Camp reflection

I had a lot of fun at G4 camp! The weather was really good,besides the last day where it rained. We did all sorts of fun activities, like surfing, survival skills, beach games and water activities. My group’s counsellor was Claudia. The group teacher was Mr Wah.  My favourite activity was orienteering, which is a scavenger hunt where you have to find coordinates. I was really good at finding out coordinates, also at calming people down. Caitlyn had said she wanted to go home, so I cheered her up by telling some jokes. I also liked the barbecue, especially the sausages and s’mores. The food was delicious! The cheese in the sandwiches were nice, and the baked beans in the morning were nice too.

These are some photos of camp:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.27.26 AMtent city!

IMG_9825board with dangerous animals at the beach.



My symbiosis make-a-map

For this week’s home learning, I made a make a map about symbiosis. Symbiosis is two animals that benefit or harm each other. This is my make-a-map:

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 3.33.21 pm

There are three parts to symbiosis:Parasitism,Mutualism and Commensalism. Parasitism is when one animalharms the other and the other one suffers. Mutualism is when both animals benefit each other, so they help each other. Commensalism is when one animal benefits and the other one is unharmed.

Goal setting

These are my weekly personal, learning and relationship goals:

  1. My personal goals is to read 20 minutes each night.
  2. My learning goal is to practice on Mavis Beacon typing more often.
  3. My relationship goal is to try and spend time with my brother (maybe building blanket forts, having pillow fights or playing Lego

I hope that I can do that in a weekend! 🙂



Plastic Free Seas workshop

At the plastic free seas workshop, we learned about microbeads plastics in different soaps. Microbeads are these little plastics that are in the soaps. They can get into plankton and other species. The experiment was to get out the microbeads from the soaps. We got them out by putting a bit of the soap in a cloth bag and washed the soapy part out through the bag. We dried out the bag with a hair dryer and put the microbeads in a petri dish. This experiment was really fun. I had a great time!

Persuasive arguments role play reflection

Today,our class did persuasive argument role plays. I was in a group with Laurel, Agatha and Helena. We did a persuasive argument about getting a family pet. I was the mother, Helena was the father, Laurel was the kid persuading me and Helena to get a family pet and Agatha was the cameraman and the guinea pig that Laurel wanted. We had a lot of fun making the movie from different angles.

We did this project because it is good to learn how to do persuasive arguments. We can use this skill later in life, when we are debating and arguing.

The action I will take after doing this is that I will be better at persuasive arguments at home and out of school.

My SPCA poster!

Me, Laurel, Leah and Fiona made a poster to help the SPCA (Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).It was a book sale and I think we worked together really well. This was how our poster turned out:Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.23.10 PM

We drew different ideas in our process journals and when we did the final poster (above), we combined our ideas. My idea was the words “book sale” in a book and the card in the middle that says “money raised is a puppy saved!”, Fiona’s was the message (pink flap in between to the house and before and after pictures) and paw prints on two of the corners, Laurel’s was the paper house that says “Give Pets a Home!” and Leah’s were the pictures (after we all agreed on them!) and the puppy on the blue card.

In the end, it was pretty good! 🙂

Jumping experiment

Yesterday we did a jumping height investigation. I was in a group with Desmond, Joshua, Nadia, Ella and Tayne. We measured our heights and rolled out tape measures. We found out that the person that had the longest legs would go the farthest, but the smallest with shortest legs would go less far. Then we recorded how far each person went and got the totals by adding the recordings from each person and divided them by three. We recorded that as well. These are our group’s recordings and findings:

File_000 <this is the first sheet- recording the jumps 3 times each.File_001 < This is the second sheet- the totals of the jumps.