Process of the Geometry test

Hey guys,

I recently have done my geometry test and I want to share my understanding and the process. Before the test, I knew plenty about geometry. There are shapes, angles, and polygons. I was pretty confident about geometry. It was a pop quiz so we did not know it was coming. I didn’t practice or read the future whatsoever. It was very surprising and I got a little nervous.

I think that I didn’t do very well because I didn’t label them due to the reason that I didn’t read the instructions carefully. I wasn’t really satisfied with my results and if I could retake it I would read the instructions more thoroughly so I know what I have to do and understand it deeply.

One of my classmates commented that she thought that I didn’t match up to my potential and could’ve done much better. I agree too as I didn’t reach my maximum potential. Actually, if I were the teacher I would’ve marked communication at level 1.

Overall, my goal would be to read instructions more carefully so I can reach my full potential so I could get full marks. I think it would be helpful if I had a reminder to read instructions one more time so I could understand more.


The link to my test ( Only specific peeps):

Geometry Test
Bye guys!


My Completed Expression

Hey guys,

I just finished my expression and I’m definitely ready for tomorrow’s assembly. I can’t wait to present my expression. Our message was about unwanted dogs in SPCA. We were trying to let people know that they have feelings too and they would be awesome pets. More than 500,000 dogs are euthanised in the US. There are may reasons for this cause, many people buy pets from breeders or pet shops. Once they are no longer puppies or kittens nobody wants them. This is one possibility. Or they have a baby and don’t care about their pets or perhaps they move somewhere else. All these things should be thought about before getting a pet. Fostering is a great solution so you can see if you really want a pet.

I hope our message will be spread around the world to inform people.

Bye guys!

Abstract Art

Hey guys,

I have just completed my abstract art. We made art using triangles. Like scalene triangles or acute angled triangles. I made a puppy, ish. I made a legend and I colour coded it. I’ve never done this type of art so it was very interesting.

On the first try of the plan I didn’t really like it because it was just of bunch of random triangles. So I re did my plan just in time and made a new plan. The new plan was much better as it looked like a dog. The finished product looked nice but it didn’t really look like the plan so I got frustrated. At least it look liked a dog.

I think most people liked it other than the colouring because it was pretty messy. But other than that most people liked it.Based on the information, I guess I could’ve made the colouring neater.  I guess I met the criteria because I had everything the checklist said I needed.  If someone looked at it they would probably know I love animals.

If I had more time I would probably make the colouring neater and make the masterpiece look more like the plan. One goal I wold like to set would probably be to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. I think if someone was judging what I was doing while making the masterpiece so I could make it look similar to the plan. Here is my art.

Bye guys!



Numbers, Numbers Everywhere!

Hey guys!

We just did our numbers, numbers everywhere today so I am going to choose a number and do what we did in the activity.

The number: 80,638

Say the number: eighty thousand six hundred thirty eight

How is it used in real life: It can be currency or the total area of a big apartment

How big or small is it? It’s pretty big considering that you can buy a car and an apartment. Or perhaps a the cost of a dog for one or two years depending on the size.

Numbers are everywhere! They are used for everything, cost, math even art. I hoped you like this and enjoyed reading.

Bye guys

Book Club Hub

Hey guys,

We have started book club this year and it’s really fun. I’m reading the book called counting by sevens, all the books we are reading are related to community. Counting by sevens is about a genius who has counselling because apparently, the principal thinks she is cheating because she got everything right on her test when nobody else in the state has ever got the test correct. She was a lone wolf before, but now she has a friend called Mai. Her adopted  parents died in a car crash so she is experiencing depression. In book club, we do three visualisations which are colour, symbol, image and three connections, text to self, text to world and text to text. We go into our groups and talk about the book. There are different jobs like evaluator, discussion  moderator and questioner. I really love book club and I hope everyone in my class does too. 

Bye guys!

Math Learning

Hey guys,

In 5C we learned a lot about math. Especially angles and shapes. In shapes we learned the differences and similarities between 2D and 3D shapes and their properties and dimensions. In angles, we learned about acute, obtuse, reflex and right. We learned which degree they are in and how to estimate what degree they are in. We also learned about right, acute and obtuse triangles along with equilateral, scalene and isosceles triangles. I love math in grade five because it’s not hard, not easy, but just right. We recently did our MAP test ( measuring academic progress or process?! I don’t really know) on math. I did algebra, a bit of slopes and a lot of challenging fraction and decimal questions and, last but not least, word problems. It’s definitely one of my weaknesses but I still did it. I look forward to doing the third MAP test, language, I do not what that means. But, still looking forward. 

Bye guys!

P.S. Loving grade 5!

A Page From Grade 5

Hey guys,

I’ve just started grade 5 and right now I’m enjoying it so far. I miss grade 4 but this a new chapter in my life. It seems like just yesterday I got this exact computer I’m writing on at open house. It feels unreal but it’s an amazing feeling. With our teacher’s help, we have found about a lot of new vocabulary and learner profiles. 

As we got further through the week. I’ve learned many new concepts and ideas. One of them is a community. I love being part of the 5c community.

In math, we learned 3D shapes. We learned edges, vertices, and faces. We learned the names of the shapes and learned mental multiplication. There were a few tricks to mastering mental multiplication. When we were doing 3D shapes, the class made chomped shapes. It was really fun. I made a hexaonal prymaid connected to a hexagonal prisim. We played card games with a friend to learn mental math strategies. Since I mastered 1-12 it was not so hard. But when we go onto double digits mutiplyed by single digit number, it got complicated. But I learned a trick. 

Our new unit is about a community. A community is a group of people who enjoy working together and doing the same things. 5C is a community. Every community is different. There are many parts and people which interact together. 

Grade 5 is a great palce to be, I really hope that this year will be the best one yet! With camp and passion projects. Suessical the musical, nothing could be better!



我是一個怎樣的學習者? 我是一個音樂智能比較強的學習者。我喜歡彈古箏,我在學校的中樂團已經學了三年了。













我要用音樂智能。( Musical rhythmic and harmonic)

Sketching letters on Scratch

Hey guys,

Today I completed a coding challenge on scratch. I learned how to sketch my initials (TW). It wasn’t very easy. For the “T”  I first had to figure what blocks I needed to use. I used a protractor to figure how much I needed to turn. And then I figured what blocks to use for moving the pen. Next I had to figure how to make a “W”, it was  much easier than a “T”  because I had more experience with sketching letters. I quickly figured what blocks to use. I learned what blocks to use for turning it. I then quickly figured out what blocks to use to make it move the way I wanted. The hardest part was putting both letters together. I tried it the first time but the letters were stuck together and off the page. The next attempt, it was perfect but half of the “T” was gone. Finally, I chose to just keep them together. I changed the colour and the size. I tired to change the background but eventually my friend helped me.

I really enjoyed this activity, not only was it fun but it was very challenging. This activity encouraged me to try new things and skills. It was very fun! I loved sketching my initials. Even though it wasn’t completed it was still very cool!

This is my code:

Bye guys!