What are we doing after exhibition?

Dear readers,

Its been a long time since I wrote but what happened the past few weeks were terrifying. So what happened was “exhibition” and what we did for the exhibition was hard but what I did was “Exploring Homelessness and Food poverty in HK and raising awareness to the CDNIS community” This was my issue and this issue is really important to me because I always researched into this issue but never had the time to pursue it because of school. I really wanted to do more on this issue but never could volenteer. During exhibition, we did a lot of rough things and I will show them to you.


Thought of the idea

got the approval

started getting peer feedback on the idea

clear our idea

do research

start making our lines of inquiry

start to do volenteer work

reflect on that volunteer work

do weekly exhibition reflections


peer feedback at this stage of exhibitions

interviews and more

do more research on it

expert presentation

more checklists

start thinking about your action

plan your action

email the people for your action

do your action

the blob tree how did you grow

stage plan

presentation notes


set up

present 1st day

present 2ed day

do another piece of the action

“show the steps in the book”


Now it is the week after the exhibition and we are all sooooo tired from the exhibition and we thought it would be an easy week after a year’s work and yes the exhibition took a year. NOW we are finally finished and we are doing a lot of things differently. This week we are doing everything related to art and we are doing…

Appreciating & Analysing Artwork/Appreciating & Analysing poems

I really like both of this activity because they both involve art and using creativity. What I did for Appreciating & Analysing Artwork is something that I saw at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. I saw that this artist use things that he saw to create art so I used that as my artwork I was going to analyze. I really thought that this activity was fun because I got to chose any art form that I thought of or wanted to do.

here’s the paper link to the sheet.

for the poem version, I looked at a book that was called “it begins with me” and it had a book filled with really nice poems and I chose a one about war because it explained to me why war what there and who/what/how it affected everyone and everything. I really thought that this was new and exciting for me because I really wanted to learn how to analyze poems so that was challenging and exciting for me.

here’s the  (Appreciating & Analysing poem)  link.


How exhibition is going

dear readers,

this is what I think of this weeks exhibition…

I thought that this week of the exhibition was really helpful because I answered the 2 exhibition questions and gained so much more knowledge on the topic answering my 2 questions. I thought that answering these questions helped me and I think that doing the field trip to impact HK is going to really help with inquiring what I am going to do further. I think that I am a bit worried because I still have to answer 5 questions and that is making me a bit worried on behalf on how soon exhibition is and hopefully by next week I will be able to finish most of my questions and try to begin to make posters and go further on awaring the CDNIS community. I am inspired to do more every single day and try to work my hardest and do better and do stuff quicker in my exhibition journey. Today we also are planning the bake sale and we are preparing and doing a good job working together

speech/ i movie reflection

speech/ imovie reflection
dear readers:

This is the speech that I made and I really enjoyed this process because I got to make a speech that I was really passionate about and that is girls education. I   relate it to my exhibition because I wanted to do something else to inquirer into. I think that I used my really cool persuasive writing skills to talk and hopefully persuade them to take action. I really liked this activity because I got to do something that I was really passionate about and something that I could really express myself about. I really felt good when I did it and I am so proud of myself for doing something I am passionate about and knowing it is for a good cause.


Heres my speech:  


Malala once said:” I speak not for myself, but so those without a voice can be heard. Those who have fought for their rights. Their right to live in peace. Their right to be treated with dignity. Their right to equality of opportunity. Their right to be educated.” As an activist, she is using her experience and voice. to encourage the education of millions of girls. Like her, I believe in the importance of education for girls. I represent girls education. Education is the key to success, but globally 65 million girls are not in school and this has a major impact on their lives. Have you ever thought if you had to work and had no opportunity to go to school how would you feel?  


