WWPT Chinese unit reflection

在这个 unit,我学到了交流的方式,还有学黄竹坑的经济活动计划和历史。点击这里查看我对黄竹坑历史的介绍。我要做的更好的是说更多和更仔细。

In this unit, I learned the way to communicate, as well as the economic activity plan and history of studying Wong Chuk Hang. Click here to see my presentation to the history of Wong Chuk Hang. Next time, I want to talk more and be more specific.

My Ignite talk

Today we did our persuasive Ignite talks. About 2 weeks ago, we picked a topic and researched on it to create a persuasive talk. We first had to plan using Ethos, Pathos, Kairos, and other strategies. Then we wrote an essay, and then we put together a 2 minute long talk, a 5-slide slideshow of just pictures and write cue cards. I chose sexism because I believe that sexism is important. I think I did well overall, but next time I do a presentation, I think I should memorise my cue cards more. Before, I was really nervous that I was going to screw up in the middle of my presentation, but luckily I didn’t. Click here for the link to download my presentation.


In math, we have been learning about converting decimals into percentages and percentages into fractions and fractions into decimals and so on. We have a math summative on Monday, so I’m going to go onto Mathletics sometime to practice before. I’m worried about the summative and how I’ll do, but I feel pretty confident in the topics that we’re doing. I hope I have time to review my math before the summative, or I might not do as well.

Performing Arts ukulele assessment

Yesterday at Performing Arts class, we had our ukulele assessments. Earlier, we chose a song to play and we had a few lessons and over the winter break to practice. I chose Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. I had sort of learnt the song before, but the chords I used then were different from the chords on Ukutabs, which was the website we were using to look up songs. I was glad I have my own ukulele at home so I could practice over the winter break. When I learnt Three Little Birds before, I had learnt to use C, G7 and F chords. Now I had to switch G7 for the G chord, which was much harder but I got the hang of it after taking time at home to practice transitions between C and G. Lucky for me, we didn’t have to present our songs to the whole class, just Ms Butler. On the night before my presentation, I was freaking out because I thought I wasn’t well prepared. But when I actually performed, it wasn’t so bad.

Dance Performance Reflection

Last Friday (yes, a lot of things happened on Friday), we had our dance performances. We got into groups and we had some time to choreograph a dance that included improvs from last year, and some from this year. In my group, there was me, Maya and Laurel. Unfortunately, the video of our dance is “too big for this site”, so I cannot upload it to this post.  Here is my rubric for the performance. I think that overall, my group and I did pretty well. Before, we had made a “plan B” in case our choreography failed. Luckily, it didn’t.

Grade 6 Camp!!!

I’m back and I survived Grade 6 camp! We went to Outward Bound in Sai Kung. I did so many exciting and awesome things. I got a bit homesick, but I just reminded myself that I was with my friends and that it was only for a few days. My camp leaders, Yolanda, Matt and Sonia, were really nice and encouraging. We also saw wild boars! Not up close, but on the helicopter pad near our campsite where we stayed for the last night. I had so much more fun then I imagined I would.

I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by jumping off the top jetty when I only planned to do the middle. I was really scared at first, but when I actually jumped, it felt amazing. I knew that if I didn’t jump, I would regret not jumping later. I felt really proud of myself after. We spent the first night in the dorms, which were nice (except for the really noisy ceiling fans), and the next two nights in tents.

Basically all of the activities were fun. We hiked up one of the tallest mountains in that area! There was a cool marker at the top. We did orienteering, where we had a map of the area and we had to find these numbers and letters. After we found them all, we had to decode the message, which read pontoon, so that’s when we went to the pontoon to do a practice jetty jump, and our camp leaders showed us how to hold the life jackets and how to step off. We also did kayaking. We saw lots of rock-like things floating around in the water. My best friend Alexa thought they were coconuts, but Yolanda told us that they were actually dead sea urchins, which was a bit creepy.

I think my favourite part was getting s’mores on the last night. They were delicious, probably more delicious because I hadn’t had one since 4th grade. I also loved looking at the stars. My dad has an app on his phone where you can look up all the constellations and find them in real life. I wish I had my dad’s phone there to tell what all the constellations were, and I wish we could see more stars like that in the city because that would just be amazing.

Overall, I was really happy with my accomplishments at camp. I think I did a pretty good job and put my best effort in all the activities. I think that next year if we do camp-like trips, I can maybe be more of a risk-taker because if I don’t push myself out of my comfort zone, I’ll be stuck doing the same things again and again and I won’t learn new things and become more comfortable doing different things. 

Here are some of the photos that have me in it.

^Me doing the practice jetty jump  ^At the top of the hill we climbed ⛰

^Me doing the real jetty jump😬     ^Just on the hill

^Setting up tents

Monty Hall problem

Today, we answered a question called The Monty Hall Problem. In the Monty Hall problem, there are three doors- door 1, door 2 and door 3. Behind two of those doors, there were goats. Behind one of the doors, there was a sports car. So, for example, I picked door 1. Then one of the doors, I’ll say, door 2, would open and reveal a goat. Then, you would have to decide whether to stay on door 1 or to switch to door 3. After I watched this video, I understood it a lot more. I learnt that you should always switch because door 1 has a 1/3 chance of being a sports car, and the other two doors (doors 2 and 3) have a 2/3 chance of being a sports car. When door 2 was revealed, it was the goat. Then door 3 would be the 2/3 chance. I would pick door 3 because it’s twice as likely to get the sports car. Click here to go to the Monty Hall game I played.

My home learning inquiry

For my research and jot notes, click here

Home Learning blog post

By Anna Parsons


For my inquiry, I wanted to know:

  1. What is plastic made of?
  2. Why doesn’t plastic biodegrade?

I did jot notes and I used two sources: this website and this website.

Do you know what plastic is actually made of? Plastic is made of natural things, such as petroleum, natural gas, oil, coal and rubber from a rubber tree. Did you know that rubber from a rubber tree is actually plastic? Most plastic isn’t biodegradable, but it’s degradable, which means it can break down. Corn plastic can biodegrade naturally. Plastics made of petrol, instead of biodegrading, can photodegrade, which requires sunlight and not bacteria. That process takes 47-90 days. Plastics that do not biodegrade get thrown into the sea and then get eaten by fish and other marine animals. The plastic just stays in the fish or marine animal after it’s eaten the plastic because it doesn’t biodegrade. I think that we should reuse and recycle the plastics that we’re finished using so we can save fish and marine animals.

My assembly reflection

Our assembly was last Friday. Since our unit was on history, we made a skit about historical people and time periods. Me and Alexa were on the props team. We were in charge of making all the props for the assembly. We had very little time-only a week. But we managed to make or bring all the props that people needed. Some groups needed more props than others. The hardest thing to make was the time machine. It was obviously the biggest prop that we made and the one that was the hardest to make because it was so big, but we managed to make all the props in time.