The Tsunami Survivors

The Tsunami Survivors

The Tsunami Survivors

There was a middle aged man who lived in Manilla, he was named Mr.Lub, he didn’t have lots of friends, in fact he barely had any friends. The only person that was nice enough to be his friend was his neighbour Jax. Lots of people would judge Mr.Lub because he looked different from everyone else, but Jax didn’t care what he looked like. Jax also looked quite different from everyone else, he was way more round than the others even Mr.Lub


One cold night, there was a earthquake, it didn’t make such a big impact, so that was ok. But the whole town never knew after this earthquake happens, a few days later there would be a tsunami!


Two days after the earthquake, there was a tsunami. No one knew about the tsunami, once they saw their town flooding and their homes destroyed. They knew that it was a tsunami. Everyone tried their best to evacuate. Unfortunately, Mr.Lub was one of the people that survived that tsunami, but he wasn’t still in Manilla he got washed up to a little island.


Mr. Lub thought to himself “ Is this the end of my life or should I keep trying to survive and find a way back to Manilla.”  He decided to try his best and not give up, because he knew if he kept on trying he will find a way off the island.  He made a shelter out of tree branches and leaves. He ate the coconut that fell out of the trees. He was anxious to get off the island and find his way back to Manilla.



For the first few days surviving on the island, Mr.Lub thought it was rough, in fact he was exhausted from building his shelter and finding coconuts. He didn’t really know what to do with all the time he had. He realised why couldn’t explore around. So he did start finding out more strange things. But he wasn’t the only person on the island.



“What happened to all the coconuts, I need them to survive in this island!!!” Jax was furious he looked everywhere! “Is that Mr.Lub!!, I thought that I was the only one who survived that tsunami, anyway I should get back to make my shelter and find more food, I’ll talk to him later. Probably take a nap. I’m exhausted!” Jax said.


12 hours later…


Wow! I took a long nap, what time is it! Well now I can’t sleep and it’s night time! Let’s see if that is actually Mr.Lub who’s here on the island with me.”   He looked and he looked, but he still couldn’t find Mr.Lub. Later that night, he realised that he didn’t check everywhere, there was still one place that he didn’t look at yet. “THE SHORE, he should be there, he loves watching the waves do their thing, but wouldn’t he be scared after the tsunami? Let’s check anyway. Man! I just realised that I talk to myself a lot.” Jax exclaimed.



“I wonder when I can see Jax again, I hope he is ok, I don’t want to loose my best friend.” Mr.Lub was exhausted, but he wasn’t tired enough to sleep yet, so he took a stroll around the island and he found out more.  “JAX!!”, but Jax didn’t hear Mr.Lub, all he heard was the soothing waves, Mr.Lub shouted pretty loud and the waves weren’t loud enough that Jax couldn’t hear Mr.Lub’s  deafening shout. Mr.Lub decided to walk over to him…. He tapped Jax on the shoulder. By the look of his face he was really frightened when Mr.Lub tapped  him on the shoulder. Mr.Lub believed.


“Mr.Lub, oh my god you almost scared me to death, I thought that was one of those random suspicious people on the island!” Jax exclaimed.“Wait there are other people stranded on this island too?” Mr.Lub questioned“I don’t think so, I’ve looked everywhere.” Jax spoke.

The next day….



“Let’s go find Jax, and work together to find a way off this island, hopefully it works and we get back to Manilla safely.” JAX!! Where are you?” Mr.Lub shouted.“Yes, Mr.Lub, what do you need?” Jax tiredly asked. “You wanna help me find a way off this island and hopefully get back to Manilla?” Mr.Lub hoped Jax would help him.“(Yawn)Sure, we can make something out of all the trees here, and store some coconuts on the boat too, so we won’t starve.” Jax exclaimed. “Great Idea!” “Let’s try putting the tree down horizontally on the floor.” Mr.Lub hoped it would work.“I can’t pull it out of the floor!” Jax shouted.“Let’s try using logs instead, and I found some ropes so we could use it to tie all the logs together.” Mr.Lub assumed that it would work. “Mr.Lub a little help  with carrying the log, please” Jax pleaded. “Sure!” Mr.Lub exclaimed. They first put all the logs by the shore, the first layer was put horizontally and the second layer was vertical. After they tied the logs  tightly together so it won’t break apart.” “We did it!! We made a boat! But do you think that it is strong enough. Let me see, (He sits on it), yep it’s ok.” Jax happily said.“Yes!! It can hold both of us and the coconuts. You know what this means Jax!” Mr.Lub excitedly said.“It means that…” Jax was really confused what it meant.“We can go back to Manilla.” Mr.Lub claimed.


