About April Holidays

Hey guys,

I have just came back from Korea for the April holidays. It was very boring because I’ve been there a thousand times. We boarded the plane, and waited until it landed. We got through border and customs and collected our bags and left to go to my grandma’s house. Me and my sister showered and went to bed.

The next day we ate lunch at home and played on the computer. We watched some videos and waited for our cousins come. With our cousins played tag and ninjas. It was very fun. Our little cousin always tagged so we hid in the play equipment so he wouldn’t catch us. We first go up and then we he comes, we slide down and then when he comes down we go back up. It was very fun watching him be tortured.

The following day we went out for lunch and ate noodles. It was very good, but not the best. We went to the stationary store to buy some tape and staples. Then me and my sister walked back home and then I hiked up the mountain with my grandpa. After we ate dinner, I went to bed with my sister and annoyed while at it.

On the last day, we packed our bags and went to the plane. On the plane, I didn’t feel very good so I went to the bathroom. Not very interesting.

The day after, I went to the shops to buy stuff I need. Such as glue, containers, baby oil and shaving cream. It was very fun shopping with my sister.

So that was my April break.

One thought on “About April Holidays

  • May 5, 2017 at 9:37 am

    Sounds like a busy break! I would suggest that next time instead of trying to mention all the little things you did, to instead focus on a couple of the bigger more interesting events. This would allow you to go into more detail and it would be more interesting for the reader as well.
    Also, don’t forget to add tags and categories!

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