Camp & Kayaking

Camp & Kayaking

From November 19th to November 30th, grade 6 went to camp in Sai Kung with Outward Bounds.

The activity in camp I didn’t enjoy the most was just getting in a circle in the water (I don’t know what it’s called). I didn’t really understand the point of the activity, It also made us get much much colder and more nervous about what we were going to do next like the water activities.

The hiking part of camp is also one of the activities that i didn’t enjoy the most. The 2 good things were: Getting new experiences and you get more exercise. I didn’t enjoy hiking because the slope was really steep and dangerous and anybody could fall, but the people far ahead didn’t help people at the back. I also didn’t enjoy it because there were lots of mosquitoes and bees and lots of people can get stung and bitten (Which will hurt and annoy you)

One of the activities i enjoyed was the rope course. It wasn’t that hard but it was fun to walk across the rope. The things that could’ve made the activity better was that if the supporters could have some other job to do instead of stand in front/beside/behind the person walking on the rope and have their hand out. Maybe next time they can have some challenges.

My favorite activity is kayaking, because I like to do water activities, and kayaking lets you go anywhere that is connected to the ocean (Different islands).  The bad thing that happened when we were kayaking was that me and my friends had to go to the bathroom badly but there was no bathroom on the kayak or on the sea. So we had to learn to be patient to wait for people to be faster and go to the island together.

At the end of camp, I thought that it was a good experience and I enjoyed most of the activities. We learned a lot about the environment and how to protect it, and different skills like how to kayak, how to wear a lifejacket properly, etc. We also learned how to cooperate. I think that Outward Bounds provided us with a good experience (outside of home).






今年, 我覺得我做好的地方是用我們新的詞語,也覺得今年我更加努力做功課。但是我覺得可以更好的地方是要更加在課堂裡聽話,要更多做筆記。


My Home Learning Environment

How I would want my home learning environment to LOOK LIKE

I enjoy working in big/spacious areas. It makes me be able to be in a more comfortable position when i’m writing/typing.

How I would want my home learning environment to SOUND LIKE

I want there to be noise, but at a point where I can concentrate. That way, when i’m doing homework/anything else, It makes me feel less awkward.

Just like how music helps people concentrate, it helps me in the same way.

Sometimes when I do my home learning at school, I get used to hearing the loud noises and a lot of people talking. Doing home learning at the same time when I hear several people talking makes me less dizzy (as sometimes I get dizzy when I hear many noises).

How I would want my home learning environment to FEEL LIKE

I would want to be in a comfortable position when i’m writing/typing. When I’m typing, I usually like to put my leg straight. When I’m writing, I feel more comfortable with my feet almost touching the ground. Being comfortable is one of the many ways of how it makes me work better. It affects how messy I write,

How I can Improve my Home Learning

This year, I think I can improve my home learning by a lot. My goals for this year:
-being more organised

-thinking before I write

-do home learning on paper

I need to be more organised — Sometimes i put the start of something in the end and something that I did later than that in the start. I can also try and write neater because sometimes I want to hurry up and finish what i’m writing so then if I found something else out, I wouldn’t forget it.

Being organised is not only for the presentations of my homework, I also have to organise my things properly so that i remember where i put things — so that I know where I put everything and I won’t lose any of my home-learning books.

I need to think before I write — When I make mistakes, I try to erase as hard as i can (because I write very hard on the paper), and I eventually crumple the paper. This also relates to being organised — i need to think of where to put a paragraph and where not to, and I need to make sure that the sentence i’m writing makes sense.

Although I’m fast and better at typing than I am writing and drawing, I should do more of my home learning on paper. It looks nicer, and it would require less work to do — I wouldn’t have to paste it in my journal.

How I’m Going To Challenge Myself Next Week

This week, we have been working on math and we have been doing math activities — Visual representations, the meaning of constants and variables, divisibility rules, etc.

Most of the things in math i’ve been doing have been a little bit easy for me. Next time we do a math activity, I would want to try to challenge myself by using a different strategy to solve math problems. I might also try reading the harder things like reading the harder article, or trying the harder word problem.

When I was doing home learning, I also noticed that I’m doing the easier and more simple tasks. Next time, I think I should look for harder things to research about or just aim further (write more, more details, etc). So that i don’t cram anything on one day, I think i should do 2 hard ones that would take some time and 1 regular one that requires less amount of time. This is how i will challenge myself next week. 🙂

First Week Of Home Learning


On the 3rd of September, we started home learning. There was a 3×3 grid, and each box had an activity (9 activities). Every week, we’ll have to do 3 pieces of home learning, but this week we only needed to do 2 pieces of home learning so that we learn to manage our time and learn to not cram it all on one day (Which I nearly did)


One of the 2 activities I did was called “interests and passions”. It was an activity where you would have to interview 4 friends/family members about their interests and passions and what they’ve done to pursue their passion. I learned a lot about people’s passions, and they were more different than I thought.