2 days later on the boat….


“Look Jax!, we found Manilla. It’s our village, our houses have gotten demolished, it looks horrible, terrifying , dreadful, hideous, gruesome. . . Mr.Lub disgustedly said. “Ok, ok, Mr.Lub I get it now. But at least after three days it’s not flooding anymore and  it didn’t damage the whole city only our little village. You know we can build back everything right?” “But how, everything is destroyed” Mr.Lub was confused.“Ya, but the materials that are used to make the house aren’t destroyed yet, we just have to take all the materials and build back to normal. It’ll seem like nothing even happened.” Jax stated.  “Ok then, but let’s take a rest first these three days I have barely gotten any sleep.” Mr.Lub exhaustedly said. “I agree” Jax replied.


8 hours later. . . .


“Mr.Lub, wake up, look at the beautiful sky!” Jax exclaimed. “Good morning, Wow that is a really nice sky!”  Mr.Lub responded. “Shall we start building our town back.” Jax spoke. “We shall start building everything back.” Mr.Lub excitedly said. They first piled up everything that they needed in one pile and trash on another pile. They started building the houses first, it took a two months to finish. They took a short nap at least 4 times a day, and it’s actually a nap not them just saying let’s take a nap and ending up sleeping for 15 hours.  After they started building all those tiny little markets next to the houses. It took 1 month to build the little tiny houses, it didn’t take as long as the house, probably because it’s tiny little markets on the street. Jax and Mr.Lub felt exhausted so they slept till late afternoon. They ate all of the coconuts from the little island. They were talking about what they should call the island that they found, they made it to bux land.  It sounded like bucks as in money.  They claimed that it will cost quite a lot of money to go their island.


2 days later….


Everyone came back to the village after they heard about the Tsunami Survivors. People used the boat that Jax and Mr.Lub made to go the island. Jax and Mr.Lub earned a lot of money. They were so glad that everyone enjoyed their island.









Expert Groups- Wildfire

Expert Groups- Wildfire

This week we have started our Expert Groups for natural disasters. Each groups has three people, out teacher has chosen which natural disasters we will be researching about. There are two different kind of disasters, there are human-made like transportation accident, oil spills, fire and more. Natural Disasters is a natural event like floods, earthquake, hurricane or more. Our group was assigned to research about Wildfire.


We did this to build a better understanding of natural disasters by researching in different websites that tell the right information. We could also find out how do natural disasters happen.


We first had find our group members, then figure what was our task, then how are we gonna complete that task, after figure out how are we gonna work as a group to complete the presentation.


We haven’t started researching about Wildfire yet, so I haven’t learnt anything about Wildfires.

Make, Create, Collaborate

Make, Create, Collaborate

Last Thursday we had Make, Create, Collaborate. Make, create, collaborate has a lot of activities to do like 3D doodling, playing with instruments, karaoke, crochet, free draw, hand knitting and more. The Visual Arts teachers, performing arts teachers, Ms.Fung and some parent volunteers all hosted their own activity to do. My friends and I did a bit of crochet and instruments and most was the 3D doodling.


I chose to write about this because Make, Create, Collaborate doesn’t always happen and it was really fun doing the activities. I thought that it was really nice how all different kind of arts were all together but in different activities.


We first chose the station we wanted to be in then from time to time we could move to the next station or stay. There wasn’t really a specific order we had to do the stations in.


I learnt how to knit and how 3D doodling works. At first I thought that knitting was really complicated because it was confusing when I saw others knit.  Before I even started 3D doodling I had no clue that it was actually melted plastic.

Learning Buddies’ Spotlight

Learning Buddies’ Spotlight

Today we watched our learning buddies spotlight. A spotlight is when you perform what you have been learning in your specialist class to your parents and friends. Our learning buddies spotlight was about what they have learnt in Visual Arts and Performing Arts.  It wasn’t only our learning buddies spotlight though, there were two other classes that performed too.  The storyline is about Amrita’s Tree( I don’t really know lots about Amrita’s Tree).

