Story Writing!

At 6:00 in the morning, Amanda-Rose was in her bed planning pranks to prank on her family members – especially her twin brother. Ever since her brother pulled that on her during Light Stone Adventure Camp, she’s been planning revenge. Amanda-Rose was best known for her silly pranks. She lived in North Carolina Charlotte, and was 12 years old. When she was younger she went to Sparkle Days Kindergarten of Charlotte. Now she was a part-time artist and prankster. As she was just about to start on her school painting, she heard a knock on her door…


When she opened her door, her parents were there. Amanda-Rose thought this was weird as it was 6:30 in the morning. She was just about to ask what happened, when as if they read her mind.


Her dad said “We’re going to… BANGLADESH!!”


“Why do you have to do it at 6:30 in the morning?!” asked Amanda-Rose.


“Oh, we didn’t want Jake to know. Don’t worry we’ll explain!” answered mom. For a second she forgot who was Jake, then she remembered. It was her twin brother! How could she be so stupid?!


“As you know, Jake doesn’t like any sort of vacation, not even for one day. So we would just make it a surprise… but don’t tell him!” added mom. Then in a whoosh they were gone.


Amanda-Rose was taken back with the sudden announcement. She thought how they were going to bring Jake on to the plane. She also couldn’t stop thinking about how many Floods happen in Bangladesh.


That night, Amanda-Rose had dreamt when they arrived there would be so much rain in ten seconds… BAM! A Flood occur and everyone would have to evacuate. What if Jake, mom and dad couldn’t make it? Who would she have to live with? Of course she had her grandparents but Amanda-Rose never really liked them. She could live in her friend’s house. However, they would treat her differently. She wouldn’t like that. Maybe she would have to go to the orphanage. Though how about they’re house? No one would be living in it. Maybe she would have to earn her own money. She was thinking too much. She just had to relax. It was only a dream…


The next morning Amanda-Rose was very tired. She checked her temperature and it was at 40 degrees. She was just about to call her mom when she came bursting into her room. When mom saw the thermometer she asked “Do you have a temperature?!”


“U-u-umm. M-my t-temperature is 40 d-d-degrees…” stammered Amanda-Rose.


“Well you’d better get better tomorrow because tomorrow is the last day of school and then the next day we’re leaving for Bangladesh.” said mom.


“Ok, but can you get me a Panadol?” asked Amanda-Rose. Mom nodded and went to get the Panadol. While Amanda waited, she thought she haven’t had anything yet she should start packing now she was in the middle of packing when her mum came in.


Mum looked surprised. “Sweetie, why are you packing? Your father and I packed it for you.”


“What?! You should have told me. Plus, I didn’t see any of my clothes missing?”


“Oh well. That’s because we bought new clothes specially for Bangladesh.” mom answered.


“I hope I look nice…” Amanda-Rose nervously said. Mom chuckled.


On the last day of school, she was so concentrated for tomorrow, she couldn’t concentrate in class.


 On the next day…

Amanda-Rose and her family arrived at the airport the next day. It was a total struggle bringing Jake.


Just as they were about to go on the plane, Amanda-Rose felt sweaty and dizzy. It was quite surprising as usually she would be hyper and excited. She guessed that it was just because of the dream. It wouldn’t be true… right?!


When they were on the plane for 5 hours approximately, there was an announcement. They said “Sorry for the inconvenience. We will arrive to Bangladesh a bit later than expected due to a Earthquake warning. We hope to have a safe trip with you. Thank you.”


Earthquake ?! That was so unexpected…


When we arrived, everything was calm. The sun was shining like the stars. It didn’t seem as if a Earthquake was going to occur. Just as Amanda-Rose was sitting down, suddenly people were screaming and the floor was shaking. My mind was swirling with questions. How was she going to survive? Was she going to die? She realized that every time there was an Earthquake you had to go under a table. She quickly grabbed her family ran to the closest table she could find.. She didn’t realize she was screaming when the shaking suddenly stopped. Amanda-Rose was so happy and relieved. She even let out a small whoop! Although, she forgot something they learned in school. After an Earthquake a Flood usually happens. She forgot all about it.


They were so relieved. When they almost arrived to the hotel, she saw people pushing them into hotel. The same feeling from before was coming back. This time she had a better idea. Once again, she dropped all her stuff and dragged her family up the stairs. She had already guessed what has happened. While they were stumbling up the stairs, Amanda-Rose was screaming for everyone to get to the highest floor. They had finally made it to the 14th floor. Everyone had made it!… or had they?! Mom… dad… Jake…YAY! They were all there! Amanda-Rose went to the window to see how it was downstairs. Everything was destroyed… at least people were saved.


Mom has already booked for the plane and they were already on the plane.


Arrived at Charlotte

They have already arrived at home. Then it her! Today was her birthday. Then out of the blue her parents said happy birthday!! They apologized for everything that happened. From that day, Amanda-Rose had always remembered it. November 4th 2016…  

PA Light Painting Reflection!