My second activity that i chose was “Patterns” I had to describe a pattern to my parents and they had to recreate the pattern that I was describing. I did really well but I think i need to think more about it before I actually tell them the pattern, because we tried it 2-3 times, however, all of the patterns i described didn’t work.


I found the interests and passions activity harder, but I liked the patterns activity more. I liked it more because I didn’t have to do that much, and I enjoyed it more than the interests and passions activity.


Next time when I’m doing home learning, I think I should work more on managing my time. I had a lot of after school activities this week and forgot about my home learning. I quickly did a reflection on the computer on Friday night (Which took about 3 minutes). I did well on my home learning but i should improve on my time management.

Second Week Of Math


On August 27th (Monday), we have started learning about math. In grade 5 we’ve been learning about patterns and shapes and mostly number patterns. We’ve been coming back to it and we’re learning more about number patterns. We also took a pre assessment to tell our teacher what we know how to do and what we don’t know how to do. It’s just a prior-knowledge test.


Before we started doing math, we did a practice on math. It made me remember what a table of value was, and I think i’ve improved on showing values and terms on that table.

When we were doing the activities, I learned about brain paths and how people learn math and other subjects. It was also interesting to learn about what other people want people to say to their them and what they don’t want people to say to them. I’ve learned about patterns and some unique ones that I never thought of before. It also brought me back to thinking about prime numbers.


I think the most important thing i learned about while doing this was learning about the brain paths. I never knew how the brain worked and what would happen if you learned a new word. Since we learned about puberty last year, we would have found out about brain paths but when I was researching, I didn’t see anything about brain paths. The video we watched told us about how you learn math.


Now that i’ve seen different and unique patterns, how the brain works, and how people want other people to talk to them while doing math, I think i’m going to try and watch my words before I talk, and try to be more creative with patterns.

Reflection Of The Week (First Week At School)

On Monday (The 20th of August), we started school. I thought that grade 6 would be quite hard because of the PYP Exhibition and also the Young Americans. I don’t like performing and i’m quite shy. I have a few friends here and there’s also some people from last year. I felt bad for one of our friends that’s not in our class because she’s by herself.

I think our schedule on Tuesday is very tiring. I asked my mom to change my schedules for Tuesday (Which I had swimming on) so that I would be more comfortable (Since we have to walk up around 50 flights of stairs). Other than that I think our schedule is quite normal and around the same as last year.

I’m not so excited for grade 6 or high school because this year we have longer camps, and last year I got really homesick and I cried just a little bit. In grade 7 we’d be starting Experience Week and going to different countries (Or staying in Hong Kong and hiking — Even if I like hiking but I think hiking is a bit boring).

Chinese is okay this year but i’m just a bit annoyed of going to the CCC. I’ve never been there for Chinese classes. I think one day i’ll get used to it but I still would always find it annoying walking through the grade 5 hallway and having to walk up all those stairs instead of walking to the classroom next door (In short words I’m too lazy and need to be more active)

Even if it was the start of the school year, I think I’ve met a lot of the class and I got to know them a little bit better before the first 2 weeks of school, and there aren’t that many new people. I got a little bit confused on who was who but now I think I’m ok.

I think we’ve also been doing good on changing our schedule because we are starting morning meetings and been playing some activities and we have been planning for some team building activities, but we also definitely need to work on listening to instructions and following them.

My week so far has been good it’s just that Tuesday is a bit tiring and I’m glad I got to change my after school activities to different days.

How Do People Find Atoms?

How Do People Find Atoms?

Recently in class (Somewhere around May 15), we were learning about atoms. We watched a BrainPop video and we had to write 3 things I found out, 2 interesting things I found about atoms, and 1 question. My question was how do people find atoms? I used some links to find an answer to my question:


*HowStuffWorks (

*BrainPop (

The 3 thinks I found out was: Democritus called atoms atoms from the greek word atomos. I also heard that atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons. Neutrons have no electrical charges, while protons have positive electrical charge, and the periodic table of elements; all the items/things displayed on there are all made of atoms!

There were 2 things I found interesting: The density of nucleus is the size of 6.2 billion cars. I also wrote that the center of atoms were made out of protons, neutrons and electrons. The nucleus is stuck together by strong forces.

Atoms are very small things (smaller than dust) that are found almost everywhere! It’s impossible to see an atom with a light microscope, but in 1981, somebody invented something called a scanning tunneling microscope. You can also call it STM. Using a scanning tunneling microscope, it’s now possible to see atoms.

Soon after that, in the UK, SuperSTEM Facility made an electron microscope. Just like the scanning tunneling microscope, you can also see atoms; you can also see atomic columns (A photo of atomic columns ^^^ go up). You can see them because the electron microscope uses beams of electrons instead of photons. Photons have a longer wavelength than electrons, which means electrons have short wavelengths. Therefore it’s more useful to use electrons. You can see closer and zoom into stuff more than before.

Science in the 20th century showed the structure of an atom. They found out that the structure of the nucleus and the forces hold the atom together.

People and scientists from around the world are also trying to find another way to be able to spot maybe smaller things than atoms.