Young Americans Day 1

Dear readers,

Yesterday I had my first day of the young Americans and it was amazing! I loved how active it was, I did get quite tired though.  I had to sing and dance all day and it was so fun.

Young Americans

How are you feeling about the Young Americans?

This week we will be working with the Young Americans and I have mixed feelings about them. I want to do it because I feel it is an amazing opportunity. I don’t because I am really bad at singing.

Are you excited?

I am excited to learn new things about dance and singing but I am still nervous.

What do I know about the YA already?

I know that they have lots of talent in dancing and singing, they are encouraging and helpful.

Do you enjoy it so far?

I really like it so far and enjoy how active it is



Camping Chaos

Camp Day 1

In this post, I want to talk about my grade 6 camp that we went on. The Outward Bound (the campsite) is in Sai Kung and we spent 4 whole days there, it took an hour to get there by bus and I am happy it didn’t take any longer! I was happy when we arrived because I was all cramped up on the bus and I wanted to explore Outward Bound. When we arrived we did a base tour and met the instructors and our group, I enjoyed this part a lot because I really felt that our group bonded best then. After that, we had lunch in the main dining hall. That evening was pouring with rain, we had just set up our tents and we were soaked! Sadly we couldn’t sleep in our tents because of the rain so we had to sleep in the main hall with 4 other groups! I found it very fun because I had all my friends.

Two Stars And A Wish

STAR: I think that sleeping in the main hall is one of my stars because I enjoyed being around all my friends like it was a massive slumber party

STAR: I enjoyed the base camp tour and lunch because I felt that was the first time my team met and bonded

WISH: I wish it didn’t rain so much on the first night

Goal Reflection

Goal Reflection


I am focused in class and trying hard to get good grades

我做得很不好, 因为我的reading尚未完成.

I did a very bad job because my reading was not done yet.

What Did I try hard Doing this week?

    What Did I try hard Doing this week?

I am still amazed at how much changed in grade 6 and how difficult some things are. Although I am in grade six I still feel like a grade 5. The homework is harder but bringing my laptop home helps a lot with all my subjects homework. I tried very hard in PE and P.A. In P.E I did a lot of badminton and trying to work on my serves. In P.A I worked on my ukulele and I am trying to remember each string note. I am getting used to grade 6 and I really like my peers and classmates and I love my class name!

Thanks For Reading  

Max McLennan



September 14 2018

My crazy good week


         My crazy good week

This week I realized the responsibility a grade “6er” needs to be successful. I took my laptop home for the first time, I now have to do the weekly reflections and I have exhibition coming up. We have a lot of homework and it is really hard. This week I didn’t like how we had a lot of waiting to go into classes but it’s alright.


the Perfect Learning Space

I think the perfect learning space would be in a nice, calm, cozy area that also has lots of learning materials around me. There would be books, lights, dictionaries, thesaurus, pencils, erasers and paper. I think this is a good learning area because it fits most peoples needs and interests so most people would like a space in the class like this. This area would also be used for silent reading, ME time, Individual work and even group work!I think it would also be good if we had a buddie system in class so we can have someone there if we have questions.This would be a great addition to the class and I hope we get this or something close to what I am describing.

Max Mclennan


Monday, September 3

Chinese Reflection

香港加拿大国际学校  小学部

中文科 五年级 MFL

第三单元 HWOO Unit Reflection


Central Idea:

个() 人(rén) 的(de) 需() 要(yào) 和() 社(shè) 区() 有(yǒu) 联(lián) 系()。

Individual needs are connected to the community.  


Lines of Inquiry:


  •  社(shè)区(qū)里(lǐ)有(yǒu)哪(nǎ)些(xiē)组(zǔ)织(zhī)?





  • 社(shè)区(qū)里(lǐ)的(de)组(zǔ)织(zhī)和(hé)个(gè)人(rén)的(de)需(xū)要(yào)有(yǒu)哪(nǎ)些(xiē)联(lián)系(xì)?




Reflection of Learning:


STP Unit Refection

1. 你有什么权利(rights)?
2. 为什么说环境(circumstance)决定权利?
3. 你觉得(think)行动(action)可以改变(change) 什么?


1. Rights
生活的权利, 吃饭的权利,
2. Action
3. Circumstance

My Very Cold Week!

My Very Cold Week!

For this week’s blog post I am going to talk about how cold the week was at school. Its soo cold our school had to let the all the students wear whatever jacket or hoodie they liked! The coldest temperature was 6 degrees! We also had a nutritionist come to school to talk to us about healthy eating and how food can change our bodies🍉🍟🍳🍭. I learnt that eating can affect our bodies in many ways.



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