Hi guys I am going to tell the reflection of the light painting I did. I think it was quite fun making our light painting and it was so cool when we had to dance in the dark. Different groups put their glow sticks in different places. We (my group) held our sticks in one hand. We used the app PABLO, in order to use PABLO you will need glow sticks and the darkness. First you get into position then turn off the lights. Last Record and then upload the video into photos. When I first say my painting it didn’t look like what we planned. I didn’t realise it was my painting. It kind of looked the way I wanted though. We did two paintings but I thought the first one was my favorite. Next time, we could make less movements so then parts of our painting wouldn’t get scribbled. I hoped you like this reflection and it would be nice if you made a light painting! BYE BYE!


Hi guys! Today we had coding class and we learned how to code our first letter of our name. I worked with Ava and we had a lot of trouble but in the end Ms. Fung helped us. This is our 3rd or 4th lesson and it is very fun! We did this on but there is also a app just called Scratch! I know this was a short blog once again but it’s the end of the day. Bye Bye!

小魚生態系統 ~ Chinese Homework!


   在香港加拿大學校吳老師的辦公室裏有一個小魚生態系統。我們常常去細心的觀察。 魚缸裏的這兩條魚,一條是大魚、另一條是小魚。 兩條魚喜歡游一游、玩一玩, 用不同的方式娛樂自己。牠們吃的食物又小又多。小魚一天可以吃超過三次,但是他們也可以一天吃一次。我們把它們養得很胖。我覺得他們很可愛!他們讓我們親近大自然。  

Summer Break!

Hey there! I’m so excited for summer break because I will be doing a lot of fun stuff. I know summer break is a few weeks later but just thinking about it makes me so excited. You’re probably wondering what I’m doing in the summer and I was going to tell you anyways.

So I’m not sure about the  order of what but I sure do know what I’m doing. Basically I had this ballet audition, there is a link here. And I got in but since I also this Tai Wan camp I would miss some of the rehearsals but I also have to go to Korea so I either had to give up the trip or the Ballet thing. I chose the trip. Now you know I’m going to Korea. As I mention the Tai Wan camp, I am going there with my friend Caitlyn in 4A. We have to speak mandarin but at least it’s adventure camp! Last I am going to have a lot of fun such as going to the beach.

I hope you liked this blog and bye!

Week in Review!

Today I am going to talk about one day of this week. That day is… TODAY!!!! Today we started with In The News and Maya led that. Then we did some UOI. Oh and we did 4 periods of UOI which was after Chinese, lunch and PE. Back to the post we had Recess. After recess we had Chinese and then UOI. Next we had UOI and at 12:10 we had to pack up and get ready for PE! After PE we had to finish the last period of UOI then blog posting! (if that even is a word^^) After that we had camp questions and then HOME TIME!!!!

Sorry this was a really short post but I hope the next post will be longer! Bye^^


Hi guys! Today I’m going to talk about Micro-beads. If you don’t know what a micro-bead is, it’s just a bead that is micro -small- and it’s made of plastic. In the next paragraph I’ll tell you more about the micro-beads!

Back to what a micro-bead is. As I said it’s made out of plastic it’s not a good thing. Why? Well, because it’s usually in face scrubs and when you wash your face with water to clean off the scrub, it gets washed to the drain. Since the micro-beads are so small the drain doesn’t and can’t get the micro-beads out of the things in the drain into the ocean. I hope that wasn’t too much for you.

Now we can talk about the experience! It was so fun I didn’t want to stop. I learned a new animal called a Plankton. It lives in the sea and it’s very tiny. Although it is very tiny it’s as tiny as a micro-bead. The people that taught all of this to us was Plastic Free Seas! They said they asked Watsons and Sasa to stop selling scrubs that had micro-beads and they said yes after a couple of letters and emails. Sasa and Watsons is going to stop in 2018 since they had a lot of the products to sell. When Plastic Free Seas asked Sasa from HK to stop they said yes and since the HK Sasa is the boss of all Sasa in the world in 2018 every single micro-bead scrub from Sasa will be banned/gone.

I hope you like this post and this was a very interesting and fun post/experience. Please comment if you have any micro-bead scrubs or stuff! Bye!!

HWEO Reflection!!

Hi guys! obviously this won’t be a long intro since the title basically tells everything but just remember this is a reflection not a persuasive text! LOL!

The part I enjoyed the most was when we were filming of our commercials.I liked that the most because we could make it however we wanted and there was a lot of humour in my commercials! In the beginning I saw ads  I thought that they were just for fun and it didn’t really matter, but now I think about ads as ads. I have learned a lot of techniques to help me from persuasion which we have been doing a lot lately! This unit taught me a very good lesson and that is advertising and commercials are bad and good or a mix. I don’t think I want to learn anything else in the future although if I had to I would want to learn to film all the filming techniques!

Thank you for seeing and reading this post please comment if you liked this post and please give me feed back! BYE!!



My Favorite Thing and Proud Thing From This Week!!

Hi everyone!!

Today I’m talking about proud things and my favorite things from this week as it says on the title. First I just want to mention that we started to learn minecraft and I thought it was really fun and also one of my favorite things I did this week! I also think another favorite thing was that we started a reading program and we had a reading tree to help us and I also learned a new word which is “schema”. It means that something from the book that relates to you or you can relate to. Another meaning is that you can remember something in your life from the story. I’m also proud that Kwok (Victoria) told me that I was pretty good at math this week and usually I do pretty bad but yeah! Another thing that I’m proud of is that I read quite a lot this week and I’m very proud!

I know this was a very short post and I’m sorry but I guess I have to say bye since it’s the end of the post!