Morning Meetings

Hello, feathers and friends,

5C has recently started doing morning meetings. I did morning meetings in my previous class. It was very fun. In my previous class, we had to sign up and take a morning meeting planner sheet and fill it in and get teachers approval.

We first do a greeting, then everyone shares something about a topic (you can choose to skip if you want), and then we do a game and finish off with two glows and a grow so the hosters and future hosters know what to do later.

I really like morning meetings. I like how in the morning when everyone’s tired, we can all have a good time by sitting down and saying hello to classmates and by playing awakening games.

When I and my friend hosted earlier this week, I think people really liked our meeting because everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

I think one thing I can improve on is controlling everyone since they seemed to be acting very crazy during the game since it was pretty competitive.

Bye Bye!


Buddy Project

Hey guys!

Today is the day we give our gifts to our buddies. We have recently been working on our math project for our buddies. It was a really fun project using measurement.

I first had to emphasize what my buddy needs and then ideate what might help her. I came up with 3 ideas and then asked her for her opinion. She chose the briefcase so I started to make it.

I am pretty proud of my work but I wish I could’ve put more activities for my buddy because I had a lot of time left. I only put in some stickers so she can decorate the briefcase and stuck on a sheet of animals in the box so she can name them. I could’ve also put in a board game or a little stick puppet.

I think my buddy really enjoyed my gift to her because when she got it she was really happy and kept jumping up and down.

I really like my end product since I worked pretty hard and was creative while doing it. The design project really helps on stuff like these.

Here is my product:

Bye guys!


Asbury Field Trip

Hey guys,

Today 5C went on a field trip with 5E to Asbury. Asbury is a social centre which helps people in harsh living condition.

We first sat down and one of the social workers told us their mission and what our task was today. Our task was to buy veggies, fruits and two packs of toilet rolls with $100. We then have to take a photo of a of a subdivided house bill. Then we had to go to a park to count how many seats there was ( yeah, I didn’t get why we had to do it), then we had to give the food and the toilet tissues to a resident who is living in a partitioned home.

Next, guest speaker ( I am not saying his name because somebody might read this and then report to the police and because I support this person since he really doesn’t have a place to live.) came to talk with us. He lives in a industrial building because he doesn’t like subdivided units. The industrial building he lives in is open 24/7. You aren’t really allowed to live inside there but nobody really cares. He has a sofa bed to make it look less suspicious.

We met our group leader (who was a social worker that works in Asbury) and headed off. We took a picture of a partitioned house bill and went to the market. We first had to decide what we wanted to buy. We looked around the market and saw four apples for eleven dollars. We bought those. We then bought the veggies which were eight tomatoes for fifteen dollars. The stall next door was selling toilet tissues for twenty-four dollars. We bought two of those. I looked at the money and saw that we had twenty-six dollarsMy friend wanted to buy these longans, so we got those for twenty-five dollars. We donated the extra dollar to Asbury.

We went to the park and counted the seats ( nine benches, twenty-seven seats) and went to the partitioned house. The lady was really nice and offered us snacks but I refused because Asbury told us to not accept gifts or money. We asked a lot of questions ( if you want to know the questions and answers it’s down below) and went back to the centre so we could have lunch.

I learned a lot of new information about subdivided houses and I think it was a great experience. I really hope I can come again.

Do you like it?

At first it was seemed so small, but now we are fine with it.

Who lives with you?

My husband and my mother and father in law. We have a fourteen year old son and ten year old daughter.

Where did you use to live?

We used to live in FuJian, China.

Why did you move?

We moved because there were many kidnappers in FuJian. We were worried about our children.

Have you signed up for public housing?

No, because the government doesn’t say we are poor because we receive a little more than the poverty line.

Hope you enjoy!
Bye guys.


My Peace Flag

Hey guys,

I finished my peace flag in art class. I wanted to express that there is a happy and sad side to this world, and together to make it happy. The tie dye was the happy side and the green fabric is the sad one. I used sewing, up cycling fabric, fabric markers. I also made tassels using string. I knew how to sew before so this project was really fun and easy. I already knew how to use a hand sewing machine so it was a challenge for using the stand sewing machine. I think i’d give myself seven out of ten because everything was good until the tassels. It took me two classes to  finish all the tassels, plus it looks pretty bad.

This is my peace flag:

Bye guys!

P.S. It says “Joy to the world”

My Decimal Summative

Hey guys,

We got our decimal summative back and evaluated our results. I’m proud of my score but, of course there is always room for improvement. Before the summative, I knew a lot about decimals. I knew how to multiply, divide, subtract and add decimals. I was pretty confident about this subject. I think after I got the test I need to practice more on problem solving.

