end of the first term :)

today is the last day of the first term i had so much fun with all my class mates we did lots of activities together we celebrated it by going ice skating i did not get to come because i was sick :(.well i could not come to the class party on Wednesday because i have some important stuff to to at home.I thought we did lots of work during the first term and we all deserved a party!

the man who was a child soldier

today we had a guest speaker who was a child soldier and had escaped the war/camp site he had to kill his friends because if he did not he would be killed and harassed.


he came here to tell us about his story and what had happened to him after the war he had lost his mom and dad his village was all broken he had lost everything he lost his ring finger


this was really emotional for me



my bedroom

what we did was we saw a few of kids bedrooms and then we had to draw a picture of our bedroom


we did this because we had to connect the kids bedroom to ours and we had to write a blog about what we did

it was really fun drawing this and i hope i can do it again


the grade 5 week

what we did this week was we did a lot of math this week and we also did a lot of UOI


we also made a poster about the difference thing about poor privilege people and good privilege people and there similarities

that was what we did on thursday and friday what we did on wensday was we went to the book fair



我是一個語言智能特別強的學習者,可使我的additional intelligence 特別弱。我的學習肉容是踢球。我使用了綀習用了綀習。我可一綀習因為我可以improve 在我的中文的class.


每天我們做一個exersize 和一個reveiw 在我們的中文class.開是的時候我不很好在我的中文的class 可,now 我很好在我的中文明的可。



in coding class we have been having codes on scratch

it was a bit hard at first bit once we got used to it we felt comfortable we liked doing it a lot

the hardest challenge was making the shapes and angles

the strategy i used was trying to understand the concepts of it we got used to it

the new thing that i learned was coding was really fun and how to code on scratch


california island is sinking

Catalina could be completely submerged in 3 million years. he movement could pose a tsunami risk for Los Angeles.


The images show ancient beaches that Castillo said have sunk below the ocean’s waves.They also show evidence of a large underwater landslide


if a under water land slide happens again with tons of racks and dirt going in to the ocean floor that could create a tsunami and the tsunami could head towards the ports ofLos Angeles