Y.E.S Talent Fashion Design Project

Hey Readers,

In the past few weeks, grade 5 has been working on a fashion show. Our goal was to create a catwalk in the LLAC showing off all of grade 5’s fashion designs.

We split into small groups of 5 for this project, we first chose our theme. My group’s theme was winter, we decided to use blue for most of our dress. Next, we started designing our dress. Ms. Laura told us that we would be coding our robots to follow us on the catwalk carpet. My group split up into to sub-groups, one sub-group was to design and code the robot and the other was in charge of creating and design the dress.

I was in the section which was in charge of the robot. We first designed the robot’s mannequin on Tinkercad, Tinkercad is a 3D modeling app that allows you to design items. It is possible to 3D print with Tinkercad, all you have to do is send it to another app called Cora and transmit the design to the 3D printer. Next, my teammates worked on the code and I designed the robot. I tried many ways to make the robot faster by changing the leg format, it was really fun.

My team had to create the dress with reusable materials, we used cellophane and shower curtains! I think shower curtains were good for my dress because it was flexible, strong, and good looking. I didn’t really like the cellophane because it was translucent, I would have stuck to only using shower curtains but the criteria stated that we had to use multiple materials.

I think my team worked really well together, we did well in our individual roles.


Horus Yeung

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