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I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in a long time. It’s been quite a while. Edit: This was supposed to come in like a month ago so sorry!


In my class, I usually don’t have the chance to blog. After this post, you will probably not see another post in a few months!


This week, my class started a new Unit of Inquiry: How the World Works. My team and I are conducting scientific experiments!

We did this scientific experiment called “Magic Paper”! We rubbed different rods with different materials to create static electricity, the electricity attracted little flakes of paper! I thought it was really cool to watch because you usually don’t get to see static electricity in action.

Edit: Now my class has completed many scientific experiments! We did an experiment where we had to power a lightbulb with a lemon, the lightbulbs were faulty so we ended up using a voltmeter to measure the voltage of the power output. I learned that the metal strips we used to conduct the electricity were called electrodes and the lemon juice was an electrolyte. Another experiment we did was about creating circuits, we had to connect a light bulb to a battery and keep on light on and one off. We mostly played with the wires and figured it out. Today, we did an experiment with a lumen (LUX) detector! It was pretty fun because we got to see how much light the lightbulb was radiating!

Note: Sorry if this post was grammatically incorrect, I typed this up in a hurry.


Horus Yeung

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