I liked how in the intro they didn’t just start on the stage, they started outside and made their way to the stage. They started with energetic energy so when they started the performance was already filled with energy.  It was nice to see what they have been learning in their specialist class.  It was also nice to hear them sing some songs.

They have showed lots of different attitudes and attributes throughout their performance. They have showed commitment, confidence, principled and independence, and more. I think they have showed commitment because even though there were some minor mistakes they kept on going. They seemed very confident while performing and had  a positive attitude throughout the performance.  They were very principled because they weren’t fooling around when they didn’t need to perform. They didn’t depend on the teachers to do everything for them while performing.

I think my buddy did a really good job performing because she was a bit shy at the start, but when she started to perform she looked really confident. She always knew what to do and where to go.


Performing Arts

Last Tuesday, we had performing arts with Ms.Butler. Our unit that we have been learning about for the past few weeks is Dance. We have been learning about the elements of dance, what is a light painting and more.  We have been looking at all sorts of dance moves we can use to put in our light painting. We had some activities to create dance moves with your group and perform it to the class.


A light painting is a photographic technique, which is made out of body motions, by moving a light source in your hand or around your legs, waist, or anywhere else. In the end, all your dance moves will come together. A question you might we wondering about is “How?” can a dance turn into a photo. A dance can turn into a photo by taking a long picture, not like a video though there are certain apps that are made for light dance so it will let you take a long photo. (I’m pretty sure)


We learned that you don’t have to put in complicated dance moves in your dance because your everyday moves are already danced moves such as; stretching. We watched a video about a dance studio where they learn a dance routine which contains everyday moves.

We learned about the elements of dance such as; body, action, energy, space and time. The body is connected to initiation, inner self, shapes and of course parts of the body. Initiation is the core, distal or mid-limb, inner self means your thoughts, emotions, and senses. Shapes can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, parts of the body are the head, eyes fingers, hips torso, shoulders, knees, feet and if there is anymore.


The action is all about axial, traveling and laban effort. Axial is basically non-locomotor when you stay in one spot like; open, close, rise, sink, stretch, bend, twist and turn. Traveling is the same as locomotor since both the dance moves move from places to places such as; crawl, roll, walk, leap, gallop, creep, scoot, run, jump and more if there is more. Laban Effort Action is press, slash, punch, flick, glide and float.


Energy is connected to attack, energy qualities and weight. The attack is when you hurt someone and you can put those moves into a dance since dance expresses your feelings. The attack can be sharp, smooth, sudden and sustained. Energy qualities are all about how you are feeling while dancing you might be feeling vigorous, furious, timidly, melting, droopy, proud, wild, sneakily and more. Weight is heavy and light, and can also be your strength.


Space is all about the direction, pathway, size and level. The direction is important because you need to know where you are going like when you go forward, backward, upward, downward, sideways, diagonally, linear or rotating while dancing you don’t wanna bump into something. The pathway is to make sure that you know where to go and to make sure you know where you go or else maybe one of your crops will block your way. A pathway can be straight, curved, angular or zigzag. Size is a very important because if you don’t know how big your stage is then you might have problems when you perform since the stage might be too small for your dance. If you know how high the dance stage is then you can plan everything out to make sure it will fit in. Time is all about the beat, tempo, accent, duration. Your dance can’t start fast then become slower so you have to have a steady beat in your mind when dancing.


First, we had to do a short planning of what we want to do, then we drew what you want your light painting to look like. After you move on to the storyboard and make your dance! You can start practicing your dance after finishing your storyboard so when you do your light painting everyone would know what they’re doing.


The challenges were how sometimes someone is absent, and the rest of the group finishes off the dance, then on the next lesson of performing arts the person who was absent came back didn’t know what to do so we had to explain to that person but then he would start getting distracted so it wasted quite a lot of time just to finish explaining to that person.

Coding with Scratch

Coding with Scratch

Today, we had coding with Ms.Fung, we weren’t coding with M-block though. We were coding with Scratch, Scratch and M-block are both created by the same group of people. The only difference is that you code a character on the computer in scratch and on M-block there was a robot to code, not on the computer. We had to make a tessellation of any shape that can tessellate and you want. A tessellation is a shape that repeats over and over, but not on top of each other, next to each other.


I can tessellate the character successfully for 200 times. I have expected it to cover the whole page but it didn’t work because when it went closer to the edge it started to overlap, so then the tessellation would be different.


