First Year of G5

First Year of G5

On August 1st, we have finished grade 4 and now moving on to grade 5! This blog post is a little bit late because we had to do a lot of things. Now we are on our next unit. This blog post, I am going to talk about a math game that I played online as an extra.

We played this game called Deep Sea Dive on the website called Illuminations. It’s a game where you can choose which grid you have. They have a 16 bubble grid and a 9 it says the target number on the top of the screen., and then you have to match the number so then it adds up to the target number.

I played the game a couple of times and I won a lot of them. Once you won like 4 times, the game gets harder and it can add in decimals and maybe even negative numbers!

The things I learned from this is how to add decimals. It was also very entertaining. Once I got to the decimals, I lost quite a bit. First when I tried it I kept guessing. Sometimes I won and sometimes I didn’t. I mostly didn’t. If you want to see the link, click HERE!

Before this, we had to do a summative test of UOI. This summative was about the first unit. It was about what we needed our classroom community to look like. By that, it meant that we needed to talk about what we wanted everyone to act, or what we actually wanted our classroom community to look like (Arranging tables and changing the design).

I am fast at typing, so I finished it earlier than some people. We also had this paper to correct our work and correct our mistakes. I added a few more ideas because the minimum of paragraphs were at least like 7-11 paragraphs.

This was a summative task, which means we can’t help other people. I helped someone a little bit but then I didn’t know.

I think I was successful with my writing piece. Maybe to improve it, I can add more details. In case you want to read it yourself, just go HERE!

I felt very happy since the start of the year. The only thing is that people kept talking when I was trying to focus.

Washed Away

Washed Away

There was once a calm city and everything seemed fine. The wind was blowing, the people were chatting, and the sky was blue with birds flying around, and flowers were blooming.

In the city, there once lived a old person that used to be young named Jelly.

Jelly was wise, smart, creative, knowledgeable, empathetic and a thinker. She would always know what to do, she barely flunk any of her tests. She studied hard in school and became a very intelligent girl.

Years later, she had a kid and she would do anything to protect him. The name was Bob. She always wanted a son named Bob.

Suddenly, a random lady shouted in fear: “Help us! The police are saying that there is a Tsunami about to start in minutes!” The police took a bullhorn and said: “Everyone! Please get ready. There is a Tsunami coming in minutes. Don’t panic, pack everything, and we’ll be fine!”

Some people did not hear, they just continued watching TV. Some people heard, and did exactly what the police said. Other people did not care, they took all the things they could like old clocks, dusty socks, their pillows, and all kinds of stuff.

Jelly heard what the police said. At first she didn’t believe the lady and the police because there were barely any natural disasters in XDCity. Then she wondered why the police would say it. She thought: “Maybe they are right. We better get ready!”

Jelly quickly took all the things she needed like her money, some blue, tall water bottles, Some food that the teens liked and Jelly liked, and all kinds of stuff.

Jelly was not like other people. So she put everything in a huge box. It was quite heavy at first but then she got used to it. She put down the box then she wondered:“How am are we going to escape before the water washes up away?”

She quickly came up with a idea. Jelly said: “Bob, go get me the 2 dinghies from the pool.” “Why?” Bob asked anxiously. “Just get me the dinghies!”

The Tsunami was coming closer every second. Lots of people were on their phones trying to contact police from different countries.

Bob came running back to Jelly with the Dinghies. She quickly ran to the water. “Bob, can you swim?” Bob replied: “Yeah of course” “You will need to run towards the Tsunami before it forms.” Jelly told Bob. “Don’t worry, I will be right behind you :)” Bob said: “Ok :D”

Lots of people were shouting at them. Someone understood what they were doing. He shouted: “They’re right! We need to go run at the Tsunami before it forms. So that we don’t have to go through the whole wave when it’s done!” Lots of people didn’t understand, the people that did ran at the Tsunami.

Everyone knew how to swim. Every second, the Tsunami was becoming a small blob of water. Everyone who was watching the T.V Heard the news. They were shouting in fear.

