About April Holidays

Hey guys,

I have just came back from Korea for the April holidays. It was very boring because I’ve been there a thousand times. We boarded the plane, and waited until it landed. We got through border and customs and collected our bags and left to go to my grandma’s house. Me and my sister showered and went to bed.

The next day we ate lunch at home and played on the computer. We watched some videos and waited for our cousins come. With our cousins played tag and ninjas. It was very fun. Our little cousin always tagged so we hid in the play equipment so he wouldn’t catch us. We first go up and then we he comes, we slide down and then when he comes down we go back up. It was very fun watching him be tortured.

The following day we went out for lunch and ate noodles. It was very good, but not the best. We went to the stationary store to buy some tape and staples. Then me and my sister walked back home and then I hiked up the mountain with my grandpa. After we ate dinner, I went to bed with my sister and annoyed while at it.

On the last day, we packed our bags and went to the plane. On the plane, I didn’t feel very good so I went to the bathroom. Not very interesting.

The day after, I went to the shops to buy stuff I need. Such as glue, containers, baby oil and shaving cream. It was very fun shopping with my sister.

So that was my April break.

Comparing Fractions

Hey guys,

In class I learned about comparing fractions. There are many ways to compare fractions. Equal denominator, equal numerator, benchmark of half and benchmark of one. In equal denominator is when the bottom number ( also known as denominator) has the same denominator with the other fractions when comparing. So you only need to look at the numerator. 

In equal numerator is when the numerator is the same as the other fractions so you can calculate the largest smallest quickly. The biggest one is the one with the smallest denominator because when the denominator is smaller parts are bigger.

In benchmark of half, you have to try to half the fraction. It’s either more, less, or equal. You are trying to think if the numerator is either more, less, or half of the denominator.

In benchmark of one, you have to find a fraction equal, more or less than a whole. You can look at both numerator and denominator.

Missing piece is when the numerator is almost a whole like 4/5 . But if the denominator is bigger than the other fractions it is larger. Because the missing piece is smaller so you get more.

I hope you have learned something new.

Bye guys!


Hey guys,

I just came back from camp. Camp was very fun, my camp counsellor’s name is Melissa. She was very nice. Anyhow, on the first day right after the long bus ride we chose a a group name. ” Potato campers” was our name. Though, I didn’t really like it. We then set up our tent with our tent mates,which was Lauren and Elsa. Then we had our packed lunch which was pizza for me. I then put on my water shoes because Melissa told us we were going to the beach for water activities. I put them on just before Melissa called us to go to the beach.

The first activity was called lily pads. The aim of the game was to get to the other side with the lily pads. If one person falls of the lily pad we all have to start again. And also the lily pad must be touched by human at all time or else it would be discarded. It was very difficult,because everyone forget to touch the lily pad at all time. Then we finally got to the other side which was very fun.

Then we played some other water activities. Another water activity that I enjoyed is a game where you had to get to fill a tube with water so the ball can come out. I really did not know the name of this game. I was in a group with Lauren, Brendon and Amber. We had to fill buckets with water so the ball could come out. This is called buoyancy. But the tricky part was that the buckets had wholes so we had to run quickly and also the tube had wholes. And another disadvantage for our group was that we had less people.We only had four people and others had five. Though we discussed plans to help us win the challenge. We used the extra buckets to collect extra water dripping from the pole. Amber and I were runners (people who collect the water from the beach, as we called). Brendon and Lauren were the people who cover the wholes without the buckets containing the leak. At the end we won so we helped other groups.

Then we showered which was really cold and then we ate dinner which was pasta.

Then we played twilight activities. The twilight activity we played was a scavenger hunt. The team with the most crossed out items would win. One person from the team had to run a lap before you could show the object you found.We had to be with your tent groups. Basically, I was running, Elsa was finding the objects and Lauren was the person who was showing the object. When the time was over we handed over our list and then the camp counsellors calculated the top three groups who had the most crossed out things. I had a feeling we were not going to place in the top three. But miracles can happen. We got first place with fifteen points. We were so happy! After the twilight activity we brushed our teeth and then went to bed. It was really hard to sleep because so many people were talking even after lights out. Me and Lauren accidentally woke up at twelve o’ clock because we though it was five. So then we started to pack for the next day. Then I checked my watch and found that it was only twelve. Me and Lauren tried to fall asleep. Which we did. Yay!

