The last full day of London‼️

We went to the Tower of London, we had a tour guide that knew a lot. it was so cool first we saw the Kings and Queens animal the polar bear it was not real though. Next, we went right to the crown jewels we saw the kings and queens and the tour guide told us the people that died like head chopped then killed then survived it was so weird The next room showed us the way they give them the crown. Next up is the moment you have all been waiting for the crown jewels! First, there was the staff with the biggest diamond in the world!

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Then we went to all the kings and queens crown since 1660 then there was the golden plates and then the small tiara.  Next, we finish and the boys the tour guide with my little sister went to see why they build the white castle here first we went through armours and the biggest armour which was King Gorge the 8th armour. Next, we went down the swirling dizzy staircase and then there was the waterhole the whole reason that made the tower here they. Then when we went outside you can see the bottom of the Roman wall because the top and middle were gone! Next we left the building and went to the shard it is so tall. We went to the Shangri-La hotel. We went to the tea place on the 3 something flour, you can see almost all of London‼️ I had cherry juice and almost everyone else had tea. Then we went back to the air BMB‼️





Sorry the KINK boots show is supost to be in this post.

London day 7‼️

Today we went to the natural history museum, it was so fun and we had our guide and he was funny. He said my sister was so smart about these things but she only really knew about pugls and some other things. So we inquired into dinosaurs he showed use the dummest animals to the smarts. I and my family went to the cafe and we eat some good things. After the tour guide left we went to the rock place they had the most rocks I’ve ever seen, Then we went to a small room at the back which had the moon rock a meteorite and it had a rock from outer space that was very cool. (Quiz: can diamonds be glow in the dark? Yes because in the museum it had diffrent coloured diamonds). Next we wen a restraint witch had a lot of spicy things and it was spicing me up‼️ Later we went to a show witch was a big surprise for us it was called kinky boots, It was very funny i thought it was a great surprise.

london day 5‼️

Today I already had a great breakfast, We had beckon eggs and french toast and Nutella and I and my little sister tried to have strawberries with Nutella and milk. Then we went to the changing of the guards the guards were, he guards had cool bear skin hats and they had the guest band playing it was soo cool. Then after we went to the boat which had a cool driver and it was James Bond style! It was so fun and after the speed limit went away the driver started to do cool things, like sharp turns and almost hitting the walls of the river. It was so fun and my whole family was talking about it and at last, we learned about the M16. Next, we went to Starbucks to get some drinks Anna my little sister got strawberry as usual and Aidan my brother had chocolate as usual. At last, I and my mom had Mango and pomegranate and my dad got something from the other store. Next, we toke a little walking bridge to the other side and we did the London Eye. The line to get in was big but we got the fast pass it was so quick. Once we got in I did not realize that we had to go with different families so we made friends. So we the other family was really nice and I showed them how to use it. It was a small screen and it showed you the whole London and you can press the see button and it shows you the place and tells you all about it. The M16 was on the map on the screen and it showed you it and told you about it so I learned that the M16 is the British secret service and I learn that is where James Bond had a job in the movie‼️

London day 5 (ish)‼️

yesterday we went a friends house wich my dads is friends with the kid’s (Alice) dad one kid was in m grade last year but then moved here and my big sister was friends with the other sister wich name was Edian wich was very nice. Their family lets us stay there at their house wich was very big and they had a trampoline wich was very big and cool. Edian could do a front flip then a back flip it was so cool, we had dinner together then the next day. We went to the winter castle wich showed us most of the building was in silver the coolest place was the big doll house. It was soo big and it had real silver and gold, it had its own place with all its treasures which were pure gold and pure silver. Then we went back to their house to run some energy out because we were going to the air BMB again. And the other family waved and hugged and hi-fived us then we went in the car to go back but my dad said to the driver of the ober to go to the opposite direction so we went back to the winter castle and we finally realized and made it to an hour drive‼️‼️‼️‼️


Today on the way back from you’ll see from London day 5 but the most exciting bit was we saw 19 supercars! One was a Ferrari La Ferrari (wich they only made 499 of those cars), then we go to the Lamborgini we have seen two hurricanes 1, an Aventador SV!! (wich is one of my favourites cars)