70 million kids are not in school and more than half are girls. I believe that both boys and girls should have an education but education cannot be dominated by boys, because of unfair equality of them. Girls deserve more!!! Not only this is a huge problem, think about not getting a right to learn? My point is Where would you go in life if you didn’t have an education? In fact, that’s the same for millions of girls. Equally important, if they have a chance to learn they will have more knowledge and be able to follow their dreams. Education not only affects them as a child it will affect them in the future. This has a big role in a humans life to be doing other things that are not education will not help them in with finances, health and more, But with education, Thell Be successful, Be different, Be strong. NO, we need to change, we need to stand up, we need to help these girls.


In conclusion, girls need to have an education and what can us CDNIS students do to help this issue. I speak for your donation might get a girl in school, Think that might not be a big impact to you but for that girl, it would change her life. You might think I’m just a CDNIS student standing up here, but I believe that anyone and everyone can make an impact, you just need to believe in yourself to take action. To make a change.




How Do I Feel About Young Americans?

How Do I Feel About Young Americans?


Dear readers,


It’s time for the scariest time of the year yes that is right it is the young Americans are coming to town. This week we will be participating in a show with the young Americans in front of the whole lower school and our parents of course !!! If you do not know what the young Americans are they are a group of young adults that travel around the world and help kids boost their confidence and to make a once in a lifetime experience. The young Americans go to Hong Kong first then Japan and then Thailand. How am I feeling about them you may ask well I am a little scared that it is coming up so soon, A bit worried if I forget something or make a mistake. Overall I am really excited and ready for what is next. Some of my questions are…


  • Why are young Americans coming? How does it connect to our unit?
  • What will we be doing?
  • How will we as a grade and a community all be cooperating?


Day 1:

Surprisingly the young Americans were really fun and its just been 1 day and they already boost my confidence by making me sing ABC even though it is not an official song I did it and it felt so good to be able to finish it. It was a really fun day that really pushed me and I am so ready for another day ahead. Overall day 1 was a very productive day and really fun because we really got to know them and figure out their personalities. Some of the highlights were meeting them and them having so much energy. A grow for tomorrow is to practice more on the dances so we do not forget on the big day. From the beginning, my thinking changed a lot because of how they got you into dancing so easily. I feel good for Day 3 because on what we learned in 1 day I think we will be able to learn more and be more confident with it.





Day 2:

Day 2 was a really cool day because of not really practicing but working as a team and as a community to cooperate so for the show we can all be a focus on what is happening next and all the different movements. I think that yesterday was a really fun day and got the whole grade so energetic. Some of my grows were to remember the dance and the song for the final show. We made the song that went like “we will rock the world” and we performed it in the show. But Overall it was a really fun day and at the end, we did the things we learned and then learned the comedy theme where I was a boxing teacher. I think that we worked so well as a community and with the young Americans guiding us and we could learn more and much easier. I felt a little more confident than the first day because of how I got to sing more on that day and was so excited for the next day.


Day 3:

Surprisingly the 3rd day was the funniest in my opinion because of how we got to do the whole show in once and there were a few stops and pauses in the middle or the parts that we just learned that day or yesterday but we first practiced the opening dance that was really fun and I felt ready and prepared for the show. We ate dinner and were about to go to the show and people started to arrive at that time my heart was racing but we all ended up going on and we started and it was good because I felt way more confident. What I will keep from the young Americans are how the made you feel so confident and how they were so energetic and pushed you to do more. They really helped me feel like a family and a big community.


In the end, we finished and we all felt so close, we were all strong doing the final dance and song. I loved it and it was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.


Here are some photo’s !!!


Kayak Mishaps

dear readers,

Starting out:


it was a hectic morning and most of the people in the class got to school, by then we were all trying to find our groups and where to put our bag. After all of that, we finally got onto the bus and not to lie that was one of the longest bus rides I have ever taken but in the end, it was worth the journey.