The next day we brushed our teeth and then ate breakfast. I had baked beans and sausages. It was good, then we had some more more water activities. Like surfing which was really fun. I managed to stand up on the board ( well, obviously!). I got salt water in my mouth and then I swallowed it which was not very fun. We also did raft building. I was in a group with Patrick, Lauren, Elsa, Brendon, Paegan and Amber. We learned how to tie knots like a box knot. We put the plastic tubes on the bottom off the bamboo. We sailed our boats and cleaned up. Our group came in third.

Our team also played “Game of Life” with the other groups. In game of life there are carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. The carnivores have to eat omnivores and herbivores. And the omnivores have to eat herbivores and run away from the carnivores. And herbivores had to flee and hide from everything. The first round I was a herbivore which was not fun. But I didn’t die anyway. The next round I was an omnivore which was better. But know there was a hunter and disease. The hunter just had to see you and then call your name out  then you were dead. So you had to hide. But the disease had to catch you. So you had to run away. I got ten herbivores but then I loss two lives. Luckily I didn’t get caught by the disease or hunter. The next round was the same but I was a carnivore. I had eaten many herbivores and omnivores. I had to hide from the hunter and disease. So I had to hide with two herbivores I had to promise them to not eat them and help kill omnivores if wanted to hide with them so I agreed. I didn’t die.

We had barbecue for dinner. We first had potatoes and corn. They were both delicious, next we had hot dogs. I really liked those. And then, what we have been all waiting for. SMORES! I really loved them. I roasted a marshmallow and put in on a graham cracker. I got an extra marshmallow because I finished mine early. It was really delicious.

We showered and then we played “Bat and moth” as a twilight activity. It was very fun. It was sort of like “marco polo”. The bat was blindfolded and the moth has to try no to be tagged by the bat.

The next twilight activity was a blindfolded rope activity. We held on to the rope blindfolded so we could get to the other side. It was very fun.

We brushed our teeth and slept. I didn’t sleep much but much more than the previous day.

On the last day I woke up the next day and brushed my teeth. We had baked beans and ham for breakfast.

Then our group went to do survival skills. On the way, we picked up trash. In survival skills we learned how to make a shelter and make a fire. It was very cool. We even got to test out our shelter by staying under it because it was raining.

We made our way back to the canopy to learn about “Bokashi” which was a type of compost. To do Bokashi, one has to put Bokashi powder on food scraps and mix. Mixing other people’s food scraps ( with their saliva on it!) was disgusting. But I did it anyways. I washed my hands clean.

Next we had a sandwich for lunch and then went on the bus to go back to school. We had to walk in the rain to get on the bus. I slept on the bus back to school.

When we got to school we had free time on our computers. Megan, Stephanie, Liwen and I played “Animal jam” on our computers. It was so fun.

I think camp was very fun and I learned many new things like smores and tent set up. It was so cool. I was a risk taker. IMG_9817 IMG_7540 IMG_7498

Bye guys!

Understanidng of Angles

Hey guys,

I learned about angles.  An angle is made up two rays that share the same endpoint. Angles are often named by the label of their vertex. You can use angles in clothing and architecture.  There are 4 types of angles. Straight, obtuse, acute and right. A straight angle is 180 degrees. A obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees. Like a 110 degrees A acute angle is less than 90 degrees. Such as 50 degrees. A right angle is exactly 90 degrees. A angle more than 180 degrees and less then 360 degrees is called a reflex angle. Such has 176 degrees. You can use a protractor to calculate the angle. I really enjoyed learning about angles in class because it was really “challenging”. Something I have “never done before”. It was a “struggle” at first but I eventually got the hang of calculating and identifying them. It’s now really easy to do angles. I hope you enjoy this post and learned something new.url


Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 1.39.12 PM


Bye guys!


Hey guys!