London day three‼️‼️‼️

Day three of London, I and my family just woke up and we eat eggs, bagels, yoghurt and cereal for breakfast. Then I started to get ready, and now‼️I am writing my blog post for you guys to read.After we went to the British Museum. In the main entrance of the British Museum we, our a tour guide, which was an Archioligsat In the centaur there was a high up glass roof with Roman-like places around, there was a big tower in the middle. Then we went to one place on the right which we went to the very end so the tour guide could introduce herself, and she gave us notebooks and pens to take home and make jot notes. We were looking at the collections that the museum had because they were so cool. Then we saw the fake mermaid boy which was half monkey half fish it was o funny and it was made in Japan. After we saw a statue that was a Greek dabbing with a disk on his right hand, It as an Olympian sport. Next, we figured who sold it and got it wrong because the head was facing the wrong way, this is because the guy who sold it found it without its head and made a head for it but he put it on the wrong way. Later we went to the other side the left side o the museum, It was the Egyptian statue place we saw a statue about one of the furrows (the furrow that gave birth to King Tut). So we learnt about hi and his temple statue and there was one funny part which was that there was an Italian strongman which retired from being a circus man to being a seller so he found this statue and put his name on it.  After we went to a different room which had a man with a human head and neck and a horse body and wings like a swan. the tour guide showed us that when the security guards where board they used to play ancient chess and there was a small carving of if on the bottom of the statue it was so funny. Then we went to the mummy place where they showed the mummies and we learnt about the little people to help you in your after life. The tour guide left u alone which I learnt that people can be mummified in hot weather in Egypt. After we went to find the old chess board that they copied for HARRY POTTER. Then when we found we were not interested so we went to see the very old clocks next to it. After we slowly made ourselves to the middle of the museum, where we wanted to see the Japanese painting of the wave because it was on my T-shirt. Later on, we went in a (obor) and went home where I kept on writing this blog. Afterwards, we went to dinner where we eat pizza with really good toppings, then we had dessert which I had vanilla ice cream and some apple pie.

London day two!😎

Today we did have that breakfast that i take about the other Blog post, Then we made are selves walk towards the shard (building). We find the place where the start of the Muggle tour starts, Are Muggle tour guide was so nice to us. We started at one place where they filmed Harry potter in the places we are going, we saw the places that  filmed in London, it was so cool.then we went to a market in the middle of the tour and we eat food, we eat tacos with shrimp and souses on it. It was so good, Next we saw a taco sore witch the tour guide said that is was a place that filmed harry potter 🙂‼️and that was the place they filmed the part with the triple decker bus. Then we ket going on on the muggle tour. After we saw a tea bus where you can drink tea on a tour bus. So we could not go there so we went to there tea shop and drank and eat food and drinks. Then we went shopping and came to the AIR-BMB to go to sleep‼️😎😶

the first day of London!

Today we arrived in London after an hour drive it was the longest time ever.We went to the Air BMB and we thought it was like a hotel but they did not provide us with anything. There were two rooms and a sofa bed for two and all the other normal beds too! Right now we are making are dinner it is going to be good. I thought this place will be nice in London and are avatars in London starts here! My whole family is happy to be in London for the first time of my life! I think London is going to be great personally. My dad went to give back the car we rented and my mum and brother already went shopping for all the things we need! My family is all prepared for this nice stay in London, I heard that we are going to see the London Bridge and see some old friends that live here. For dinner, we are having Indian rice and salmon and the vegetables And don’t forget broccolini for vegetable and korma. I think it’s going to be goo!d😎

Europe trip Cotswolds!

Yesterday we arrived in London, My parents let the older three to take are computers (I am one of the older three). After we arrived we went to see my old friend Jordy bland. It was so fun and Jordy was very funny, we went to his house, his house was so big. Today we arrived in the Cotswold, We were on a trail it was so fun and short, we saw two deer but I saw three. After we had an English breakfast it was so good, we had bacon tomatoes sausages and some other really good things after breakfast I was so full I had nothing to say because of that. Later we went around Cotswold and it was so fun because we saw honey sticks they were so cool so I got one! in the same day, we went to a big tower that had a lot of history it was a farm place than a military base for the Cotswolds we saw a lot of deer and wild sheep there it was so cool I took millions of photos. My family eat good food while I was sleeping they are mean! Today I had a great sleep and I have no idea where we are going and what breakfast we are eating! Today I finally knew where we were going we were going to the Shakespeare museum we went on all of the tours! we saw a lot of swans and ducks we saw a baby duckling it was so cute!then we watched the twelfth night and my dad got on stage because they thought he was sleeping so he got on the stage and it was so funny. He also was the small person’s bodyguard for a battle. That was the funny part of the day.After we had dinner, dinner was the beast because there was really good food there and the deserts were awesome. The next day we are going to pet the sheep in the yard because it is my little sisters birthday! In the morning she got two birthday presents from the housekeeper gave her 4 pounds for her birthday present which were such a surprise for me and her. Right now we are petting the sheep and it will be so fun because the sheep are o awesome but I am afraid of their poo and it is so cold outside!The next day it was my little sisters birthday we were going to the Bugatti Trust which had the old Bugatti cars and models. I never knew hat Bugatti made planes and other things! But the staff there told me that there was a Bugatti Chiron in a race with the other cars it was so sad for me! Then we went to the an another rest-rant that was the one that I missed out on the other day when I was sleeping in the car. Then we went a nice rest-rant that was chi and it had their symbols on everything even the chilli spouses but we had chicken wings they were so good and tasty. And that’s when it happened my dad ordered 3 chickens but we were supposed to order 30 so it was 3/30! The next day went to different towns and restaurants.Then we went to the Roman Baths. They were soo cool I learnt so mutch from it and they told us and let us see the baths!That is the end of the Costswolds!