I feel pretty positive about this piece of work. I knew a lot so it was easy peasy, but of course there were some misunderstandings or careless mistakes. The part where I got really muddled up in the test was when I didn’t understand how to do one question, I knew should’ve skipped it and do it later but I just didn’t.

I definitely know that I did my work a little differently. I explained the solutions as deep as I could and checked my answers at least five times. One way my work met the standards was when I explained the answer (not just write the answer like some people) in word form and another way I mat the standards was when I tried my best to compete the test. Some people who know it very well (or think they know it very well) may just think they know everything and get lots of careless mistakes.

If I did this test again I would probably look out for little careless mistakes and understand the problem to the best I can.



Disadvantages and Advantages

Hi guys,

Last week in PE we played a game called the game of life. We were sorted into our houses to play the game. The game had some advantages and disadvantages. We had to capture cones from the other houses. But there was a twist, we had to play the game according to the rules Mr. Wah came up with. Bear and Orca had the same rules. Their cones could be captured by anyone and they could steal from everyone but Mountain lion. They could also tag everyone but mountain lions. And they had the same number of cones to start with. Mountain lions could steal from everyone and tag everyone. They also had the most cones to start off with. Nobody could tag them or steal from them. Ravens (my house) on the other hand was the complete opposite. They had the least amount of cones to start off with, their cones could be stolen from everyone and they couldn’t tag mountain lions. They also couldn’t take from the mountain lions. And the most unfair bit was we had the least amount of players!

We started the game and of course, mountain lions won and we lost. Everyone started to complain because the mountain lions had the biggest advantage. Mr. Wah called us over to talk about it. He said that we all started off with different advantages in the game. And then he talked about the actual world.

He asked us if we ever come up with no food to eat, and we all answered no. He told us that in the real world people start off with different advantages. Some don’t have to work hard for what they have, and others have to. He said all of us start with pretty much the same advantages. We don’t have to work for anything. We were like the mountain lions. No one was like the Ravens. But he said that since we were playing a game we could change the rules.

On the next round, we all started with the same advantages and advantages. We could all steal and tag from everyone and we all had the same amount of cones to start off with.

After this game, I learned that we all have disadvantages and advantages in the world and some have less advantages. In this game, I realized how much I have compared to other people and I started to be more empathetic to other even strangers because who knows if they were having a rough day.

I hope you learned something!

Bye guys!

x 10, x 100, x 1000 and ➗ 10, ➗ 100, ➗ 1000 with Decimal numbers!

Hey guys,

In math, we learned how to divide and multiply by 10, 100 and 1000. We learned how to multiply and divide them with decimal numbers.

Once we practiced we got pretty fast because we understood the technique. My strategy for multiplying decimal numbers is to move all the digits before the decimal point up. If you’re multiplying by ten you move the digits up one time. Multiplying by 100 you move up two times, etc. I think this method is very efficient because I now can multiply decimal numbers with the power of ten.

For division my strategy is to move all the digits after the decimal point down. This is my way, it’s pretty similar to my multiplication. if your’e dividing by 10 you move one digit after the decimal point down. For diving by hundred you move two digits after the decimal point down, etc.

After learning this strategy I can multiply and divide by the power of ten quickly. Later on the year I  hope that i can learn to divide and multiply by other numbers quickly.

Here is a visual of my strategy:






Bye guys!

Process of the Geometry test

Hey guys,

I recently have done my geometry test and I want to share my understanding and the process. Before the test, I knew plenty about geometry. There are shapes, angles, and polygons. I was pretty confident about geometry. It was a pop quiz so we did not know it was coming. I didn’t practice or read the future whatsoever. It was very surprising and I got a little nervous.

I think that I didn’t do very well because I didn’t label them due to the reason that I didn’t read the instructions carefully. I wasn’t really satisfied with my results and if I could retake it I would read the instructions more thoroughly so I know what I have to do and understand it deeply.

One of my classmates commented that she thought that I didn’t match up to my potential and could’ve done much better. I agree too as I didn’t reach my maximum potential. Actually, if I were the teacher I would’ve marked communication at level 1.

Overall, my goal would be to read instructions more carefully so I can reach my full potential so I could get full marks. I think it would be helpful if I had a reminder to read instructions one more time so I could understand more.


The link to my test ( Only specific peeps):

Geometry Test
Bye guys!