The End of WWAPT


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Hello readers,

I have just finished our second last unit WWAPT (Where we are in Place in Time). This unit was about different historical time period and inventions at those times. We learned that historical perspective have influenced the process of scientific discovery. We explored those innovations, their influences and their impacts. As part of the exercises, we got to choose from a lot of different events so as to allow us to explore deeper into that event. There were events like, WWI, WW II, Opium War, The Cold War, Roman Empire, Ice Age, Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong, Vietnam War, 911 and HK Occupation, etc.

After some quick researches on those events, I picked WWI. I picked this as this event was a big event and was the first world war. I researched WWI with one of my close friends, Tessa. During the researching process, I learned a lot about WWI. I learned about the different scientific discoveries made in WWI, for example, synthetic rubber, tanks, flamethrowers and walkie-talkies, etc.

My Knowledge about WWI

WWI started in June 1914 and ended on November 11th, 1918. It all started because Prince Franz Ferdinand was in line to be the King of Austria – Hungary in the center of Europe. He got killed and Austria – Hungary declared war to Serbia because they thought Serbia killed their prince.  During the War, the soldiers had to live in trenches. Before the war, the women had to do household jobs but because the men went to fight against other countries, the farms and factories were taken care by the women.

During the War, there were two different sides. The Central powers and the Allies. The Central Powers represented Germany,  Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey. The Allies represented Great Britain, New Zealand, France, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, Italy and the US. The US joined the War a little later because the US discovered Germany was trying to pull Mexico into the war and decided to join the war on the Allies side. 

Although I had some knowledge of WWI but I never knew that walkie-talkies were created at that time. The soldiers used that to communicate during the fight. This had dramatically increase the fighting ability of the soldiers.

Although we would start a new unit soon but I have planned to explore further by myself in some of the events during my own time. For example, I would like to explore further into WWII with my brother because we watched the movie and noted that Captain America was the hero during WWII. We were curious and would like to know more about it, particularly the atomic bombs and the impacts. I recalled I read from newspaper about those two nuclear bombs. Those two bombs killed over 120,000 people and I felt empathy to those who got killed as most of them were innocent civilians.

Furthermore I would like to inquire further into opium war. I knew that those opium made many Chinese become very weak at that time so that they did not have the strength to fight. I would like to explore further into this when I had time.

To conclude, I really enjoyed this unit because I got to learn about history and the inventions at those time.



Hi there,

Today I am going to talk about a documentary called Screenagers, Screenagers is a documentary about teens, schools and most importantly devices like phones and computers, etc.

This documentary is created by Dr. Delany Ruston on January 25, 2016. Dr. Ruston brought out the issues of how technology may affect the children. It comes to many of our attention that teens spend more and more time on electric devices, like iPhone, iPad, and computers.

To me, the issue of spending too much time on the internet is a global issue, people from as young as my cousins like 2 to 3 years old and even up to as old as my great grandma who is over 80 years old. They all spend hours on screen time every day. Like my cousins in Canada, the first thing they do when they wake up every day is to get the iPad to watch youtube, the first thing my uncle wakes up is to check his WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook for over an hour before he gets off from the bed. Every day millions and millions of people will spend hours on the internet. Teens spend even more. They have to chat online, they have to post photos online, they like playing games like  Minecraft, Animal jam and Roblox, etc. All these used up a lot of the time.

I think everything has to be balanced. We have to control ourselves on the time we spend on the internet.




這兩個星期在中文課Helena和我一起做了一部電影,我們的電影的話題是不要放棄。我覺得我的組做得很好,因為Helena和我 沒有放棄。我們不會做的時間我們不會放棄,我們會不斷努力地嘗試。下次我想會可以做快一點,因為這次我用了太多時間了。


We’re back! 😎😎😎😎😎😎

Hello my dear readers,

This week was our first week back from Winter break. I enjoyed Winter break a lot because this Winter break I went to Tokyo, Japan. I haven’t been to Tokyo for quite a while due to the earthquake and nuclear disaster that happened in 2011. I had a lot of funs in Tokyo, I went to Disney Sea and Disneyland.

