a week on a boat‼️

This was a great expense to go and meet new people. We were lucky to have a good skipper and helper because you do not know what you are going to get. We swam a lot and we got two floaty bed things and we went fishing because we bought fishing things. We got a lot of things in sizes and one big enough that a restaurant can serve it for one person it was so good. Then we had time to do our blogs but more swimming in lots of places so it would we the best experience. I thought this was the best thing we had on the whole trip so far but and gelato streak but there was still a lot of swimmy/fishing and all sorts of things. I think out of all the activities we had fishing was the best because i caught my own fish‼️

Dubrovnik was great‼️

Dubrovnik was awesome the wall and all the other things were so yummy(food)‼️ Then we learn about its history and the attack it was cool. We went up the wall it was a great view and then we did some other things in about two days. And I forgot to tell you guys that we went to see imagine dragons it was so cool. There were so many lights and we stayed up really late then we went back to the barn house. This was in Verona the show was in the old Roman stadium/arena and so and so. Then a good night sleep and next we go to the air post hand back the car then we go to Croatia. That is for a week on a boat/lagoon 400.Risultati immagini per lagoon 400

the journey to verona Lamborghini‼️

that day we went to Lamborghini after eating and we saw the best cars and saw the Veneno, it was so cool because they had the fastest cars from Lamborghini. Then we saw the hurricane (my favorite car) then we saw the F1’s. Then we learn a little about a famous F1 racer it was cool. Then I got a Lamborghini hat and a drawing book for my birthday then we went back in the car and went to Verona‼️


We start our journey to Verona‼️

We had a full day going to Verona and sorry for the mistake that I made. So we went to a place a little far from Verona and we had the best lunch ever there were really good ham and traditional balsamic vinegar. It was so good and there was some of the best pasta I have ever had in my life since then‼️ After we went  to go to a balsamic vinegar tasting it was so good and we had to buy a lot ‼️ It was soo good then we went back in the car and in an hour or so we arrived at a farm house like thing. Then we went to the sandwich place a few blocks away eat dinner then went back and went to bed‼️ waiting for the next day‼️‼️


Cinque Terre means the five lands. It was very cool and are air BMB was a farm like a place it had a swing and three floors. It was so close to Verona it was great and we saw imagine dragons evolve‼️ it was so cool because it was in the Roman stadium. It was so big and we got front row seats like really front row‼️ It was so amazing and it was so late at the end everyone wanted to go right to bed. Then we did some other fun things and saw churches and had good food.


Florence was very cool because they had beautiful churches and some other things. We saw some cool famous things it was very funny. The art work was every where and we saw some famous things like the real David and how they protected it in the war‼️ was so cool‼️


end of Florence‼️

Florence day 4‼️

Today we went to the museum office, we met are good Alan at the same place as last time. Then we went with the mouse it was so big and we saw so many different arts. It was so big and there were so many great carved statues. Then we saw the mile angels’ work it was amazing. Next we went to have a drink and the tour guide said we could see his art studio. Next we went in a secret place there where he has never gone before because it was blocked off. He was so happy about that then we went home, made some good food, then slept before we sleep, my dad told us how he how loves their different personalities and they love what they do.

Florence day 3‼️

Today we had a good breakfast and  then got ready to learn about the symbols. First, we walked across the famous bridge, then went to the big church castle. We met the lady at the front of a restaurant and then she told us about the statue and the walkway and the other things. Next we went out of the block and went to an old house and we saw how they defended the women and what happened when they had a fire. Then we went to get another gilato and it was so good. Then we went home to sleep and do blog.

Florence day 2‼️

Today we had a good breakfast and then we went to a famous museum the Galileo museum. It was very big and had a lot of information about him. There were clocks and many other things that he invented and we saw his finger and the and thumb in a case because someone stole it for the ruler that time. We saw a big world globe covered in gold leaf. After we saw some other clocks and we figured out that Trump, saying saying make America great again is like saying the person that found America great again it was funny. Next we went out and went around the city and looked through the different buildings, then took a bike (ish) then and went home.

The move to Florence‼️

Today we are having another move to Florence but first Ferrari museum. We had a long trip then got to the Ferrari museum it was big and the first few things we saw o the roads were Ferrari and Lamborghinis. It was big, and we got mini cars my first one was 250 GTO then my next one was a GTO than a  Ferrari La Ferrari. It was so cool because we saw my favorite Ferrari the Ferrari 7Xk. It was so cool because it is a laboratory car. That means that it is road legal and you can not buy it. That was amazing then we went in the car and made our way to Florence. First, we saw are air BMB the air BMB was big and three-bed rooms. Then we went to bed.