The Tsunami Survivors

The Tsunami Survivors

There was a middle aged man who lived in Manilla, he was named Mr.Lub, he didn’t have lots of friends, in fact he barely had any friends. The only person that was nice enough to be his friend was his neighbour Jax. Lots of people would judge Mr.Lub because he looked different from everyone else, but Jax didn’t care what he looked like. Jax also looked quite different from everyone else, he was way more round than the others even Mr.Lub


One cold night, there was a earthquake, it didn’t make such a big impact, so that was ok. But the whole town never knew after this earthquake happens, a few days later there would be a tsunami!


Two days after the earthquake, there was a tsunami. No one knew about the tsunami, once they saw their town flooding and their homes destroyed. They knew that it was a tsunami. Everyone tried their best to evacuate. Unfortunately, Mr.Lub was one of the people that survived that tsunami, but he wasn’t still in Manilla he got washed up to a little island.


Mr. Lub thought to himself “ Is this the end of my life or should I keep trying to survive and find a way back to Manilla.”  He decided to try his best and not give up, because he knew if he kept on trying he will find a way off the island.  He made a shelter out of tree branches and leaves. He ate the coconut that fell out of the trees. He was anxious to get off the island and find his way back to Manilla.



For the first few days surviving on the island, Mr.Lub thought it was rough, in fact he was exhausted from building his shelter and finding coconuts. He didn’t really know what to do with all the time he had. He realised why couldn’t explore around. So he did start finding out more strange things. But he wasn’t the only person on the island.



“What happened to all the coconuts, I need them to survive in this island!!!” Jax was furious he looked everywhere! “Is that Mr.Lub!!, I thought that I was the only one who survived that tsunami, anyway I should get back to make my shelter and find more food, I’ll talk to him later. Probably take a nap. I’m exhausted!” Jax said.


12 hours later…


Wow! I took a long nap, what time is it! Well now I can’t sleep and it’s night time! Let’s see if that is actually Mr.Lub who’s here on the island with me.”   He looked and he looked, but he still couldn’t find Mr.Lub. Later that night, he realised that he didn’t check everywhere, there was still one place that he didn’t look at yet. “THE SHORE, he should be there, he loves watching the waves do their thing, but wouldn’t he be scared after the tsunami? Let’s check anyway. Man! I just realised that I talk to myself a lot.” Jax exclaimed.



“I wonder when I can see Jax again, I hope he is ok, I don’t want to loose my best friend.” Mr.Lub was exhausted, but he wasn’t tired enough to sleep yet, so he took a stroll around the island and he found out more.  “JAX!!”, but Jax didn’t hear Mr.Lub, all he heard was the soothing waves, Mr.Lub shouted pretty loud and the waves weren’t loud enough that Jax couldn’t hear Mr.Lub’s  deafening shout. Mr.Lub decided to walk over to him…. He tapped Jax on the shoulder. By the look of his face he was really frightened when Mr.Lub tapped  him on the shoulder. Mr.Lub believed.


“Mr.Lub, oh my god you almost scared me to death, I thought that was one of those random suspicious people on the island!” Jax exclaimed.“Wait there are other people stranded on this island too?” Mr.Lub questioned“I don’t think so, I’ve looked everywhere.” Jax spoke.

The next day….



“Let’s go find Jax, and work together to find a way off this island, hopefully it works and we get back to Manilla safely.” JAX!! Where are you?” Mr.Lub shouted.“Yes, Mr.Lub, what do you need?” Jax tiredly asked. “You wanna help me find a way off this island and hopefully get back to Manilla?” Mr.Lub hoped Jax would help him.“(Yawn)Sure, we can make something out of all the trees here, and store some coconuts on the boat too, so we won’t starve.” Jax exclaimed. “Great Idea!” “Let’s try putting the tree down horizontally on the floor.” Mr.Lub hoped it would work.“I can’t pull it out of the floor!” Jax shouted.“Let’s try using logs instead, and I found some ropes so we could use it to tie all the logs together.” Mr.Lub assumed that it would work. “Mr.Lub a little help  with carrying the log, please” Jax pleaded. “Sure!” Mr.Lub exclaimed. They first put all the logs by the shore, the first layer was put horizontally and the second layer was vertical. After they tied the logs  tightly together so it won’t break apart.” “We did it!! We made a boat! But do you think that it is strong enough. Let me see, (He sits on it), yep it’s ok.” Jax happily said.“Yes!! It can hold both of us and the coconuts. You know what this means Jax!” Mr.Lub excitedly said.“It means that…” Jax was really confused what it meant.“We can go back to Manilla.” Mr.Lub claimed.


2 days later on the boat….


“Look Jax!, we found Manilla. It’s our village, our houses have gotten demolished, it looks horrible, terrifying , dreadful, hideous, gruesome. . . Mr.Lub disgustedly said. “Ok, ok, Mr.Lub I get it now. But at least after three days it’s not flooding anymore and  it didn’t damage the whole city only our little village. You know we can build back everything right?” “But how, everything is destroyed” Mr.Lub was confused.“Ya, but the materials that are used to make the house aren’t destroyed yet, we just have to take all the materials and build back to normal. It’ll seem like nothing even happened.” Jax stated.  “Ok then, but let’s take a rest first these three days I have barely gotten any sleep.” Mr.Lub exhaustedly said. “I agree” Jax replied.


8 hours later. . . .


“Mr.Lub, wake up, look at the beautiful sky!” Jax exclaimed. “Good morning, Wow that is a really nice sky!”  Mr.Lub responded. “Shall we start building our town back.” Jax spoke. “We shall start building everything back.” Mr.Lub excitedly said. They first piled up everything that they needed in one pile and trash on another pile. They started building the houses first, it took a two months to finish. They took a short nap at least 4 times a day, and it’s actually a nap not them just saying let’s take a nap and ending up sleeping for 15 hours.  After they started building all those tiny little markets next to the houses. It took 1 month to build the little tiny houses, it didn’t take as long as the house, probably because it’s tiny little markets on the street. Jax and Mr.Lub felt exhausted so they slept till late afternoon. They ate all of the coconuts from the little island. They were talking about what they should call the island that they found, they made it to bux land.  It sounded like bucks as in money.  They claimed that it will cost quite a lot of money to go their island.


2 days later….


Everyone came back to the village after they heard about the Tsunami Survivors. People used the boat that Jax and Mr.Lub made to go the island. Jax and Mr.Lub earned a lot of money. They were so glad that everyone enjoyed their island.









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