in coding class we have been having codes on scratch

it was a bit hard at first bit once we got used to it we felt comfortable we liked doing it a lot

the hardest challenge was making the shapes and angles

the strategy i used was trying to understand the concepts of it we got used to it

the new thing that i learned was coding was really fun and how to code on scratch


california island is sinking

Catalina could be completely submerged in 3 million years. he movement could pose a tsunami risk for Los Angeles.


The images show ancient beaches that Castillo said have sunk below the ocean’s waves.They also show evidence of a large underwater landslide


if a under water land slide happens again with tons of racks and dirt going in to the ocean floor that could create a tsunami and the tsunami could head towards the ports ofLos Angeles



My Goals :)

My goals for this week was to spend more time then  usual with my dad because we did not spend much time together only on the holidays


my second  goal was to eat more because i am really skinny


My last goal was to finish my homework on time because i usually don’t finish it on time

Goal reflections for camp

when we went to camp we stayed there for 2 days we did loads of activities with our group my group was called potato campers! we also had BBQ for dinner on the second day! on the first night i was a bit home sick because the next day was my fathers birthday a couldn’t be there 🙁


before we got on the bus to go to camp we set goals for us 🙂

my  goal was to be a risk-taker because sometimes i am not that confident on doing things in front of people in a small group or in a big group!i reached theses goals by doing things that I’ve never done before:)


the microbeads in the lab

what we did was we took some soap brands and we saw the microbeads in them


how we did this is by putting some soap on a bag and washing it till there is no more soap left then we saw the microbeads

they are super tiny how we saw them was we used a telescope and connect them to the i pads then we checked them out there were lots of colors like yellow black and white they first looked like sugar but they were actually microbeads!


we also got to wee little plankton they were very tiny they looked like small worms.there are many microbeads in the sea and animals have them in there bodys because they suck the water and it goes in to there bodys


microbeads are tiny peaces of plastic and the go into the sea and products like shampoo and lot other product

persuasive Argument

we got to do persuasive Argument. persuasive argument is when you argue about some thing like if you want a pet dog but your mom says no you have to convince her to let you have a pet dog!

we did this because we could make a video about it on i movieScreen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.32.18 PM

it took a while to make the video.

we choose it because we would like to experience how we do persuasive argument

what i learned was persuasive argument is fighting over reasons like if you want a dog but you mom says no you have to convince her to get a dog.

it took action of being a principle 🙂