We arrived and what we think about the place is pretty cool because it’s a really big facility and it has so many fun parts to it so we all went to the main area so we can get introduced by everybody and also find our groups. After that, we got settled into our cabin also dorms and it was pretty family cuz we got to walk around it take a mini tour and what was what where to go. We are packed we choose a bed’s and we get out again to do some fun games. Finally, we get to lunch and after we needed to get into a wet stuff for a water activity that was going to take place at the little peach that they have at Outward Bound. This was a really fun activity because we got to learn more about each other the people in the groups and our instructors which was pretty cool. We are so we walk into the water and by then were already freezing and we can feel legs and we’re all screaming but this was a good activity because we were all doing it together and we all got to swim and get ready for the journey. That was going to take place the day after. We are getting in and are playing some fun games and activities with each other underwater trying to balance and they’re trying to test us then we take a huge swim which was pretty far for us because we were freezing. We have finished the dump Andhra happy to get out the water because we all are freezing then after that we took a long shower and that was the end of day one. And always at the end of the day, you have a review on what the day is and we will always do a silent circle that will represent how much we appreciate food. Finally, it’s time for us to go to bed and  I really enjoyed that day because it was super fun.

Halfway there:

After that hectic day, it was a new day and it was really fun because we did a whole load of fun activities and they were including kayak mishaps and a very long time and these were both really even activities but if I had to rate them I would choose kayaking first. It was pretty early in the morning and we all got dressed into our wetsuits from the cabin and got ready to take out our bags so we can easily move to the tents and what we did was really funny because we all forgot to pack and we all didn’t know what to pack. We finally got out of the doors and we’re so happy to start kayaking,  we learn all of the rules, what to do, and what not to do. Finally, we are getting in and were freezing we play some games same as we did for the test. We are going to her boats and had water bottles with us and our rain jackets and we just kayaked around for 10 minutes and then we can start going to the island. We have to get from outward Bound all the way to another island which was full of rubbish and the sea washed over it when it’s raining or high tide. It took us probably an hour to get there and half way through or arms were tired so were our legs. We finally reach the island and were so relieved to get off the kayaks but then it’s raining so were absolutely freezing and  can’t control ourselves we all immediately grab are raincoats and do anything we can to be warm. After that we have a little discussion on how we think we should pick up and recycle garbage and it was really interesting because some people said no this is not our responsibility because we did it put this garbage here but we said no we know that we didn’t put the we didn’t put this garbage here but we still need to pick it up because we are all related are humans and we need to take responsibility for picking the garbage and it’s really important for them and  it isn’t the Beeches garbage it’s ours , and that discussing went on for 20 minutes then we all decided to pick up the trash that was covering the whole entire beach. After that 20 minute garbage pick up we finally made lunch and we had tuna sandwiches really good because we got to make our own and that was really fun,  then it started raining so we put this cover over us so we went to get wet or the food. Lastly, we got back on our kayaks freezing and cold quickly kayaking back there and finally made it to the showers we were so relieved and so happy.


Here’s when it went  hectic our instructors, fy, jones and nash were testing us for a  team building activity which was we all had to stand up and try not to fall and this is where I went hectic and we couldn’t control it we all stood up and then one person fell and then it was like.  dominos and here is when the mishap happened trevis fell on me which was really scary and really dangerous about how he almost knocked our kayak over. It was really fun because we all started to laugh we all started to get closer and to get to know each other better.  lastly, we finally got it but at the end, we all fall over and the boys fell over so many times we can’t even keep count of them which was really funny and it was an amazing experience for all of us. We finally ended that big funny time,  then we got ready for the jeti jump which is 10 metres high and has a plank like you’re jumping off a pirate ship which it all reminded us of it. some of us reached out some of us didn’t some of us really enjoyed it some of us did it we all try our best. Though. We are going in a specific order it was the people that wanted to do it the most and then the least we scared the fish swimming under so nobody really wanted to go for it but Matthew went and  he jumped in and scared all the fish away then it was Declan then it was me. My jump was pretty funny because when I did as I stepped and I was just following and I want to hit the water it was freezing but it was a sweet relief that I did it and I face my fear. Overall everyone everybody calmed down it was really fun and I really appreciate Christine she tried her best and we were all freezing in the water and supporting her and cheering her on but unfortunately, she didn’t do it at the end so we all were frezzing. Overall arch that facing your fears is not that bad and this influenced us to do much more in the future and to be more confident. And we couldn’t have done this without our instructors and our teacher miss viv and we thank them a lot and I also think all my other members of the group because they really supported me and helped me like a ava and  Christie.

