Sade’s life and My Experience in Thailand

CAS was one of the best times I have ever had in my life. CAS stand for Community Action Service, where we go on trips around the world do help the communities through taking action. Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 5 days, seeing their culture, meeting the locals, seeing the environment and all the other things were just perfect. Living in Thailand, is a lot different to how I live in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, our food is a lot different and culture too. Our food is more simple while food from thailand has a lot of flavours in them. Thailand also has a lot of villages and most of their houses are made of straw and bamboo unlike the ones that are made with marble, concrete, wood in Hong Kong.
The Other Side Of Truth is about refugees moving to England for safety, Sade and Femi are the main characters. They were separated with their dad was for safety. Also at the start their was a flashback where the mother was killed. Living in Thailand and making a change comparing to Hong Kong was like Sade moving to England. On the first few days I wasn’t really use to the Thailand lifestyle, sleeping on bunk beds and their food and wasn’t comfortable. Like when Sade moved to England she wasn’t used to the lifestyle their, it was especially harder for her too, because she had to kept moving around the city. Also Sade isn’t really welcomed, unlike we were when were in Thailand. You can tell that they weren’t welcomed when they went in the Video Store. While they were in the video store the owner, thought they were stealing because of their skin color.