Weekly Reflection

This week was pretty fun, the highlight for me was exhibition cohorts because we shared a lot of information and resources. I also switched cohorts because the one I switched to fits my topic better than my old one. We are also designing a survey to give people because we’re learning about data management and collection in maths. In language we are doing an explanatory writing on anything on the topic of energy so I chose to write about how solar energy is harnessed but I’m still making my first draft.

Learning Cohort Reflection

This week I met my learning cohort group, we are all working on topics related to sports so that’s why we’re in a group. This week we just made our essential agreements and talked about our projects with each other. My whole group is from 6C except for me so they all have similar stuff done and know how to answer each others questions but they don’t really know what I’ve done so next week we have to share our research and work.


Exhibition Reflection 1

Last week in exhibition I mainly focused on finding primary and secondary resources. I also collected graphs about my topic to analyse them. I found someone to interview for my exhibition which is a good primary resource. I’m happy with what I have done so far for PYPX. This week I will look for more resources and focus on researching a bit more.

Probability Unit Reflection

We just finished our maths unit on probability and data. After the unit I feel good because I learned a lot and done some good work during the unit. I learned about theoretical, experimental probability how to organise data with different strategies and ratios. Some of the challenges were when calculating the theoretical probability I had to do a lot of operations and if I didn’t do one I wouldn’t get the right answer. It was also hard to use some of the data organisers because you have to make a lot of lines and draw a lot of other stuff. I learned that I don’t like using something that is very complicated and I’d rather just stick to something simple. The best things about what I’ve learned is that it was really complicated and hard to understand at the start of the unit but now it’s pretty simple. I think I probably could have experimented more times on the experimental probability of something for a more accurate result.


Weekly Reflection

This week I mainly learned about activists and probability. We had a guest speaker called Jordan Hattar who helps refugees in Syria, the messages I took away are that no matter your age you can make a difference and you can’t just help with money you need to give time and effort. I also learned that when an activist makes a speech they use very persuasive language and speak with conviction. In math we learned about probability but more specifically experimental and theoretical probability. We played a few probability games, my favourite was yahtzee because it was really fun and my group made a lot of jokes.

In the future I will use my learning about activists when we do our unit summative because we have to make a presentation about an activist or an issue and try to do something about the issue. I will use my learning about probability to predict football games with my parents. I’ll also use probability in simple games that involve probability

Next week I hope to focus more on the PYP exhibition because I need to get more resources for my research and I think we don’t have a lot of time to do PYPX.

Weekly Reflection

This week was mainly focused on getting our report writing and recommendation for the world economic forum finished. We also drew and made our gift requests for secret santa. I finished my report writing and I think that it’s pretty good because it gives a good amount of detail about the great depression but it’s not boring to read. In math we  did our summative assessments and I think I did pretty well.  We had some presentations about how to use different forms of media, I chose to do infographic and whiteboard animation but whiteboard animations are hard to make and take a long time so I probably won’t use them that much.

That’s all.

Weekly Reflection

This week our focus was on our UOI which is mainly about economics. We’re starting this trade game and I’m really excited to start playing it even though the card I drew means I start as the lowest ranking. Yesterday we had a field trip to Oxfam and when we were there we did a migrant worker simulation which was really cool and made us realise that sometimes the world is really inequal. I’m also doing research on the great depression with Takdeer, Jessica and Kayla, how the event happened is really interesting and it’s a really fun topic to learn about.

Weekly Reflection 6

Today is the last day of the sixth week of grade 6. This week we didn’t do much stuff that is special, the special stuff was going to the book fair, doing the MAP test and our science experiments.

For the MAP test, the subject was math and I think I did well but we didn’t get our scores so I don’t know. There were about 50 questions, some of them were easy, some were hard, some were really hard but none were really easy.

We went to the book fair but I didn’t know we were going on Tuesday so I had no money to buy books so all I did was relax on the couches. It was still pretty fun because some of my friends also didn’t bring money so we just sat there played quiet games and talked.

This week we started to do our own scientific experiments on topics related to our UOI. Right now in our UOI we’re learning about matter, my experiment is to see why mentos causes coke to froth up and start spewing out of the bottle. I’m doing the experiment with Josh and Takdeer and we decided that the variable we would have in the experiment would be the flavour of mentos and we said that we’ll also try using sour candy.

That’s it for this post. 👋


Weekly Reflection 4

This is the last day of week 4 of grade 6, it was a really fun week. The highlight was when we had to make divisibility rules for certain numbers. My group was given the number 7, 7 is really hard to make a divisibility rule because we weren’t allowed to say: “for a number to be divisible by seven it must be a multiple of seven”. At the start we were really struggling but then Mr Brodie came over and gave us some tips, they were confusing but I kind of understood them but the rest of my group thought I was wrong. After my group asked Mr Brodie for another tip he just said the same thing just more simple then we got it and figured out the rule.

Something else we did this week was a HTWW experiment but we got a bit short of time and we couldn’t finish the experiments. The experiment my group did was the different amount of sugar that will dissolve into water depending on the way you use the stirring stick. We were supposed to stir in 3 different ways but we only got to do one. It was fun because for some reason stirring the water was oddly satisfying.