I am learning about interdependence, it’s from my line of inquiry. The interdependence of organisms within ecosystems. Interdependence is when other organism rely on each other. For example, wolves rely on deer to feed them and their youngsters. If I took out the wolves their will be too many deers eating all the grass, then there will be no grass for others. In a book called “Sparrow girl”. Their leader tells them to scare the sparrows away because they eat the crops. But then they realise they need sparrows to eat the insects in their plants. That is why sparrows are important. Every animal is very important in the ecosystem. Even the killer lions. They help lower the elephant population. I hope you learned a lot of new vocabularies and etc.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you!

Bye guys!

Microbead Experiment

Hey guys!

Yesterday 4D went down to the upper school lab so we could meet Pacey, from plastic free seas so we could learn about micro beads. Micro beads are basically round plastic balls. Micro beads can be found in most face scrubs and tooth paste.  The plastic is a lot smoother and cheaper. This is why more companies such as Biore use it, Pacey explains. When the micro beads are used they go down the sewage and then into the ocean. Animals in the sea might eat it. This is bad.

That is why we learned how to take micro beads out of face scrubs. Polyethylene is another word for micro beads. We first measured ten grams of face scrub into a cotton bag. We covered the the bag and washed out all the soap. In the bag there were only micro beads left. We dried the bag and dumped the contents carefully out of the bag and put it on a little bowl. We used a microscope to take a picture.

The experiment was very fun, it was very enjoyable. I learned a lot about micro beads.

This is a picture of some face scrubs containing micro beads.   article-2556825-1B65578700000578-497_306x486IMG_0028

Bye guys!


Hey guys,

Today I’ll be showing you my letter for my parents that I made in Chinese class












English translation:


Dear Mum and Dad,

How are you? These days I feel very lonely at home so I want to have a hamster.

At home, my sister has a lot of homework and doesn’t have time to play with me. So I want a hamster. Hamsters are cute little animals. Do not worry, I will still do my homework and other activities. If I continue doing this routine, can I have a hamster? I can buy all the materials and I will also buy the hamster. Dad and Mum, will you please take me to a store to buy me a hamster. If this is not possible, do not worry.

Wishing You,

A healthy lifestyle


Your daughter,

Teri Wong

February twenty-second


Alan Dick Community Day

Hey guys,

Today was Alan Dick Community Day. On Alan Dick Community Day we celebrate and remember Mr. Alan Dick. We played and danced to his favourites like the hokey pokey. It was very fun. There was a lot of dancing, games, performances and some eating. I really enjoyed it. Especially the games, even if we didn’t win all of them. I went with Paegan and her little sister by the way. I am really looking forward to next year’s Alan Dick Community day.

Bye guys!


Hey guys,

We have finished our commercial last week. I was in a group with Alexa, Amber, Stephanie, Audrey and Paegan. Our commercial was advertising a dog hotel called Dogtastic Hotel. We first planned on our commercial planning sheet and then we started on our storyboard. A storyboard is a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for a film or television production. In the storyboard we wrote who is going to be who. I was the person who goes to Dogtastic hotel because I need someone to take care of my dog while I go to Canada. We also recorded what shots we are going to use. We practiced and rehearsed a lot. Filming was very fun, lots of mistakes and bloopers. We were prepared and probably the first one to finish filming. We had trouble air dropping because the connection with the I pad and Alexa’s computer wasn’t very strong. But we managed to download it. We chose our green screen to our videos. It was also very challenging. I was co -editor and Alexa was the main editor because it was her computer. We had very difficult times but we finished it! Yay!


Bye guys!

Understanding of Volume

Hey guys,

I am learning how to calculate volume for our houses in Minecraft. Volume is the amount of space that a   3-D shape or object occupies. To calculate you have to find the area and then multiply it with the height of the shape.

V: Area x Height

For the intro to volume we used snap cubes. We use the snap cubes to make shapes with different volumes. Like 6 units cubed ( 3). It was pretty easy, because I learned it before. So nothing very challenging, very easy. Anyways, since my height of my house in Minecraft is pretty high so I hope it still will be very easy!



So this shape made out of snap cubes has a volume of 36 units3



v=36units units3


IMG_0393 (2)

Bye guys!