Bob ran at the Tsunami. He said: “I forgot to change into my swimming suit!” Jelly said: “Don’t worry, I don’t have it either. I have a DRESS! That’s even worse.”

They both past the Tsunami. Their mouth was filled with salty warm water. Bob quickly spit all the water out. The Tsunami was just forming so it still was like a little kind of waves of water.

Everyone was following right behind them. Soon, everyone went through before it became big again. Bob and Jelly took out their dinghies and put them on the water. Some guy shouted: “Hey! Can we hang on to your dinghies so we don’t have to swim all the way to that island?”

Jelly replied to the man: “Sure!”

Everyone swam to the Dinghies. They held on tight.

Jelly and Bob tried to paddle their way to the island. A few hours later, they finally reached the island.

“I have my phone! I can call the police to come pick us up with a helicopter!” A random lady shouted. Jelly said: “Yes yes yes!!! Please let us use it.” The lady called the police. The people heard her say: “Yes… We are in the middle of nowhere. We just came from XD City. It’s at the beach and you keep going forward and you see us. Yes… Yes… THANK YOU… We need like maybe 10. Thank you” Then she pressed a button and she closed out of the call. “It worked!” She said. “But it will take some time…”

The people were thirsty and they were starving. You can almost hear their tummy rumble.

Several hours later, the police came with the helicopters. Everyone climbed on and flew to somewhere in china where it was safe.

After the Tsunami in xDCity, the builders came to rebuild everything that was broken. “It will take several years.” A builder said. “We’ll do our best to put everything back together.”

Many many years later, the whole city was back to normal. The police took the people back to XDCity. And they lived a normal life again :D.

The end C:

Robotics Dance Challenge

Robotics Dance Challenge

On may 18th, we had to continue our robotics dance challenge. This time, me and my partner were not coding. We created costumes. At the start of robotics, I was trying to code our robots because we are very very far behind. We have not even done half of our dance.

In order to get our supplies for our costumes, we needed to go to the art room or outside our classroom to get paper to make the costumes. For my robot, I decided to put a moustache on mine. It didn’t work very well, and someone did it and I wanted something different. So I put sunglasses instead. We also put small signs on our robots. Our group was called Starry Potatoes. Both of our robots have flowers on the butt.

My partner’s robot had a flower on the butt of the robot. They also put signs. At the end, I noticed our robot had no colour. The wheel was kind of lame. I decided to put rainbow strips of paper around our robot’s wheels. Unfortunately, we ran out of time. We had to wait for the next lesson.

Me and my partner is almost done. We just need to add a little bit more to our robots. I am looking forward to the next lesson of Robotics.



On May 12th, every class in grade 4 went to the library pit to learn about disasters. There was a police officer there named Mr. Graeme. He taught us many things about different disasters. Mainly natural disasters.

The things we learned about there was a landslide, typhoon and fires. The first thing we learned about was the typhoon. When there was a typhoon 7 or 8, they would put up the flag to the highest. If it was lower, the flag would go lower. The flag is to warn the people that are shipping stuff that people order that there is a typhoon coming.

Next, we learned about fires. We did not just learn about people setting stuff on fire or overcooking, we also learned about forest fires. There was one near my house and when I went outside I saw lots of smoke. People can also start forest fires by camping. If the fire is too hot, later it will cause the trees beside the fire pit to burn.

Lastly, we learned about Landslides. Landslides are when there are huge rocks falling from mountains. The rocks are really heavy, they can knock down buildings very easily. They can knock down half of an apartment!

I learned a lot about disasters and I am hoping to see another one of these presentations. 🙂

Learning Reflection: Make, Create, Collaborate

Learning Reflection: Make, Create, Collaborate

On May 11th, we went to the 10th floor LLAC lobby. We went to the LLAC lobby to do stations. It’s when there are many different topics for each station. For example: Singing, Knitting and more. If you liked singing you could go there if you were interested in knitting you could go to the knitting centre.

