Weekly Reflection 4

This is the last day of week 4 of grade 6, it was a really fun week. The highlight was when we had to make divisibility rules for certain numbers. My group was given the number 7, 7 is really hard to make a divisibility rule because we weren’t allowed to say: “for a number to be divisible by seven it must be a multiple of seven”. At the start we were really struggling but then Mr Brodie came over and gave us some tips, they were confusing but I kind of understood them but the rest of my group thought I was wrong. After my group asked Mr Brodie for another tip he just said the same thing just more simple then we got it and figured out the rule.

Something else we did this week was a HTWW experiment but we got a bit short of time and we couldn’t finish the experiments. The experiment my group did was the different amount of sugar that will dissolve into water depending on the way you use the stirring stick. We were supposed to stir in 3 different ways but we only got to do one. It was fun because for some reason stirring the water was oddly satisfying.


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