Probability Carnival, Passion Projects and Novel.

hEy GUyS!!!

          It’s almost the end of the yeaR!!! NOOOOO!! I don’t want to leave grade 5!! Today I’m going to talk about three things that happened this past 2 weeks. The probability carnival for our buddies, our passion project presentation and our historical novel.

          First, I’m going to talk about the Probability Carnival for our buddies. We presentented on Monday, Me and Megan did the dum dum game. We were prepared and ready, once the buddies came, the first game they wanted to play was ours. I was relieved that they liked our game, I was also happy they went ours first. Something we could do better is to maybe talk slower because they didn’t really get our game. We had to repeat ourselves to make them understand. In the end, they loved the game, prizes and lollipops. They like how every time you play you get a prize.

          Secondly, I’m going to talk about our passion project presentations. My passion project was mandalas. I made a stop motion that took a long, long time. Something I could do better is probably don’t do my presentation so last minute. I think next time I can make my stop motion more smoother so people can watch. I was talking too fast and I couldn’t follow the video. Something cool I found about the presentations is one of the teacher drew mandalas too! Her mandalas were way better than mine. She said it relaxes her and she like to do it as a hobby. She showed me some of her drawing and it was awesome!

          Lastly, I’m going to talk about my historical fiction. My period time was the black death. I really enjoyed the historical fiction writing because I love writing. I wrote 36 pages of this girl name Kazuko that survived the black death. Now it’s in the library and Ms Williams is helping us publish it! I’m exciting to let kids see our own story creations. Something I could do better is probably put better words. More exaggerated words. For example, big, I could use colossal or massive.

          That was my three reflections! I hope everyone has a great summer! Next blog post will be the last blog of grade 5 ! and sad news:( Come back next time if you want to know!! BAIIII!


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