Robotics Dance Challenge

On may 18th, we had to continue our robotics dance challenge. This time, me and my partner were not coding. We created costumes. At the start of robotics, I was trying to code our robots because we are very very far behind. We have not even done half of our dance.

In order to get our supplies for our costumes, we needed to go to the art room or outside our classroom to get paper to make the costumes. For my robot, I decided to put a moustache on mine. It didn’t work very well, and someone did it and I wanted something different. So I put sunglasses instead. We also put small signs on our robots. Our group was called Starry Potatoes. Both of our robots have flowers on the butt.

My partner’s robot had a flower on the butt of the robot. They also put signs. At the end, I noticed our robot had no colour. The wheel was kind of lame. I decided to put rainbow strips of paper around our robot’s wheels. Unfortunately, we ran out of time. We had to wait for the next lesson.

Me and my partner is almost done. We just need to add a little bit more to our robots. I am looking forward to the next lesson of Robotics.

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