Made it:

The last day was really fun though because we went on this 6 hour hike. We all thought that we were not going to make it because they made us lead and we were all so scared. We were with another girl witch was with wu lao shi.  let’s start from the beginning we all walked this 5 minuite walk to a campsite that was a test to see if we were ready for the real camping. We set up all our tents and we played so many fun games with each other and was a really good team building activity. We ate dinner that we made and happilly feel asleep and this was the only night we all go actual sleep. We loved it. The next day we went for this huge hike that was really fun it was starting to get airbags ready back in the outward Bound area repacking are big back sending off or camp bag  and then doing the actual hike. there was a lot a preparation and organisation for this because we had to really Focus. We finally got out there and we couldn’t catch a bus so we had to walk 20 minutes to an hour before we can actually start the hike. The first 10 minutes with the rapper because we already tired and it was a pretty rough start. We finally made it to the start of the hike where the instructors had to choose out some navigators to navigate where we were going to go and by then we were so confused and we didn’t know what to do we didn’t trust her self on the way but we went the right way. We got through the first three Navigator and we had a break on the way we were so tired and I like started hurting and one of the instructors said I looked  like a drunk man walking up the house it was pretty funny and we kept talking and the same instructor said you talk like a radio stereo and we didn’t know if that was a compliment or not. We made it through to lunch but just before that we went up the long peak that is a height and we had to go up and also Rocky and everybody started screaming and slipping. But it was obviously worth it because we got to see this beautiful view of sai kungband you could even tai po. We stayed up there and really took in the view until we had to get down and I really needed the bathroom so all the way down I kept falling on people and slipping it was the worst time ever. We made it down and watch a little bit and then I got to go to the bathroom. We all gobbled up our food and went on another little hike to the campsite. We walked up and down in and out more times and it  got more pain and more pain each time. When we met. We screamed and it was just an amazing thought that we went on that 6 hour hike and to all of us that was a big accomplishment.


That night we got ready and accountant we cooked around dinner which was amazing kind of all the food played more games which one had to tag stuck in the mud and so much more. We are ate smores and overall had a really good time.  finally and finally for all we made our 10th we got ready pridmore games had fun and went to bed got up in the morning and that was time for us to leave. I hope you enjoyed reading my story about my experience in camp!!! Bai



Home Learning Success

Dear readers,


How I want to set myself up this year is to make a grid on and I’m doing each week like I did for the past weeks. I want to plan out what I’m going to do and that encourages me and makes me finish it and do it all. here are some examples of my ideas and my tips that can help others helped me finish my work. I think this could look like the whole class or just you finishing your whole home learning grid by two weeks or one week and being able to feel accomplished at the end and it is better for your time management it is better for your organisation and it is also better for your maths skills because you need to drop down what time you want to start at what time you want to end it how long it is going to take and keep on schedule.


  1. To make a grid
  2. Plan out what you’re going to do for the week
  3. write down what you’re going to do for the week
  4. think about what you’re going to do and how you can do it
  5. time management and to plan and out very careful
  6. make sure you have time to do it
  7. plan out how long you’re going to do or what time you’re going to start doing
  8. it is and once you’ve done something you can highlighter or check it
  9. Should be accomplished at the end
  10. try to finish everything at the end of the week


Hope you liked it bye!!! because I will be posting these things regularly 


I think this really helped me and you should try it.