Passion Project: Last week we did our passion project exhibitions. We showed our passion projects to 5B and 2 grade 4 classes. My passion project is with Declan and Josh and it is about basketball shooting form. A passion project is an inquiry into anything that you are passionate about. My Passion Project

Literacy Novel: Today I finished my literacy novel which is supposed to be a story about a significant event in time. The time period I chose was WW2 so 1941-1945, my story’s main character is a man from wolston England called Octavious Godzilla Borkus and the story is about his life as a spy during WW2. My Novel

Buddy Carnival (Probability Games): On Tuesday our buddies from reception A came to our class to play our probability carnival themed games. My game was about llamas and the people in my group were Oliver and Azzy, our game worked like so: First: Roll a dice if it says 2 pick up 2 cards if it says 3 pick up 3 cards. Second: If 2 cards are the same spin the wheel. Third: If the wheel is the same as the two cars you picked up you get a big prize, if it’s different you get a small prize.

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