they are both amazing classes to be in. Even though this year I had been separated from some of my closet friends, at least I’m in Helena and Venita’s class, I haven’t been in the same class as Helena since 3rd grade and I have been in the same class as Venita since I met in her in 4th grade. I am excited for 2019 but I am sad that 2018 is ending.

Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019


Camping – Outward Bound


Before Camp

Today we find out who are going to be in our camp groups and tomorrow we are going to CAMP. I am in the same group with Mischa, Lauren Lee, Estelle, Maddie, Ashlyn, Ryder, Oliver, and Jordan and I’m in the same tent group with Lauren Lee.

My group leader is Mr. Brodie. For the first night, my group is sleeping in dorms. Then the second and the third nights, we are going to sleep in tents.

On one hand, I am excited but on the other hand, I am scared for camp. I am excited because I get to sleep with my friends and it will seem like a big sleepover and I am also excited because of the water activities. Some of the things I am worried about is the food because I have heard that the food is not good and also I am worried about the bugs because I’m scared of bugs.



After Camp

On Friday, we came back from our 4 days and 3 nights camp. I enjoyed this trip. Here’s how I felt about camp.

Things I enjoyed in camp was my group because we were all nice to one another, I also liked the high ropes even though I didn’t want to go all the way up. I am proud that I did more than I wanted to, I also enjoyed the Jetty Jumping even though when I was in mid-air I was wondering when I would touch the water. I also like kayaking because while we were exploring, we got to clean up a beach. I also liked hiking because I think I have broke my walking record in one day. Furthermore, I enjoyed the nights in the tents because I didn’t sleep at all in the dorms but when I was in tents I slept for the whole night. On the first night in the tents, I slept with Mischa and Estelle. On the second night, I slept with Lauren and Mischa. In addition, I enjoyed being so close to the nature. 

Some of the things that I did not enjoy was the food and also I did not like the toilets. I think these are the two areas that Outward Bound can improve and should improve.

Overall, I think the camp is good for us. I feel that I am braver. I also feel that I am more responsible and independent. When people talk about where we are in place and time when I am at Grade 6, this camp trip will be one of the highlights.

Goals for 6th grade

Hello readers,

I have made 2 goals for me this year. My two goals are:

  1. To fully understand as well as being able to apply all the key concepts of the UOI. I think I can achieve this goal by researching more about the unit. 
  2. To work on higher leveled Math in order to get higher marks in Math. I think I can achieve this goal by asking Mr. Mark to give me extra Math exercises to do.

    I think that I can achieve this goal by Chinese New Year. 

How Smell Travels ??

Hi all,

See the source image

Hope Typhoon Mangkhut had not affected you all too much.

My class was perfect. This week while we were learning HTWW, Mr. Mark cooked us bacons in the class! He cooked bacons for us not because we were hungry. Mr. Mark wanted to let us explore how smell could travel through the smell of the yummy bacons.

As I did not go out today due to the typhoon, I did some additional researches as an inquirer and thinker. I found out that smell would travel because of diffusion. Through diffusion in the air, particles would travel from region of high concentration to region of low concentration. This is why the smell of the bacons could travel all around the classroom.  Same situation for the smell of the shampoo. After we had long bath, the smell of the shampoo would go around the house if we did not turn the toilet fan on.

Great way to learn through yummy bacons. Thank you Mr. Mark.



6Chubby Chickens Party 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉














On Friday, we had a 6Chubby Chicken party, we had a party because we finished decorating our class door and we also had the party because we introduced ourselves into the 6Chubby Chickens. I had a lot of fun at the party, we were still having fun until the end of the recess. One of my favorite parts of the party was that when we were supposed to have recess since we were still having fun we were allowed to bring friends from other classes to join our party. Even though Mischa wasn’t in our class, she was still allowed to come into our class and had fun with us.

Overall I had an extremely good time at the 6Chubby Chickens party. Deeply thank you Mr. Mark for giving us a great time!

6C Safe Friendly Class



We made some safe friendly class rules in our class last week.  Some of them are: Positive, Successful, Supportive, Responsible, Inclusive, Focused, A community and Respectful. The rules mean to me:


Being positive is when you are having a never give up attitude. You do not give up easily and try your best.


