Student-led activities –

I was going to an Apple summit event since I was invited to present. Therefore, I had to lead in different discussions when I was there, talking about the different coding concepts that I have acquired within learning. Secondly, when doing a design unit we had to come up with ideas for apps and then pick one and actually make it happen. We got minimal help from the teacher and most of us the research is self-initiated and we had to make up different plans and mock-ups for the design.


Working collaboratively with others –

The project that is mentioned above is actually group work, therefore I and my partner had to work on it together. Secondly, I am also in a volunteer club that is called Lilypad where I had to work with kids and lead them through different activities that were led by older students. We also had to communicate with the different members of the club when to start an activity and when to transition into different activities. Within different classes, we are also asked to work or discuss with the people around us and share out ideas on the different subjects. For example, in Careers, we are asked to think about the difference between being wealthy and being rich and the real definition of both the words.


develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism, and intercultural understanding –

I was involved in volunteer work during the summer that is called Vacation Bible Study. The aim was to help kids from different races to understand the lord better. Also, learn about the language behind the Bible, analyzing different parts of the bible and the deep meaning behind it. Secondly, within Lillypad, we had to read books to kids in reception and we had to explain to them what the book is talking about.