Scratch drew what I have wanted to draw, I wanted to draw a hexagon and it turned out to be a hexagon, so I was pretty happy about my coding.


The most challenging part of coding was to make sure it didn’t overlap so you had to make the shape smaller so it would have less as a chance to bump into the edge then start to overlap.


The new thing that I’ve learnt is how to code a tessellation and what are the key codes to make a tessellation.  For me the key code for the tessellation is pick random and the last turn.


Which Animal is the Best?

Which Animal is the Best?

Dogs are the greatest pets ever. I believe dogs are intelligent, helpful, loyal and more. Dogs are obedient and they listen to their owners orders and rules. Some dogs save people that need help, like if a kid was getting attacked by a wild animal, some dogs would actually sacrifice there live to help someone else.

First of all, dogs are certainly smart, they know plenty of tricks, some even know when to attack with a certain word. Dogs can sense feeling when you’re down or happy.They know who to trust, when they trust a certain person they might start following that person.

Secondly, dogs are great companions. Dogs are sometimes often known as a man’s best friend. This quote should be familiar   “Dogs are a man’s best friend”, even though it’s a man’s best friend it can be anyone’s best friend.   Dogs are always aware of what’s happening around them. Dogs are truly playful, some dogs even give you a toy to play with them.

Lastly, dogs are super caring. They are always aware of anything that’s happening around them, so they’ll guard you. They will always be by your side, they comfort you when you are sad and they will play with you when they can feel that energetic energy.

In conclusion, dogs are marvellous pets. I believe a dog can change a person’s live, by having a companion by their side. Dogs are very brave, when they see someone that are under attack they usually go and help that person.



Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Yesterday , we had visual arts again. We were researching about Henri Matisse this time. Henri Matisse is most famous for his collages, in fact he was the one who created art collages, he made scissors to a tool of art. Of course he also has some famous paintings (I’m pretty sure), like “The Dinner Table”, “Open Window”, “Blue Nude”, and more. He started doing collages ever since he had stomach cancer, it was too hard to paint since he was stuck on a wheelchair. So he started doing collages everywhere.


We did this to learn more about the Henri Matisse and see what challenges he had in his life and how he fought it for his passion of art. Art is a form that can cheer people up, make them depressed and happy, Henri Matisse didn’t want to lose that.


We first chose the colour that you want the background to be, then you find some inspiration and what you might want to do. It can be creative or something you’ve seen before. I followed my creativity and made something very interesting.


I learnt that making a collage was really fun because it’s all about your creativity and what you are inspired to, I was stuck at first though I didn’t know what to do, but after a while… I made something awesome.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Yesterday we had Visual Arts, we had to sketch Frida Kahlo. During Visual arts we read a book about Frida Kahlo, she’s an Artist. Frida Kahlo died in 1977 , she died of cancer. We had to find a self portrait of her then sketch it out.  It wasn’t easy because I didn’t know where to start.

I chose to write about Visual Arts because this was the most challenging activity I have done for the whole week, probably because I have never tried sketching a realistic person before.

How did we do this:

First we found a self portrait of Frida Kahlo that you want to draw, then start with the main parts of her body, then move onto the smaller details. After you finished drawing the wonderful Frida Kahlo then you start colouring.

I learnt how to do a better sketch and sketch something more realistic, even though it’s not the best. I felt  really happy when I was sketching Frida Kahlo because I was with my friends having fun, while sketching.


Treasure Island

Treasure Island

On March 29th till March 31st we had CAMP on Treasure Island (Pui O). We were split to several groups, the groups include the people you are gonna sleep with in your tent. Each group had a teacher and a counselor supervising the group. My group had the best counselor ever, he was so nice! He bought us candy on the last day! We had so many activities to do, it was incredibly fun!  

I enjoyed everything about camp, even the showers because after you get dirty you can get washed off. The activity I enjoyed the most is raft building. Raft building was one of the activities I will never forget doing.

I experienced a few things for the first time this camp, for example camping. The activities that I have experienced doing for the first time is making tents, raft building and surfing.

I found raft building challenging because if we didn’t build the raft right then we would sink and if we didn’t tie the knots really tight then it would fall apart. So in order to succeed in building a raft, you have to make sure a lot of things are good to go.

I learnt to be more independent, how to build a raft, how to build a tent and how to surf. All these activities aren’t hard to do, there just confusing to learn(to me).