Hey Readers,

6E just started a new unit called STP (Sharing the Planet), it focuses on world problems. So far, we have been reading unit books in groups. My group read a book about this boy called Iqbal and his sustainable gadget. He participated in a science fair because his pregnant mom was getting sick from smoke fumes. His gadget ended up to be a solar cooker which did not require any fuel to operate. After he built the solar cooker, his mom’s health improve because she didn’t have to cook over an open flame. Soon, we were given a sheet called “Think, Feel, Care”. We had to write about our feelings and thoughts about Iqbal and his gadget.


Horus Yeung






What I’ve Been Doing

Hey Readers,

It’s been a long time, I just want to point out that we don’t usually have a chance to post on our blogs.

During these few weeks, many special events have taken place. These events include Remembrance Day and Halloween. I really enjoyed Halloween, it was extremely fun. I saw many different costumes and enjoyed the Halloween class party. It was kind of sad when we went to the Halloween assembly because it would be the last time we were participating in it.

We have a Scouts remembrance ceremony on December 2 to commemorate the soldiers who died in world war 1 and world war 2.

Sincerely, Horus Yeung






Hey Readers,

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in a long time. It’s been quite a while. Edit: This was supposed to come in like a month ago so sorry!


In my class, I usually don’t have the chance to blog. After this post, you will probably not see another post in a few months!


This week, my class started a new Unit of Inquiry: How the World Works. My team and I are conducting scientific experiments!

We did this scientific experiment called “Magic Paper”! We rubbed different rods with different materials to create static electricity, the electricity attracted little flakes of paper! I thought it was really cool to watch because you usually don’t get to see static electricity in action.

Edit: Now my class has completed many scientific experiments! We did an experiment where we had to power a lightbulb with a lemon, the lightbulbs were faulty so we ended up using a voltmeter to measure the voltage of the power output. I learned that the metal strips we used to conduct the electricity were called electrodes and the lemon juice was an electrolyte. Another experiment we did was about creating circuits, we had to connect a light bulb to a battery and keep on light on and one off. We mostly played with the wires and figured it out. Today, we did an experiment with a lumen (LUX) detector! It was pretty fun because we got to see how much light the lightbulb was radiating!

Note: Sorry if this post was grammatically incorrect, I typed this up in a hurry.


Horus Yeung

Y.E.S Talent Fashion Design Project

Hey Readers,

In the past few weeks, grade 5 has been working on a fashion show. Our goal was to create a catwalk in the LLAC showing off all of grade 5’s fashion designs.

We split into small groups of 5 for this project, we first chose our theme. My group’s theme was winter, we decided to use blue for most of our dress. Next, we started designing our dress. Ms. Laura told us that we would be coding our robots to follow us on the catwalk carpet. My group split up into to sub-groups, one sub-group was to design and code the robot and the other was in charge of creating and design the dress.

I was in the section which was in charge of the robot. We first designed the robot’s mannequin on Tinkercad, Tinkercad is a 3D modeling app that allows you to design items. It is possible to 3D print with Tinkercad, all you have to do is send it to another app called Cora and transmit the design to the 3D printer. Next, my teammates worked on the code and I designed the robot. I tried many ways to make the robot faster by changing the leg format, it was really fun.

My team had to create the dress with reusable materials, we used cellophane and shower curtains! I think shower curtains were good for my dress because it was flexible, strong, and good looking. I didn’t really like the cellophane because it was translucent, I would have stuck to only using shower curtains but the criteria stated that we had to use multiple materials.

I think my team worked really well together, we did well in our individual roles.


Horus Yeung

A Bustling Week in Grade 5

Hey Readers,

This week was really packed, we had 4 special occasions! On Tuesday, we had sports day! Sports day was really fun for me, I can’t believe I made it to the boys’ grade 5 100 meter finals! I really enjoyed Tuesday, the only downside about Tuesday was that I had swimming ASA after sports day so I got exceptionally tired. I really liked the tug of war, Orca won for grade 5  and mountain lion won for grade 6! It was awesome!

On Wednesday, 5B and 5A had their spotlight. I think my group did a great job considering that we never had a rehearsal. Wednesday was a success!

Bonus: We also had the chance to see some 3D printing! It was really cool, I feel extremely fortunate to witness this.


Horus Yeung


End of Term Blog Post

Hey Readers,

It’s been a long time since I have posted something, I’m sorry.

5B has completed a lot of things this term, I loved writing up my report. It was really fun, I enjoyed design the structure of my writing too. Overall, my favorite project was about designing products (E-Products) for Two Presents. That means my favorite unit of inquiry is HWOO (How We Organize Ourselves)

There were a few things that went great and some things that didn’t go so well. I think I did well in my writing and UOI but I need some work on math and participation. I haven’t been participating much in class much and I’m kind of slow in calculating math equations.

Some things I can work on next year:

  • Participation
  • Chinese
  • Math

Some things I am doing well in:

  • UOI
  • Writing
  • Reading

I hope I can do even better in school next year! Happy New Year!


Horus Yeung

Peace Flags Reflection

Hey Readers,

I made a peace flag in visual art class last week.


1. What is the message you wanted to express through the peace flag?

I wanted peace and joy.

2. List all of the techniques you used:

  • Sewing
  • Drawing
  • Writing

3. Now that you have learned sewing, how can you apply your sewing skills in the future?

  • I can patch up blankets, cushions and pillows. It would be very easy for me if I had a sewing machine too!

4. On the scale of 1-10, how do you rate your success?

Answer: 7



Horus Yeung