There were many different stations that we could go to. The ones that I remember is the singing, 3D doodling, knitting, music, greenscreen, plastics and I forgot the rest. Plastics is the one where you use the bottled water’s caps to make something pretty. I was helping on one that said “Joy” The singing station was the most popular one.

I think we did this because our teacher thought it would be fun for us. I also think that we did this because maybe our teacher thought that we could learn to do something new.I chose to write about this because I thought that it was the most interesting. From this, I learned how to edit, what a 3D doodling pen is, and what you can do with using just the plastic bottle caps.

I thought that it was a very interesting and I am wondering if we can do another one of these stations.




Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

On May 9th, there was a spotlight. There were 3 classes in the same grade performing the spotlight. The classes that participated were 1B, 1D and 1E. Our buddies were in the class 1E.

The things they all did good on was talking. The microphone wasn’t working so then they had to shout. Sometimes when people shout in a spotlight or assembly, it’s not that loud. I think it’s mostly because they are shy. In this spotlight the people who needed to talk knew when to talk, and I think they did a good job.

The attitudes my buddy displayed changed throughout the spotlight. At the start she was confident because she wasn’t afraid to do anything. In the middle when they were dancing, she wasn’t very confident because she would always run to the back so nobody could see her. I also lost her so I couldn’t keep track of where she ran.

The attitude all the classes displayed was open minded because when they were dancing they needed a new partner and they did not care whether it was a girl or a boy. I think they also showed Enthusiasm because they I saw that they had a lot of fun and they were always smiling.

The spotlight was good. It’s just that there are some things that they needed to work on is maybe  on their transition because they did not listen very carefully on the teacher’s sign whether to go to the spot they need to go next so they got left behind a little bit. Other than that, they did a really good job.

The Different elements of Performing Arts and Visual Arts is that they needed to create a script. They also needed to plan what a head of the big guy looks like. They also needed to know how to do all those dance moves. They also needed to memorise the script and know when they were going to talk without other people reminding them.
I enjoyed watching their spotlight and I hope to see another one soon.



On April, (I forgot which day) We had SLLRS. SLLR stands for Student Led Learning Reviews. An SLLR is when students from every class (Except upper school) tell their parents about what they learned about over the school year. You don’t have to talk about everything. You could choose 3 that you wanted to tell your parents about.

My SLLR was on Friday. I got to relax for 1 day and then I had to go to the SLLR. After that, I needed to go to a birthday party so I got to relax again.

The things I told my parents about was The Design Project, A Persuasive writing piece about deforestation and the robotics dance challenge. We also had to talk to our parents about chinese. It was the same as the one we are doing for english but we had to speak in chinese and we tell them about what we did in chinese.
I enjoyed telling my parents about my SLLR, but I am not very excited for the next one next year.

Robotics: Scratch

Robotics: Scratch

On May 2, we had to code a little cat called Scratch, we had a challenge and we needed to make a tessellation. A tessellation is when you draw the same things over and over and over again until it fills up the paper. There has to be no gaps. You could pick any shape to tessellate. I chose to do a tessellation of a triangle.

This was my first time coding. I do not know how many times I could successfully tessellate the triangle. There is probably about more than 30. Scratch sometimes drew what I expected. Sometimes I was puzzled about why Scratch suddenly overlapped the triangles. I finally figured it out because there was a limited amount of space. When it gets to the edge/corner, it turns back and it overlaps,

The most challenging part in this task was the coding. Sometimes I did not understand what most of the codes meant. When I tried it, I followed the code really closely so that I know what it does and I know what Scratch is doing.

I have learned a lot this lesson because this is just my first time doing scratch. I have learned what all of the movements meant. Some of them are: Pen up, Pen down, and pick random. Pen up means Scratch puts his pen up. Pen down is the opposite and instead Scratch puts his pen down. Pick random () () Means where it’s gonna go like the direction. So you have to give the coordinates to Scratch so he knows where to start and go.

I enjoyed exploring this new coding programme and am looking forward to the next challenge.