On the first day back from school, I was a little sad because one of my friends Mischa wasn’t there as she was still in Indonesia at that time. 😔

Also Mrs. Miller is not feeling well this week, I wish she will get better soon. 😎


Asbury Methodist Social Service Feild Trip

Hello readers,

Last week we went on a field trip to Asbury Methodist Social Service at Tsuen Wan as part of our “How we organize ourselves” unit. We went to visit the people who live in subdivided homes. This is the first time I went to a subdivided home. Subdivided homes are homes that used to be just one apartment but the apartment has been spilt into a few small apartments. The size of the subdivided home is around 150 square feet, some are even smaller.

In my group, we have Mischa, Venita, Leah, Rhea and me. During the first half of our visit, we went to buy some fruits and vegetables for the people we were visiting. My group visited a mainland immigrant who spoke mandarin and this lady has three children. She said she has been living in the subdivided house for more than 9 years already. There was a door right next to her home and that leads to someone else’s apartment. The kitchen was as big as her toilet and her children were sleeping in bunk bed. Due to limited space in their subdivided home, they have to place a lot of their belongings on their bunk bed, like clothes and bags, etc. and not to mention having any privacy or entertainment in their subdivided home.

I think that this was an extremely meaningful experience for all of us to see and to interact what poor people without proper housing have to go through in their daily life. This is one of the major social issues in Hong Kong for years. There are a small group of people that are very rich and live in big castle-like houses or giant apartments which are in the top hierarchy but there are also many poor people who are at the bottom of the hierarchy and have to stay in subdivided homes or even cage homes. Many of those places seems to be dirty, overcrowded, lack of privacy and unsafe.

I feel extremely lucky to be living in a flat where I could sleep on a nice comfortable bed with lots of dolls around me and have lot of space to move around the flat instead of being trapped in very small place.

Many non-profit and non-governmental social services organizations in Hong Kong, like Asbury, are trying to help the poor, the youth as well as the new immigrants in different ways. They organize different events, health talks, educational talks, family visits, children care centers, medical check up, free theme parks visits to help the unlucky group as well as to give them hopes. To my belief, I think this should be the responsibilities of the government to take care of the citizens. It is because government is not doing a great job and take too long to take actions. This is why there are so many non-governmental organizations need to come out to help those who need help.

We can also help by donating money, clothes, food and goods to those charity organizations so that they can disturb to the poor. Also we can participate in those organizations and to help out the unlucky group.

Furthermore as what we have learned from our Sharing the Planet unit, we should be brave and voice out for the poor and ask government to provide more resources to the people who need help. Also we should voice out and ask the government to improve the housing issues by building more cheap government housing for the general public. Like Singapore, Singapore government provides a lot of affordable public housing for their citizens and no one in Singapore needs to stay in subdivided homes or cages homes!




Bye Bye STP and Hello HWOO

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Hello my dear readers,

This week we have been slowly stepping out of our “Sharing the Planet” unit and getting ready of our new unit “How we Organize Ourselves”.

Central Idea of Sharing the Planet:  Circumstances and actions can support or deny access to rights and opportunities.

Lines of inquiry:

1 Circumstances that determine an individual’s access to opportunities

2 Why basic rights are granted and denied

3 How actions can change access to rights and opportunities

During the Sharing the Planet unit, I learnt about how basics rights are denied in some places, like not being able to go to school. Also I learnt that actions can have chance to change the rights and opportunities. For example, Malala who fights for the rights for female to study, foreign helpers who fight for higher monthly pay, Zimbabwe citizens protested and forced their President Robert Mugabe to resign and step down so as to stop the corruption and to save the economic crisis.

Vocabulary that I have learnt in this unit:

1 Action

2 Empathy

3 Circumstances

4 Justic/ injustice

5 Opportunities

6 Rights

7 Different / Diversity

8 Privilege

9 Equality

10 Tolerance

11 Discrimination

12 Persecution

I feel that I am quite lucky as I am living in Hong Kong where Hong Kong has the Basic Laws to protect us as well as grant us a lot of freedoms.

Art-Peace Flags Reflection

Hello readers,

November 11 is Remembrance Day, it is also called Poppy Day. It is a memorial day to remember the armies who have died in the First World War.

This week I made a flag to express peace. I used sewing to stick the items on the flag and I used some plastic leaves for decoration.

I wish we can have a peaceful world with no war, all the people can share the planet peacefully, people have enough food to eat and have basic rights.