Being successful to me is when you have accomplished something and you feel good about accomplishing it.


Being supportive is when you encourage others and you don’t let them down. Being supportive can also mean when someone isn’t feeling confident you make them feel better.


Being responsible means when you do things by yourself instead of making others do it for you. Being responsible also means that you are taking care of all of your belongings instead of keeping them lying around. Also being responsible is to complete all the tasks in time.


Inclusive means that when someone asks if they can do the thing that you are doing with you, you include them instead of leaving them out. Always remember teamwork is good and efficient.


Being focused means that you are concentrating and not being interrupted by others. Being focused can also mean that you are focused on your work instead of chatting or joking around with your friends.

A community:

A community to me means that you can communicate with others without getting mad and you respect others. Also in the community, many people have different background, beliefs, views and thought but we respect all the differences and respect everyone in the community. No discrimination to the minors.


Being respectful means being nice to others and respect all the peers even they hold different views with me. Also shows great respect to all the teachers.


I believe I have all the above characteristics.  : )

My First week of 6th grade :(


Times flies like an arrow, summer has ended. The first week of school was super fun. It was so nice to see all of friends again. I’m in 6C this year, my teacher is Mr. Mark, he is very nice. My class name is called the Chubby Chickens.

There are a lot of different pros and cons about sixth grade. For example: some pros are that I have a really nice teacher and I got into the class I wanted to be in. I am in a class with a few of my close friends like Venita, Helena, and Lauren, I get to be in a class with people I have never been with before, we have Young Americans and we have even more opportunities than before!

One of the cons is that Mischa isn’t in my class. 🙁

I think this will be a great year for me. Thank you Mr. Mark for giving us a great week.


The End of WWAPT


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Hello readers,

I have just finished our second last unit WWAPT (Where we are in Place in Time). This unit was about different historical time period and inventions at those times. We learned that historical perspective have influenced the process of scientific discovery. We explored those innovations, their influences and their impacts. As part of the exercises, we got to choose from a lot of different events so as to allow us to explore deeper into that event. There were events like, WWI, WW II, Opium War, The Cold War, Roman Empire, Ice Age, Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong, Vietnam War, 911 and HK Occupation, etc.

After some quick researches on those events, I picked WWI. I picked this as this event was a big event and was the first world war. I researched WWI with one of my close friends, Tessa. During the researching process, I learned a lot about WWI. I learned about the different scientific discoveries made in WWI, for example, synthetic rubber, tanks, flamethrowers and walkie-talkies, etc.

My Knowledge about WWI

WWI started in June 1914 and ended on November 11th, 1918. It all started because Prince Franz Ferdinand was in line to be the King of Austria – Hungary in the center of Europe. He got killed and Austria – Hungary declared war to Serbia because they thought Serbia killed their prince.  During the War, the soldiers had to live in trenches. Before the war, the women had to do household jobs but because the men went to fight against other countries, the farms and factories were taken care by the women.

During the War, there were two different sides. The Central powers and the Allies. The Central Powers represented Germany,  Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey. The Allies represented Great Britain, New Zealand, France, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, Italy and the US. The US joined the War a little later because the US discovered Germany was trying to pull Mexico into the war and decided to join the war on the Allies side. 

Although I had some knowledge of WWI but I never knew that walkie-talkies were created at that time. The soldiers used that to communicate during the fight. This had dramatically increase the fighting ability of the soldiers.

Although we would start a new unit soon but I have planned to explore further by myself in some of the events during my own time. For example, I would like to explore further into WWII with my brother because we watched the movie and noted that Captain America was the hero during WWII. We were curious and would like to know more about it, particularly the atomic bombs and the impacts. I recalled I read from newspaper about those two nuclear bombs. Those two bombs killed over 120,000 people and I felt empathy to those who got killed as most of them were innocent civilians.

Furthermore I would like to inquire further into opium war. I knew that those opium made many Chinese become very weak at that time so that they did not have the strength to fight. I would like to explore further into this when I had time.

To conclude, I really enjoyed this unit because I got to learn about history and the inventions at those time.