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This week the grades 5-9 went to the LLAC🎭. At the LLAC we watched Screen-Agers📲. Screen-Agers is a movie about Teenagers👱🏻 and other Kids👱🏽 on their phones 📱 at school and home. This movie tells us the ways that you can stop your Kid👧🏽 playing games🎮 or be texting or other things. Tis movie is based on America  🇺🇸 DC  🏛. I think the movie does not work with what I do   because I do’t think I play on my phone a lot or other electronics‼️ I also think this movie went well with what is happening now at schools because they are allowing phones in schools. This movie mostly works with Teenagers and not us 5th graders👦🏻.

Yes Talent!!

Hi Readers!!

Today I am writing about Yes Talent.  You guys are probably wondering what that is. So Yes Talent is a catwalk show and the models are going to wear the clothing Grade 5 teams made!!  Grade 5 have had special guests that are architects and designer or was it fashion designers? I can’t remember! It doesn’t matter!!  Our objective was to make dresses related to Change and that are clothing that are wearable art!! (There is a photo down below showing wearable art.) My team are James, Trevis, Ryan, Allison, Alyssa and ME. T the start we had to pick up a bag of stuff we can make our dress with those thing we chose and my freind Ryan picked a bag with papper bags for some reson!! The wearable art we designed has paint at the top, emojis at the bottom, and an earth with the emojis representing everyone’s different feelings at different times.

This Wednesday we heard that there will be no more school beginning Thursday until after the Chinese New Year break and right up until Tuesday, 27th of  February so our team could not work on it. This was sad knowing that we will miss the Yes Talent catwalk but we know that is it just delayed and it will be in the LLAC in CDNIS after Chinese New Year break!!

Before Yes Talent started Me my Mom and my Teacher had a Three Way Learning Reveiw (3WLR)and in that Three Way Learning Reveiw one of my goals were to be more of a leader!! My Teacher sayed that Yes Talent is a great opportunity to show  leadership and be a to be more of a leader to my team, But I do not think I reached that goal because I was fooling around a lot and not even paying attention to my team that much. Next time I think I have a chance to show my leader ship I will not take it as a joke or not pay attntion like I usually do I have to be more of a risk taker and be that leader I set as a goal!!! I think I can prove I am a great leader when I try my best and not give up!!

I think whenever the catwalk is my team can do a great job even if we think that the dress is not good enough but trust me it will and we weill be very impressed of what we made by our selfes with a few helpers but that is ok!! After Yes Talent I have learnt that if you want to achive a goal you have to work hard, find a strategy that fits, then act and do the right thing so you’re goal can be achived, then you must never give up and stand up for what you want to achive and when you need help always ask someone else that is reliyable!!

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope you have a great Chinese New Year break!!  (Trust me if you want to make fasion it is not easy)

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This Week’s Weather Was Cray COLD!!

Hi Readers,

This weeks weather was so cold!! On Wednesday, it was my Moms Birthday!! we celebrated with a family dinner. But the coincident is that my old auntie that went to help another family had the same birthday as my mom so she came over and we had a great time!!

This whole week I was freezing cold I stood next to the heater at home.  When I got in bed and was sleeping at 10:00 soo late!!







Back to school

Hi, four days ago was the first day of school.

For the winter break me and my family went to Japan-Niseko. We had a great time there because there was so much snow. When we got there my dad realized my friend was there, so I and my friend went skiing and had snowball was so fun with my friend. When we skied together we did so many jumps it was so cool and somehow really hard to land on two feet. When we were skiing I got 25 seconds on one foot! After the trip when we got home we opened our presents and I got new soccer boots! After Christmas, we had a new year party at our house and it was so fun!

ashbury trip

1. What is the most important furniture for you? (Name three items)

The TV, my bed, the sofas, and the living room table.
2. What are the most important electrical appliances for you? (Name
three items)

The TV, The Ipads, AND the iPhones.

3. Is it available to place all the above items in the subdivided unit?

No it is not, and i dont like it.

4. Imagine that if you live in the subdivided unit, how to make use of the
space to place those kinds of items? What is your tradeoff?

I would use the toilets aas a storage and kitchen and the main room with a small bunk bet with a work place under a tv on the work table with shelves so i could put thhe clothes that I do not need to use and the phones and charger on the main table in the other side.
5. What are the differences between your home and the subdivided unit?

My home is bigger and has more space. It has a full kitchen without being stuff with the bathroom, and it has a proper bed for everyone.

6. How do you feel about this visiting experience?

I feel that I need to help these people that are in need of proper homes and I feel I should make a small difference that should end up in a big and very good difference.

7. What would you do to serve our community to be a better place?

I  could make a small group and start donating the things that wear lucky to have and can use.

Pok fu lam !!!

Today we had a field trip to pok fu lam village. The day before that we had a meeting with Mr.greg he told us some things about this place the day before we went and it was so fun because he said it was around 400+ years old. That made me want to inquire more into this village. When we went there was in a group with my mom and we saw the dragon (their famous fire dragon). tHE DRAGON IS AWESOME AND SO BIG,